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  1. Thank you!! i see them now but i have to click on the thumbnail to make them play. how would i go about making them autoplay each time i click on a game?
  2. Where In options do i make the videos appear in the details panel? i have the full version but i cant view them for some reason. its not in the viewing area or video playback area so its confusing.
  3. Yes You were right it did'nt work. i appreciate your @JoeViking245help on this but i guess ill just have to break out the keyboard when playing this one. thank you
  4. @JoeViking245error not popping up but its still not working. this is the toughest game ever. can you make this a hold 1 for 3 seconds and send alt+F4? and when i finally push esc when done playing to exit the ahk,exe? bc i see its still running
  5. found out i didnt need the emulator section. so i made an ahk and I pasted the above in the script. im getting this error now.
  6. unfortunately this did'nt work still had to push alt+F4 BC as many times as i mashed them all ways it didnt work
  7. I have a Game That Has Two Exits. and it will not escape quickly no matter what i do. The Controls Are: When Loading Game: ESC = quit In-Game: Soft Reset= ALT+F4 This Particular game has to soft reset before the ESC works. Since im using arcade controls i would like to be able to press 1+2 simultaneously and that would send Alt+F4. Then when it takes me to the beginning i can just press escape like normal. can someone help me please? and would i paste this in running ahk script or exit ahk script? thank you in advance
  8. @DeadVoivodit seems like pressing escape does it automatically, just like mugen. im running my games through shortcuts.
  9. @VinceF I changed over 2 years ago and have'nt turned back. now all i use it for is a jukebox and movie player now lol.
  10. This Is My Teknoparrot Userprofile Folder. It Contains All The XML's Needed. Direct it In Your Launching Area Lastly, Use A Custom Command Line Like Above starting with --profile=GAME.xml no spaces! try that
  11. Its not. its called nox.exe actually @Koroth the first script did actually work my mistake and thank you both. now if i can get my Daphne in order ill be alright lol $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe nox.exe ExitApp }
  12. @KorothNeither one of those worked. i changed to 100, didnt work. i think the exe is called noxplayer.exe so i changed it and it didnt work either. They wont even work sometimes like the first script from joe does. $Esc:: { WinClose, noxplayer.exe ExitApp } and $Esc:: { Send, {Alt down} {F4 down} Sleep 100 Send, {Alt up} {F4 up} ExitApp }
  13. that worked great! but at times it does'nt escape but instead minimizes to the previous smaller screen and wont escape at all until i use the mouse. maybe im escaping too fast or sumn
  14. hello Everyone. I checked the hotkeys for the nox player and it has Ctrl + 0 for full screen and alt + F4 for exit nox. my problem is that im loading the games through shortcuts so i would have no way of pasting these in the script area BC i dont have an emulator set. is there any way i can place them in the section in the picture anywhere so i can use these shortcuts. i would like to run the game, then after like 20 seconds send Ctrl+0 and when i push ESC it send the Alt+F4 keys to close. Thank you In advance. Android Issue.mp4
  15. Your Script Worked. Thank You My Friend Once Again. You Guys Are Awesome
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