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  1. You're right , with the program changes since, it's probs why this solution doesn't work for me now. Thanks for replying and if you do find anything new out please let me know. Much appreciated.
  2. Sorry to sound like a noob but I've tried all of the above and can't get this to run. Steam opens then nothing happens. I don't suppose anyone that has this working can provide screenshots of what to type in and where? Thanks in advance.
  3. Where do you do this because I've been searching all over the folders on my Shield and cannot find where all the platform media is as I want to add and edit my own.
  4. Im adding the Wolf Pack now. Let me know if you ever want those image files, I dont mind doing them.
  5. I actually added your Doom Mods to my set up. I'll check out your other stuff. My image file is 118gb. I dont mind uploading it to my Dropbox if you want it.
  6. For people more into it like ourslesves it might be easier but for your average person, people just starting up after buying a Pi or somehting its nowhere near as easy as it was. It's all ad filled, download a game on some dodgy hosting 'pay to download fast' crap now. Some sites even charge to just download altogether. They used to be way more clean sites. I know many sites to get my stuff, the Internet Archive like you said for example. It's a fantastic site. I used the script for Emuparadise after it shut down but I got pretty much everything I needed off that so dont bother with it anymore. Tbf Arcade Punks and piggies sets gave me more old obscure systems than anything else. IA has helped massivle though with getting manulas, bios files, covers and various packs. These are sites I became aware of after getting deeper into it and knowing what I was lookign for. Anyway rather than go aorund in circles with you saying its easy and me saying it isnt as easy as it was in the past, let's just agree to disagree on that issue. We both have our opinions which is cool. We both love Retro gaming, we can agree on that
  7. I didnt mean to cause an arguement. I should have probably worded it better meaning Roms arnt as easy to get as they used to be with Nintendo going after sites. Yeah they are still there if you look deep enough. Thankfully sites like Arcade Punks exist. Can we all just agree we love retro gaming and buiklding launchbox collections ha ha. As a update I stopped adding systems last week at 198. The games got up 41469 games. I probs never stop adding games when the later emulators improve for the like of the 360 and Switch, and if I see a system I dont have i'll add that too. Was a huge a mount of fun doing it
  8. Joking aside yes that what I'm doing, just building a collection of gaming history on one unit. My son plays on it and my wife plays on it too. It's just everything there in one place for anyone to enjoy. Roms are disappearing all the time. It's cool to keep a good collection of them. I'm sure a lot of people that use Launchbox do the same. Some people collect figures, records etc, I collect games
  9. Nevermind months later I got it working. I had the wrong rom type (ctg instead of rpk). All good
  10. I've collected the romsets over a few years. However I got a lot from Arcade Punks recently, particularly Piggies sets. The eumlators for Apple II is Apple Win and Apple IIGS is Mess (Mame). I mainly use Retroarch and Mess (Mame) overall but they are loads of different ones like Dolphin, Teknoparrot and system specific ones.
  11. I'm having a ballache trying to get this to run. I've got it running in Mame however once it boots up you need to type BLOAD"",R then use the tape control. Easy yeah, afraid not. I can't find the , key as its a russian keyboard and ive tried every key, I can find the rest lol. Alternatively all the games can be played via browser on a mad russian forum however I want this added to Launchbox. Unless there is a way to create a file to boot from the URL. Either way I'm stumped. Does anyone have this running? Thanks in advance.
  12. This whole post helped me get it all working without having to search other tutorials or do a stupid amount of searching. Fantastic, thanks for all your efforts P.S. I don't suppose you know how to get the TI99 working. Still the one platfrom that stumps me lol
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