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  1. i allready tried everything possible in my mind. i tried going back to big box 11.1, i downloaded your theme and reinstalled it. i checked the Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a and i got all the plugins. They seem to be unlocked because the unlock button is not visible in preferences. I tried your old colorful version that one that got the dark and the light theme in it and tried the dark standalone aswell. I cant really tell the reason that it stopped working. It worked at first... not sure if related to the plugins but if i go into the game wheel the colors are changed
  2. How do i unlock them there is nothing when clicking right on them.
  3. will all my settings be uneffected by running the installer on top of my current build ?
    love this theme. it looks so clean and elegant. Definitly something for the living room. 😄
  4. it does not work. i don't know why. I tried different things. deleted Multiplayer and wrote. 4 1-4 1/4 1-2; Multiplayer; Nothing seems to work.
  5. do my ratings getting uploaded aswell when i update the rating data or do i have to click each individual game in the launchbox database to contribute my ratings ?
  6. Hello Guys, i have a problem with max players shown to each game. I'm using the colorful theme right now and realised that on each game the player Icon is empty. switching over to launchbox looking up the meta data to each game i realised there is only shown if a game is single or multiplayer but not how many people are able to play this. How can i fix this. For same Games i have seen the age meta data is missing aswell. scrapping all meta data for all games has not worked for me.
  7. Yeah that would be a great idea some examples on how to change things. I allready changed flatcovers into 3d covers with your help Maybe some hints which lines have to be changed to change the aspect ration, position or size of the specific things that are visible on screen would be cool so we can play arround Not everyone here knows how to edit those. ^^ But i would be playing arround with those numbers just to see if there are some minor tweaks to make
  8. Do anybody know how to get the lower right "Max Player" quarter to work. On Launchbox Database each game i own has the number of player that can participate in a game but they wont be shown in my Launchbox and Bigbox aswell. If i look my Infos up and only says Single or Multiplayer title. I even tried to write 1-2 or 1-4 into the meta data but it didnt helped.
  9. Love your theme viking and hopefully you update it with more customization. There is one thing that would be cool if you could it implement into the next Version. If the Videosnaps in the game wheel could differentiate between 4:3 and 16:9 Video. It does no look so good on modern games when most of the screen is cut during gameplay in the preview.
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