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  1. So I just tried that, and it read all my games, and did nothing. UPDATE: I just tried "Download Metadata and Media" again on 11.10, and it works just fine. Downloaded all missing media and video snaps.
  2. Sure! 1. I click Tools, Import, Roms Select my roms for the platform (I'll use Nintendo Wii for this example) For Platform I select "Nintendo Wii" For Emulator I select "Dolphin" and select the executable for it I continue the process as default until I get to "Emumovies", then I login to my lifetime premium account and it says "Successfully signed in" I select "Check all" and scroll down and make sure video snaps are enabled Because my games are in .wbfs and .wbfs1 format due to having them ripped from my Wii disc drive, I also select "Use Folder Name as rom name" I select Finish and let it scrape. Sorry, I'm a QA Tester for work, so I wrote out as clear and concise instructions as possible. I looked through the fourms and noticed that one admin said it might be because my roms aren't named the same as the game in Emumovies database, but I don't see how that could be the issue when 11.10 has no trouble seeing the rom name, and downloading the video snap for that rom. That thread is here:
  3. That's understandable why Launchbox would do this. And it does download from Emumovies, but it does not download any video snaps unless done on a 1 by 1 basis for me. Thank you for the clarification though! 😊
  4. I recently installed 12.1 and noticed that none of my platforms or games had video snaps downloaded. They still download when done one at a time, but when adding a brand new system or trying to download in bulk, the videos are not downloaded from Emumovies. I am a lifetime member of both Emumovies and Launchbox, and to troubleshoot the issue, I even installed an old copy of 11.10 that I had on a backup drive, and it (11.10) downloads the video snaps from Emumovies without a fuss when adding new systems or in bulk. I'm not sure what the problem could be. Right now my plan is to block updates on 11.10, download everything and get everything setup then update to 12.1. Any clarification on why this is happening, or how I could fix it, would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I just tried the installer last night, and it ran for 45 minutes before throwing an error. Running: EndeavorOS Budgie (Arch). I keep hoping that someone uploads this setup to the AUR or Lutris lol I'll try again when changes are done to the installer, cause that's a lot of time to dedicate to one setup.
  6. I love it, and use it as my main startup vid for 3 months now. My only complaint is I wish it was a bit longer with more iconic gaming characters like Crash and some others. But I love it!!
  7. Thank you so much!!!! That worked. You saved me hours of frustration. I was trying to use batch files to turn them into exes' and such. Thanks again!!!
  8. So I have everything set up but my UWP games. I'm trying to figure out how to add them to launchbox via exe or anything else. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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