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  1. Updated now with a version that works it wasn't really that much of a change tbh (actually didn't need to re-target anything). Credit to @JoeViking245 for helping me find a fix quickly. For anyone confused about the in-development version, it can be downloaded under Artifacts on the linked appveyor page (and that will be updated with new builds, whenever I add new stuff). It is still in development so liable to change, hence a tutorial video may not be a good idea at this point. The basic idea of what's going on is that the program manages PCSX2 versions for you, so you don't ever have to worry about installing it yourself. To install a PCSX2 version you click the cog (in the program) and select version manager and it will give you a drop drown (I'd recommend 1,6.0 for most people). Full Launchbox support for the new standalone version is coming, I've just been busy with other things so not got around to working on it recently.
  2. So I tried to re-target this for Dot Net Core, and I got it to build fine but didn't seem to be working in LaunchBox at all, it didn't even say "Loading Plugins" when starting LaunchBox, so I don't really know what I'm missing. As for the custom command line it will never work properly without the plugin or some sort of other custom script. That setting (along with the configure button) is generally only made for PC games and LaunchBox will unhelpfully delete it from anything that isn't PC or DOS. The plugin dealt with that so the command line was retained. For anyone just wanting to launch and play PS2 games I strongly recommend using the new (in-development version) linked above. Doesn't work with LaunchBox yet but has most of the other features.
  3. Ah okay, makes sense now, thanks for that. Dot Net Core is a much nicer solution over Dot Net Framework anyway. I'll see if I can easily re-target this legacy version of the plugin for dot net core. Also means I'll be able to build the new plugin based on Dot Net Core too, which is a plus.
  4. @neil9000 Any idea of the details on what's actually changed and needs to be updated?
  5. I don't know what the problem is with Launchbox and why the new update suddenly breaks it. It might be an issue to take up with @Jason Carr rather than myself as it did work perfectly fine in older versions and doesn't really do anything none standard that a plugin wouldn't be expected to. The new version is in development although I have kind of put that on hold for now, and not sure when I'll get back around to finishing it. The current version of the new app can be downloaded from here (also linked on my github, above). It is not quite complete yet It, but works reasonably well for general use (I use it myself to launch and play PS2 games). It is a standalone app and the Launchbox integration is one of the big features that is missing currently. I can't make any promises on when I'll get back around to working on this again (some other things came up), but will try and have a stable release at some point before the end of the year. As for this legacy version, again I am not sure. If it's something relatively simple I can fix it otherwise it's not really worth my (limited) time.
  6. Github was broken temporarily, its working again now. I'll upload the hotfix to the initial post as a mirror.
  7. First of all I would like to congratulate the PCSX2 team on the long awaited 1.6.0 stable release, and all of the hard work that was put into it. @deathsycthe420 This tool should work fine with the new build, as there is very little difference between it and the latest 1.5.0 Dev builds. A new (and much nicer) solution is in development for going forward, I was initially hoping to get out ahead of the 1.6.0 release but I guess that didn't happen. Just continue to watch this space.
  8. @Retroid84 It will be done when it's done, it could be a few months away (hopefully a bit sooner). There is no harm using the old plugin, you should be able to copy all your configs right over when the new solution is ready. I just wanted to make it clear that I won't be updating this any further, it should still work in the same manner as it did before.
  9. Just to clarify the reason the plugin needs 7zip is to extract a memory card file (truthfully could have probably just been a zip). The reason it broke was because the 7-Zip folder in the Launchbox directory was moved to ThirdParty\\7-Zip. Fixes would be to either make a directory junction or copy the 7-Zip folder to the root of the launchbox directory, or download the recently released hotfix for the plugin (compiled by @mitchhawks) which points to the new directory, that can be found on my github here.
  10. Am I right in thinking that @mitchhawks build works, and I don't need to do another build? That build is hosted on my github here. https://github.com/roguesaloon/launchbox-plugin_pcsx2-configurator-next/releases/tag/b2h1 @tycho1974 The 1.5.0 dev builds generally work fine, not sure what your issue is, but we are also quite close to a stable 1.6.0 pcsx2 release (probably within the next few months)
  11. @everyone I just want to make a general statement as this seems to have turned into a very negative place. As far as I am aware the plugin does still work with more recent versions of Launchbox. I'd put any scenarios where it doesn't work down to user error. There is an issue with the latest version of Launchbox as the 7-Zip directory has been moved, which I will put out a fix to resolve tomorrow. And then I'll test it to verify that it's working for me. That is very likely to be the final update for this plugin. However I want to point out this plugin hasn't been updated in over 18 months and I don't intend to do the work to update it either. There is a new solution in the pipeline and I will be putting all future development efforts towards that (can't give an ETA yet). Coming here looking for technical support is one thing, coming here to complain that my plugin is straight up broken when it works for others and expecting me to drop everything and "fix" it is quite another.
  12. @neil9000 @tycho1974 not necessarily an issue with window, there was a change to one of the paths (the drawing DLL) in the zip above from @mitchhawks. I didn't actually test the resulting DLL. I'll investigate (and fix it) tomorrow.
  13. @mitchhawks thank you for providing a fix, I'll throw that up on GitHub when I finish work. My solution would have been simply creating a directory junction (or even more lazily just copy the 7Zip folder) in Windows to get around the issue for now. In terms of the future and updates for pcsx2 configurator there is something new in the works, and that's all i'm going to say on the matter for now.
  14. @RobertBlum It's no secret that I am not really working on this at the moment, but as you asked a sensible question I'll give you an answer. Basically it disables the presets in PCSX2 when creating a new configuration with the tool and allows you to customise the use of Game Fixes and Speed Hacks. I mostly put it in for @Zombeaver to make his workflow easier when making new configs, if you know what your doing and making your own configs feel free to enable it.
  15. @qupe75 I'm sure I had Okami running pretty well under PCSX2 before, can't remember the exact settings though. My honest recommendation would be to get Okami HD for PC, and play that, as it's clearly the definitive version of the game.
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