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  1. Reinstalling Launchbox and pointing it to the external directory fixed the issue. I guess there was something else that needed installed via the full install of the app. I am back up and running on my new PC.
  2. Nope, this didn't work. I guess my launchbox folder was already on an external drive but I have some ROMs on another drive. Installed the two dependencies and Launchbox pop up loads on the screen and then it goes away with nothing opening. Not sure what else I need to do to get this working on a new PC with both drives plugged in.
  3. This weekend when I turned on my computer with launchbox to update windows 10, a few minutes later I discovered a weird smell sitting in my recliner and get up to look at what it is and the arcade cabinet is no longer on (blank display) then noticed liquid all over the place inside the cabinet. Well looking at it a little closer the Liquid CPU cooler cover snapped off and all the cpu coolant went everywhere including everywhere in the computer. I am building a new PC this week, but the SSD that my Launchbox files I believe should be still fine and operable and the games are on two external h
  4. Golden Tee wasn't working correctly but I went to X-Arcade's site and grabbed the config file for mame and stuck that in the directory and the track ball started working correctly (wouldn't work before doing that)(option 2 here https://support.xgaming.com/support/solutions/articles/12000003052-configuring-mame-for-x-arcade-use-the-easy-way). I am just getting the buttons straighten out at the moment but I think I have everything working correctly now.
  5. So I updated the ROM set and the new Mame and everything is working. Just trying to get everything working correctly with the X-Arcade stick but we are in a much better situation than we were yesterday. Thanks @Retro808 for the help in resolving this.
  6. Well at least that gives me the answer on why it isn't working. I just started a download of the .213 ROM set. Once I get those downloaded I will re-add them back to launchbox. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. I am using MAME .148.1 . Looking at the edit emulator screen this is what I am showing. https://imgur.com/a/CcOzsfd I have tried making multiple changes to fix this so I am not sure if this is what it was originally. I also tried launching the ROM from a command prompt using MAME 'nameofrom' which did work.
  8. I have no idea what has changed with Launchbox but my MAME games worked fine before but today they just stopped launching from within Launchbox. I can launch them fine with MAME but not in Launchbox anymore. This is one example of a game I can launch fine in MAME: https://imgur.com/cSt14KC This is directory for MAME but it no longer is working with launchbox: https://imgur.com/ADIrgzi I don't even know where to begin troubleshooting this since Launchbox can launch the MAME.exe fine and then within MAME I type the name of the rom and it launches that way. When I right cli
  9. It probably was a merged set, and the probably is the reason I am missing items. Will keep an eye out, but now I know how to add them if necessary. Thank you for the help on this item.
  10. Yeah, I just have a complete set for the version and I compiled for the non-nag and didn't want to have to grab a newer mame set being everything was working properly in Hyperspin.
  11. The Ctrl+N method worked. I was able to manually setup the ROM, and I was able to custom name it (Galaga fast shooter version) and still, have the game artwork in launchbox. Thanks for the help.
  12. It is a lower version set, not sure maybe .141 and I cannot recall if it was a merged set or not. I modified the Mame so it doesn't have the nag screen and saves high scores so I really don't want to go to a newer version of Mame if I don't have to. I will try the ctrl+n method to see if that works.
  13. I have just recently moved to Launchbox from hyperspin and I am trying to figure things out that are not quite working correctly. I imported all of my mame roms into Launchbox and I have four Galaga games, but I don't have my fast shooter rom in Launchbox. The file name is galagamf.zip which is the one that is missing, I have galagamw.zip, galagao.zip, galagamk.zip, galaga.zip with four galaga items when I do a search in Launchbox. I tried importing the rom manually into Launchbox and then it said there were 0 roms imported after it was complete. I am unsure how to get this rom into Launch
  14. Looks like it is working now. Was able to log onto the EmuMovies settings option in Launchbox.
  15. I have the same issue, verified I could log into emumovies and no problems there. Tried using the same login information on the launchbox app and it says 'Unable to login to EmuMovies'.
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