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  1. Its exactly what you thought Jason. My Dreamcast section wasnt working in Launchbox on my PC. I forgot I had changed the rom location. Everything working now including Redream as the emulator. Cheers mate
  2. I have redream (full paid app) installed on my unit and the launchbox app isn't picking it up in the emulator settings. I'm in bed now so will double check everything is working on my pc version tomorrow. I appreciate you trying to help buddy, I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow.
  3. They are unzipped and they dont even go into the temp folder at setting up let alone onto my unit.All other systems go on fine. Redream is on android and works really well
  4. Anyone else having trouble exporting Dreamcast games? Doesnt matter what I do or which way I try it will only export the media. I have even tried dragging the games directlly into the folder but it wont open them that way, say they dont exist when they do. Although if it supported the Redreem emulator life would be a lot easier lol
  5. Ah so its down to emumovies. I assumed it they came from Launchbox (yeah my license is in place). Looking at my emumovies account it states its expired, so im guessing this is why. Whats annoying is they still took the money out my account for another year. I've contacted them, obviously this isnt a Launchbox problem. Thanks guys.
  6. I've noticed that when I load roms or edit loaded roms that video snaps are no longer available to tick. Everything else is there fine, just the MP4 options have gone. Any ideas?
  7. I recently added the Sharp X68000 to my Launchbox and tried to add a clear logo as one wasn't present in BigBox. I've done this many times and for some reasons it now wont work. I've done the standard routes. Placing directly into the folder, using edit in launchbox, even directly into the theme. Nothing works. I tried another platform and it's doing the same. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. HI, Decided to start launchbox from fresh and deleted everything assuming I still had the email with my license download. Can't find the email. Was only sent last week, my email is cliffyb73@gmail.com I've also attached a screenshot of it coming out my bank Cheers
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