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  1. Everytime i load a daphne game in big box, the game goes out of focus so i have to click a mouse button, it says game over, it brings me back to bigbox. i have to escape out of big box and daphne is running in the lower taskbar. then i have to select it to close it. can someone help me with this? daphne.mp4 daphne.mp4 daphne.mp4 daphne.mp4
  2. ok gonna try it will update soon. ty sir
  3. Hi Everyone Im using the Neopop emulator and it seems the key the emulator has the input for full screen-small screen alternating the ESC key, therefore it wont exit with launchbox. They dont have a hotkey section to change it so does anyone have a Ahk command line i can insert they could loan me?
  4. hello everyone. i was wondering if anyone had a command line to Escape Dosbox like a standard emulator? and if so where would i paste this command line in the edit section? any help would be appreciated!
  5. I never changed the values other than on the original daphne emulator. i copied this file over to the singe folder. i also put it in several other places of this folder just in case.
  6. thanks for responding. i did put the dainput file in the singe folder and the configuration is still the same . i tried placing it in different sections of the folders to see if i would get a hit. but, to no avail
  7. @Headrush69 sorry it took me so long to respond but i work alot and i have a little time tonight. actually my daphne singe doesnt have a dainput file like my regular daphne the singe folder i missing that file. but the controls are still the default ones the singe version i have comes with. i appreciate all the help u can offer if u can
  8. yes sir thats correct ESC to escape
  9. make a launcher? dont know where to begin with that. but @Retro808hopefully if ur not busy later and have time to help me whenever u get a chance, i would surely appreciate it sir. if i dont respond back today i will definitely follow up. thanks again retro
  10. i tried Alt and F4 and that worked. so i would like that to be the esc key instead. oh and this whole folder came together in the torrent. and i dont know diddly about compiling an ahk script yet. so where do i go from here?
  11. i dont use a launcher for the madden arcade or my wacky races and a few others. they just have their own separate exe. when i press escape for madden, nothing happens. when i press esc for wacky races the dipswitch settings pop up. i just want to easy close these specific type of games with escape like i do with the ones that have an emulator assigned. and where do i place that command line you have above? i dont have an emulator assigned so i cant paste that in the AHK section tab
  12. yes i understand that. what if the file is in a single launcher file like my wacky races and madden arcade dumps? they both have Launcher exes. i click launcher to start it, but i cant escape the emulator using the escape key. it isnt set by an emulator to run it. it only has a self launcher. where would i put the hotkey in this instance? which tab would i paste it in? folder, other, custom fields, because once again an emulator isnt set for this rom and several others similar games to this. (not my pc games .lnk's tho)
  13. u said convert the AHK script. where would i get the ahk script? its asking me to place it in the directory
  14. ok im going to try this now. i may still have questions but thank you for responding so far sir
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