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  1. awesome. thank you for the excellent theme along with support!
  2. here is a screenshot of my view settings. I'm using playlist as my initial view and simpsons is the first game it displays and repeats under the arcade playlist. If I change it to platform view it works like it should. I'm only using playlist because I wanted to narrow down my games without deleting them from the platform. thanks
  3. oh also to add to that post above... the first game it lands on within that playlist is The Simpsons. Also found the same issue occurring on other playlists too, but it will repeat the initial game title that was first loaded for that playlist.
  4. thank you. That worked great. My other issue is this text on my arcade playlist title. I checked the details on that playlist and it doesn't have the simpsons game title in description. So any idea why is it pulling that text and repeating it on every game within that category. thank you!!
  5. thank you eatkinola for making this theme. I really love it. I would like to remove the scrolling game info in the game videos. How can I do this?
  6. excellent guide!! thank you. I will get right on it now.
  7. Thank you Lordmonkus. That is what I originally tried, but it still comes back with the same result
  8. I have this same issue. Can you please explain the solution again, as I'm having a hard time following your instructions.
  9. great theme shro2016 and I appreciate you taking the time to create it, but how do I remove the video delay? I really want to continue using this theme, but the delay just seems odd for me. thank you.
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