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  1. Hi, sorry to bother you again and again with a new topic, but I couldn't find anything in this regard. Anyhow I've been using launchbox for quite some time. Right now I'm using Launchbox 11.9, free version. I lost all my roms so I decided to start all over again, making a list with a sense for every platform, and not just dumping romsets (but this isn't important). I don't want to lose all my emulators settings and stuff. So I'm trying to delete some platforms (I tried deleting it via the platform list or simply selecting every game from the platform e hitting del) and it works!
  2. Hello guys, this theme is amazing. For every game detail, is it possible to use a screenshot instead of a video as a background? (video are so heavy and I can't find as many as screenshots...) Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, thank you so much for the replies. First of all I don't want to play with multiple clients at the same time, so conflicts won't be a problem I guess. Mostly my need for this solution is because I change my computer a lot. Pretty much I have to change my work (and gaming) laptop every 1.5 years. So I want to avoid to start over from scratch every time. Considering my laptop can play up to rpcs3 or yuzu, I don't want a dedicated machine (also my house is incredibly small). Yes all of your objections make a lot of sense (I actually didn't think about configs, that's
  4. Hi, not sure if this is crazy talk or even if this is the right place to ask you guys this but... So I'm really into emulation machines as you all and for the past five years I've been playing with Launchbox or some other frontends (sometimes I think that I like fooling around with emulators and frontends more than actually playing games...) Anyhow, I started to feel as every machine I make is limited and I want something eternal (or that can be easily upgraded over time) So here is my idea but does it make any sense? - I want to use a NAS to store terabytes worth of ro
  5. Hey everybody, I am building a "new" computer only for emulating - I did take all the components from everywhere and it is turning out as a pretty functional Frankenstein's monster. Anyhow, considering the build is not really performing (but it can actually play ps2 games) i would really like to use the most lightweight frontend ever. As i tried other frontends, I couldn't help but notice that Launchbox is really the easier and kinda fun to use even though not the lighter. Next thing i wanna do is use the controller to navigate my games. I understand that i have to buy the big
  6. Smilator

    MAME exits

    Well i don't care about updating my roms, so i am gonna go trying with an older Mame. What about the 2004 update?
  7. Smilator

    MAME exits

    Woopsie. I am using the "MAME 2003 Reference Set: 0.78" And the MAME i tried is the latest version, "mame0183b_64bit" Thanks again.
  8. Smilator

    MAME exits

    Hi! Thank you for your answer. I actually did what you told in your tutorial, so i used the prompt. Anyhow when i try to launch mslug2 i wrote: mame64.exe mslug2 but after a black screen and loading i got this: Error creating DirectSound: 88780078 sfix.sfix NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2) 000-lo.lo NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2) sp-s2.sp1 NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2) sm1.sm1 NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2) Fatal error: Required files are missing, the machine cannot be run. Uhm... i am guessing a thing - not sure if it helps.
  9. Smilator

    MAME exits

    Hey everyone first of all: I really love this software and I am gonna buy (soon enough, as everything is going to work fine) Big Box - so i am probably gonna ask many more questions since i am not really good with this kind of stuff (sorry). Anyhow, I've come to the terrible moment when I need to make the MAME work (i did it a few times during the years, and yeah i still suck at it). I've decided to change this old server from a Lakka distribution to Windows with LaunchBox and - for that - i have a 2003 MAME romset. All my roms are compatible with version 0.78 of MAME (with Lakka i
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