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  1. It opened! TYSM!! so i know now to not have any foreign files in the data folder
  2. plz help. i do have a database and i ran LB & BB once before starting CTC. i still get this screen everytime. im trying to edit the coverbox theme with the theme files. i placed them in the correct folder (I guess) what am i missing here? i tried this on three different PCs to no avail.....
  3. would we be able to add our own Jpeg in-between this startup? i was thinking of using this and adding my own Jpeg with the controls for that particular game ya know?
  4. would you happen to have the custom options.txt thats missing also sir?
  5. im getting this problem right now I'm using a 1920x1080, 100% scaling, single monitor setup. as well
  6. Wondering if we could do that. Was looking for a sweet thumbnail in discovery center that would say launch random game or something...
  7. do i have to wait 24 hours or something? im still playing and they are not updating. Is there an update button for hi-schore refresh. ive always been connected to the cloud database but i dont see my name
  8. Hey all. i was in the discovery center, went to the compete for high scores section, played a game, entered my initials, but i dont see my name in the hi score list. I at least beat the lowest guy on the game. do i have to wait 24 hours or something?
  9. is there anyway i can use Attract Mode With Fullscreen Video Snaps & My Personal Music? i wanted to be in bigbox, and if it becomes idle for a while, attract mode would start playing random video snaps in full screen and playing Music until i press a button and everything returns to normal. is there anyway that can be accomplished? thank you in advance.
  10. Just wanted to know Could We Possibly Use Switch Joy-cons As Mouse for lightgun games, dance games In Teknoparrot? is so, what do we need? it doesnt require a mayflash bar and works for dolphin emulators and such. I got it working through X input but i could not figure out how to use motion controls. Thanks.
  11. i do see a section called storyboard trigger. but i would not know where to begin to type the needed words to make the video load faster
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