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  1. Apologies if this has already been covered but I did do a search and couldn't find anything. Would it be possible to view games with missing images only? I mean say you clicked on 'all' then had a option to just show games with missing images, this could save a lot of time when it comes to getting images for those games. i.e Mame, takes a while to scroll through to find games missing images amongst those that have them. I know you can bulk search however sometimes games arn't found in the database due to spelling etc. If this is already a option I would apprciate on been told how to do it. Thank you.
  2. Nice one. Thanks for replying guys.
  3. There is no right click on the android version
  4. Is there anyway to do this? i.e. change Sega Genesis to Sega Mega Drive.
  5. You can customize images in the images folder in the Launchbox directory
  6. cliffyb73

    Sega Saturn

    Yes I know this however when you select Sega Saturn when you export it will only export the first file, no other files. So when I originally had all the files both bin and cue, it only imported bin not the cue files. Then even when you manually added the cue files after, it still wouldnt work. So I removed the bin files leaving just the cue files then did the export. Then I manually added the bin files to the android folder. Now it works.
  7. cliffyb73

    Sega Saturn

    Actually scrap that I just sussed it. I removed all the bin files. Then exported to android. Went in the Android folder and added the bin files and now it works. it must read the cues instead of the bins. Thanks for your help, I would have never have sussed that unless you said about it not exporting the files.
  8. cliffyb73

    Sega Saturn

    You were right sort of. It was the other way round it had copied the bin but not the cue files. So I placed them in the folder with the games. Same result uinfortuntaely. Guess they aint gonna work for now until maybe a new update comes out. Bummer. Thanks for your help though.
  9. cliffyb73

    Sega Saturn

    Ive tried various roms of the same game. The roms runs fine on my pc version.
  10. cliffyb73

    Sega Saturn

    Anyone got this running? I have every bios in the folder. Tried dif rom types. Tried all the cores. Everytime I just get the screen you get for playing cds.
  11. Its exactly what you thought Jason. My Dreamcast section wasnt working in Launchbox on my PC. I forgot I had changed the rom location. Everything working now including Redream as the emulator. Cheers mate
  12. I have redream (full paid app) installed on my unit and the launchbox app isn't picking it up in the emulator settings. I'm in bed now so will double check everything is working on my pc version tomorrow. I appreciate you trying to help buddy, I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow.
  13. They are unzipped and they dont even go into the temp folder at setting up let alone onto my unit.All other systems go on fine. Redream is on android and works really well
  14. Anyone else having trouble exporting Dreamcast games? Doesnt matter what I do or which way I try it will only export the media. I have even tried dragging the games directlly into the folder but it wont open them that way, say they dont exist when they do. Although if it supported the Redreem emulator life would be a lot easier lol
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