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  1. can anyone help me with a script i've been dealing with? 1joy5 & 1joy6:: Process, Exist, osk.exe if (ErrorLevel) { PostMessage, 0x112, 0xF060,,, ahk_exe osk.exe } else { Run, C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe } return This so far works, but only with 1joy5 and 1joy6 pressed at the same time, which is the shoulder buttons on my controller, how would i do this if i want shoulder buttons AND start + select? (1joy10, 1joy9) i tried "1joy5 & 1joy6 & 1joy10 & 1joy9::" and similar but doesn't work at all.
  2. can you share where you got those platform logos? they look amazing
  3. I've been using 2x 8bitdo controllers for 2 or so months now and i just wanted to say that it perfectly reconnects and syncs to the right controller each time on shutdown / startup. Just make sure when you sync them to windows to only sync once per controller (if you have 2x that is). Also if you did it more than once for each controller and it shows more than one for each you can just remove one of them.
  4. One of these could honestly fit very well, my first thought was actually using a buzz controller for the Playstation game, but ended up thinking the 5 buttons weren't enough. (these ones) One thing is that i actually prefer (not the most important thing) if it doesn't have a joystick at all and there aren't enough buttons i believe. Otherwise i'd definitely consider it. I was looking through a lot of these but i prefer if the remote/controller uses fewer buttons, bit too messy with so many buttons i think. I only really wanna use it for the savestates / opening menu in retroarch.
  5. thanks anyways Cannot unfortunately fit a table in the room, otherwise i would've used your method with wireless keyboard probably. But anyhow i prefer using the actual emulators save/load states since i have them all setup the exact same. All i'm really looking for is a suitable controller/remote with few buttons.
  6. Not really what i'm looking for, since in most cases i use all my buttons on my controllers and im also afraid of missclicks when using button combos to open menu / save or load states. but ty
  7. Was thinking since i usually play my games on my sofa, and all my save/load state hotkeys are bound to F1 --> F8 on my keyboard & which i often use. So i was thinking a solution could be to get a remote of some sort with 4/8 buttons for save/load state and perhaps just a simple "d-pad" for navigation in bigbox. I could use a program such as Antimicro to get the buttons to function as F1/F2/F3 etcetera the only requirement of the remote is for it to be x-input or whatever the input is called when it appears in windows gamepad menu. Now obviously i doubt there exist a remote / small game controller on this planet made for this purpose or close. But all I'm looking for is a potentially cheap ebay/amazon remote that could work, or anything else. I've looked all around but honestly there is just no more search words in the universe that will get me further away from the generic 50 buttons tv remote with a keyboard on the backside. Long shot but i just thought I'd ask in case someone has any clues that might help me. Ty
  8. Been using BigBox since February 2017 & it's absolutely amazing. Although since I've been using 3 different controller types for all my games for quite some time now (Playstation, SNES & Gamecube) it kind of ruins it not being able to use 2 thirds of my controllers in BigBox because of not being able to map every controller differently. Even if its just editing in a notepad to get the mapping correct i don't mind this as an option. Also to my knowledge you can't change the "Buttons" in windows (these) for all the controllers to be the exact same (Button 3 will be Select, Button 4 will be Back etc), this would be one solution for the option to use ALL existing controllers inside BigBox. Havn't seen this been posted in a long while, but would like to bring this idea attention since i think this would be the update Launchbox definitely needs.
  9. Retroarch for the win, Yep only using retroarch for the emulators which i will be using for these controllers!
  10. Ok! Would love to buy the dongle, but it ships to sweden for 70$ This has good review and is cheap here but don't know much else, website here also.
  11. It says in the q/a that the controller should in fact work with a bluetooth dongle (here). Is it gibberish or correct?
  12. Windows 7. Sounds good thanks for the info! Although I would really prefer the original design of the snes controller because i'm only going to use it for the more older consoles. Would love to get suggestions for n64/gamecube controllers.
  13. Thank you! Is there another version of the SNES controller without the joysticks that works with standard bluetooth? I'm only going to use it for my snes, nes, gba & gbc games which doesn't use the joysticks & i guess i like the simplicity without them. About the n64 controller, i haven't really decided yet, I'm looking for a controller for n64/gamecube. Gamecube wireless seems nonexistent and i highly prefer wireless since my setup is from a couch. I guess my question is, is there a way to tell what ID the n64 is using & if they will interfere with the snes controller? Also I already have 4 Playstation controllers that has the same name in windows game controller settings and they don't interfere with eachother.
  14. Hey, I'm thinking of buying 2x snes wireless controllers from 8bitdo for my bigbox setup although this is the first time i'm buying controllers with bluetooth connection and im a bit worried about how it will function with bigbox & my emulators. If i use a usb stick bluetooth adapter for my computer to connect with the controllers will there be any sort of lag or long wake up time? Also will the usb stick work for both wireless controllers simultaneously? if not is there a limit of x amount of controllers? If im planning on buying n64 controller wireless BLUETOOTH, will it interfere with the snes controllers in terms of the mapping the buttons in Retroarch / Bigbox etc when turned on/off? If anyone with experience with the 8bitdo snes wireless controller could help me out it would be greatly appreciated! Link to the controllers
  15. hey, looking for quick assistance with my themes code, i'm very unfamiliar with coding in general but im on my way of learning. The code below works perfectly but what i'm missing is for it to type out "Never" if there is no LastPlayedDate. I'm sure this is super simple but just couldn't find any way of typing it out correctly. <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=SelectedGame.LastPlayedDate, StringFormat=yyyy-M-dd l H:mm}" />
  16. hey, im fiddeling with my bigbox theme and was thinking it would be amazing to be able to set the "completed" tag next to the clearlogo in my theme but unfortunately i don't have the code knowledge to know how to. picture of my theme; The .xaml file: WheelGamesView.xaml My idea is to put an image of a check mark or something similar next to the games logos if possible in some way. Thousands of thanks to anybody who can help me. example
  17. If somebody needs help with clock inside bigbox i might be able to give my simple solution through pm.
  18. don't have that many systems so should work fine, gonna check if it works.
  19. hey, i just transfered my entire launchbox to my ssd to make it run smoother but it doesn't fit with all the videos so i had to leave them all behind on the other drive, now all the videos are "unattached" to the games, is there a way to attach them all simultaneously again?
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