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  1. Cool, that is good to know. I'll look in to messing around with it. Thank you for responding!
  2. (I did not know which forum to post this topic in, so I guessed at this one.) Here is likely an unpopular opinion. The newer layout of the LaunchBox interface wastes far too much space and is non-adjustable. To this day I continue to use an older version of LB because the lack of control with the new layout drives me completely crazy! Please consider allowing users more freedom in the future to adjust the spacing of elements within LB 🙂 (Here is an image demonstrating what I am discussing) https://i.imgur.com/pikPz0y.jpg
    Love this plugin! It makes PCSX2 so much better. Thank you for your hard work!
  3. I just now downloaded the box fronts for Persona 3 FES through Launchbox's "Download Images/Media". One of the images is the same as what is displayed on the Games Database page, but the other is completely different. (Also, Launchbox did it's "update media" thing before I downloaded the images.) It's no big deal, I'm just confused as to why this happens. I have seen this happen with other games, too. Any insight?
  4. I've been poking around trying to figure this out for half a day... When using "Arrange By" is it possible to NOT display the category name on the divider bars? E.g. When I arrange games by Release Date Year I don't want it to actually display "Release Date Year: 1986". I'd rather it just display "1986". I love using the arrange by feature, but this really bothers me visually...
  5. Oh, good gravy, I didn't even realize playlists was a thing. That will work just fine. Thank you for your comment!
  6. I've tried to create a custom platform just for sports games. Unfortunately, whatever rom I move or import to the platform will not run. I have made sure that "Use an emulator to play this game" is checked. If I move the rom to its traditional platform it runs fine and dandy. (e.g. if I move NBA Hangtime from the custom platform "Sports" to the traditional platform "Nintendo 64" it will work.) What am I missing? Edit: I meant to mention that I have tried searching for the solution but was not able to find it. Sorry if this has been answered before.
  7. When arranging games by "Game Completed" is there a way to have Game Completed: No appear before Game Completed: Yes? I'd like to see the games I have NOT completed first. If this is not an option, can anyone suggest a clever work around?
  8. Thanks for the reply, I'll check it out at .65 and see if I like it better. I didn't even consider issues like Super Famicon vs SNES dimensions, but that is an excellent point.
  9. The Game Aspect Ratio is a great feature (found under Tools >> Options >> Theme >> Spacing), but is there anyway to apply different aspect ratios to each platform individually? The ratio for Genesis box art is remarkably different from SNES box art...
  10. I recently had an image approved for GBC Dragon Warrior 1 & 2, but I fear I may have submitted it under the wrong category. It's a fun, simple image I photoshopped together because the original real cover art is terrible. However, I submitted it under "Box-Front-Reconstructed" because I didn't realize that "Fanart-Box-Front" was an option. 1st, what is the difference between these two categories, and which category should I have used? 2nd, the database now displays my not real box art as the main image for this game! Even though that makes me smile, I would think it should instead display the original and true box art. What should I do to fix this?
  11. It looks to me like Sega Genesis - Aladdin and Sega Genesis - Disney's Aladdin might be duplicate entries in the database. I'm new to all of this, so I didn't know who to point this out to, or if I should have marked one for deletion.
  12. I was hoping to not have to mess with folder names so much, but oh well. Thank you both for responding
  13. (I tried searching for this but couldn't find an answer) Every time I change the name of a platform LB automatically changes the file path for the Image folder. It also changes the path for videos, manuals, and music, but I don't use those. I'm very responsive to titles visually, so I change them a lot. I might change "Nintendo Entertainment System" to "NES" and then 3 months later change it again to just "Nintendo." How can I prevent the file path change from automatically happening?
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