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  1. Thanks... For some reason its just started working... Ive got scanlines with every game as default... cheers
  2. Mine was already set to 0.5 so i changed it to 1.0 still no change so i went 1.5 etc etc but didn't do anything
  3. Thanks for taking time to help me out. ive changed the value scanline_alpha but its not doing anything noticeable? Ive changed it from 1.0 -9.0 im scratching my head as to why i cant get this working.
  4. Thanks for the info.. The only slider i change is scanline amount.. from 0.00 to 1.00. now both in raster and vector ini there is no scanline amount line?
  5. hi, No i have already checked it as i thought that may be the reason as well..
  6. i love the scanline effects of the old arcade games...brings back so many memories... im using mame ver 0.209 now hlsl is enabled and when in game i can bring up the menu and go to slider menu and go down to scanlines and turn the up and tweak them to how i like. but when i exit the game and go to load it again there are no scanlines.. i have to manually set them every time i play a game? what am i missing? cheers
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