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  1. Ok so back to this machine, I exited Bigbox and attempted to change the screen resolution in Windows 10 (gawd I hate Windows) and most likely due to it being a VGA cable the 1920x1080 looks horrible - in Windows. But once I start up Bigbox and play games, all looks great, including the theme. So, I’m happy. Thanks again. -Mike
  2. @Mr. RetroLust @neil9000 Thanks for your thoughts on this. It's been so long since I built this thing I can't remember if I'm using a VGA cable or not. I'll have to dig into it when I get a chance. Appreciated, -Mike
  3. Hmmm, pardon my ignorance on this issue.... but when I built this machine, I purposely bought the cheapest second-hand flat-screen monitor I could find, assuming that since I'm only using it to run ancient 8-bit graphics games such as Galaga and Ms. Pac Man, the crappiest resolution would work best. Was my thinking wrong on this? Should I be doing something differently, giving what I'm using this for? Advice is appreciated.
  4. Unfortunately I'm away from that machine for a bit....but if the resolution of the full-screen screenshot I took (using CTRL-PrtScn) gives the correct answer, then it appears to be 1360x768.
  5. @Mr. RetroLust Hmm, I'm guessing it looks different for you? I was rather expecting the video to be in the blank space on the right. Instead, it's half cut off below the text. (See attached screenshot).
  6. It _still_ doesn't appear in the theme manager (for me at least). It's been 3+ weeks. Is this normal, is there something wrong with my system? -Mike
  7. Thank you! I look forward to checking it out.
  8. Hmm I thought I’d try it really quickly .... sorry for the dumb question but anyone know what it takes to get BigBox to recognize that there’s a new version? (Yeah I’m sure I can figure out how to download manually and track down the folder to unzip in, etc. but was trying to do it the lazy way to save time while I pack for my trip). Thanks, -Mike
  9. Oh wow, thanks! I will check it out when I return from vacation.
  10. Thanks for that info! If it makes any difference, I'd like to submit my vote for this to change in the future. This is a fantastic-looking theme, but not having videos (or using a view that doesn't perform well on my box) isn't a good trade-off for me. I'll probably switch to another theme and check back to see if this is ever implemented in the future. Thanks! -Mike
  11. Yes, sort of. The 'v' (or 'V') does nothing for me, but going back into Settings->Views and changing the view does prove that the videos show on some views but not others. But I want to use the "list view with details" since the long game list is easiest to navigate using that one. Using that one, no videos display on the right-hand side long with the game information. Perhaps it's just that this theme doesn't allow for that (unlike so many other themes). I'd like to hear from the author of this theme for a definitive answer, if possible. Thanks, -Mike
  12. This theme looks amazing, and so downloading this (for Bigbox, via Bigbox) was my first attempt at changing from the default theme. I attempted the follow the directions (although I don't really understand what all those "priorities" settings mean), and it all seems to work except.... when going from game to game in the "all games" list, I see a text/informational screen, but no video appears. If I select the game, and the full-screen game informational screen appears, same thing, no video. I select the option to "play video full screen" and it does, but no video appears or plays otherwise. I downloaded and tried other other themes, and they all have videos that play when selecting games, so I'm confused at what I'm doing wrong to prevent this amazing-looking theme to not play videos. Sorry if I'm asking a dumb question, but I spent several hours futzing with it and nothing seemed to make any difference. Ideas? Thanks! -Mike
  13. Thanks for the reply, lordmonkus and SentaiBrad.
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