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  1. @EazyCheeze1978 Not been round here in a while, but I had this idea a while ago, and totally see where you're coming from. My idea was more to run LaunchBox as a background service, more akin to steam, and potentially have LaunchBox shortcuts use their own protocol. However I never even got around to prototyping that one due to a bunch of other LaunchBox plugin ideas that might be more useful. I am currently working on something LaunchBox related, that is really exciting and should eventually be awesome, but it is not this.
  2. Hello to everyone, I realise I don't really post here regularly and generally offer rather crappy tech support for my PCSX2 plugin. The main reason for this is because it is generally extremely difficult to be able to tell what is wrong with the (usually) limited information given or even just an error message, and 9/10 times it is a user error and not an actual issue with the plugin itself. I really need to be able to see the issue properly to be able to fix it. Because of this I am going to invite anyone requiring tech support to contact me through discord (you can find me on the LaunchBox channel same name as on the forums), and we'll deal with it on a case by case basis possible involving screen sharing and/or the use of chrome remote desktop. As for development on the plugin itself, it has been on a bit of a hiatus, with very little work being done on it since the last release, however I am looking to resume work on the plugin relatively soon, and hope to implement a more practical system for handling user errors, and tracking the most commonly occurring issues. -Alec
  3. @sersoft2008 based on the information that has been posted, I still don't have any idea as to what could be wrong. As far as i can see everything looks right. Am I right in thinking that after clicking "PCSX2 Configurator" from the context menu that nothing happens?
  4. @yum123 Going to need a bit more information here than just the exception. Does the file in question (pcsx2_ui.ini), actually exist in the shown location? And more importantly should it, or are you now running pcsx2 from a different folder?
  5. @Aeons Honestly I'm not entirely sure. I would have thought placing it in the games config directory (inside the inis folder) would have worked, as the config path (specified by --cfgpath) is essentially what pcsx2 see's as the ini's folder when running that game.
  6. @ABSOLUTERRITORY Just a bit of clarification, that is the source code, not the actual (compiled) plugin itself. If downloading from GitHub you should always download from the "releases" section.
  7. @Raposones if it's there but not clickable the platform probably isn't set up correctly. The only condition for it being valid for a game is that the platform is "Sony Playstation 2" (Which is the LaunchBox default), any other platform name (like "PS2") won't work currently though this could change in the future.
  8. @retrobalsh I'd give DirectX11 a shot, most configs should run be basically the same if you change just that setting (maybe a few tweaks needed), but OGL usually has better compatibility.
  9. @Cavey Ok, so the issue here is the copying of the .pnach file which already exists. I'll fix the issue when I get around to it, but for now delete the config from your config's folder (ini's by default), and delete the pnach (951555A0.pnach for Disgaea 2) from PCSX2's cheats folder and you should be good to re-download the config.
  10. @Lordmonkus You know what your probably right, maybe I am just full of BS, I just think there is something a whole lot smoother about the way steam handles things vs the way BigBox does and it's hard to pinpoint what it is exactly that sets them apart. I am not trying to suggest steam as a valid alternative for big collections, just that is the sort of level that we should be aiming for, without compromising what makes LB/BB good. I think the most sensible thing to try and resolve this is for me to go back to BigBox theme development, have another shot at attempting to customise BigBox to my liking's and then highlight what I think still feels wrong in BigBox. Also never realised you could use a mouse in big box thanks for the tip.
  11. @Lordmonkus Ok first of all I don't think HyperSpin (never even heard of AttractMode) is much better. Now compare it to something like Steam Big picture with it's super smooth interface combined with it's modern look and feel, and better control options (including mouse support). The interface is just way less clunky and it's much easier to navigate around, feeling way more intuitive. Sure it may be a little bit of an unfair comparison, but it is certainly a valid one as Steam is on basically every PC already. I really don't want to get into a big argument over this, As I believe we are all on the same side, which was the main reason I kept my response short, and it is only my opinion.
  12. @Jason Carr Didn't mean for my comment to come across as salty, so i'll expand on it a little more. I guess the real point I was trying to make was just that LaunchBox (in it's latest incarnation, especially with the LB.Next rewrite) feels like a much more premium and polished product than BigBox does at this point. And I feel BigBox falls a little short in terms of ease of use compared other free alternatives. Though don't get me wrong I still think it is pretty cool. Also I just don't really like XAML, it may be more an issue with me than XAML itself, I feel similar frustration's when working with Xamarin apps at work (though what I am doing there is much simpler). I might try a different editor (like Blend) and see if that makes it a little easier to work with.
  13. I agree with the above. BigBox doesn't feel like the premium product it should be, and I much prefer LaunchBox's desktop interface. I think steam big picture or Kodi are much nicer 10-foot interfaces, but LB provides much more than just launching games, in the way of other features (namely plugin's). So just circumventing LB completely doesn't feel right. Though I feel a command line interface for LaunchBox would be pretty cool, easy to implement, and partially circumvent this problem, and allow games to be launched through LB from some other frontend. As for my venture into LB theme develop I kind of gave up. I got something that looked pretty decent, but a bunch of relatively minor things still stopped it from feeling really good, and it still very much felt like BigBox, with everything that goes with that. I also found working with the XAML views absolutely horrendous and really unitive for editing (especially if you are aiming for perfection), and this is coming from someone with 8 years of programming experience, and lots of time spent with really finicky stuff like this. BigBox still has a long way to go.
  14. @Dane The .MDF (Media Descriptor File) file is the important one, the .MDS (Media Descriptor Sidecar) file is essentially a cue-sheet (like with .bin/.cue files). This is a propriety disc image format used by Alcohol 120%, and developed back when it was trendy for every piece of disc burning software to have it's own format. I would personally convert it to the standardised .iso format with something Like UltraIso (My preferred)/MagicIso/PowerIso/IsoBuster/etc. but the .MDF file should still work just fine. You can read more about the file type here. I was also surprised to find Alcohol 120% is still even a thing after all these years, with a latest stable release of February this year. To answer the second part of your question PCSX2 can load the following disc image file types: .iso (standard single track image) .mdf (Alcohol 120% format) .ngr (Nero format) .bin (multi-track disc image) .img (standard mirror image, may contain multi-track data) .gz (G-Zip Compressed Image) .cso (Compressed Iso)
  15. @Omen @neil9000 this is an issue with my plugin. My plugin pretty much governs the command line for ps2 games, and I don't think I ever fully considered the idea of changing that when there was no config present. It should be easy enough to fix but don't know when I'll get around to doing it. I've taken a bit of a break from the plugin's development as of late.
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