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  1. i turned enable startup/shutdown screens for fusion emulator but its still happening. i have to keep opening up task manager, and force closing big box..
  2. ok i found it. in the edit emulator section. but everything is blank. would i need a script text to fix this? it was'nt doing it before. game gear, genesis and sega master system work fine on escaping. they all run on fusion. just sega cd is having the issue.
  3. you said something abouta pause screen for my emulator in launchbox. where would those settings be. i only see the game pause settings in options
  4. Ok GOtcha. Fusion Emulator, Running In Fullscreen, Windows 7 and ive never messed with the pause screen settings. ive just been updating the Front end and that feature just started happening. where would those settings be located?
  5. i only captured part of the screen just for the purpose of the video. im using fusion
  6. Can Anyone tell me why im having this problem when escaping out of sega cd games? it does'nt do it for any other system but my sega cd. it didnt use to do this. im unable to control the big box menu after hitting escape. the preview video stops playing and the cursor is gone. i cant control the keyboard either. i have to press ctrl alt delete to escape out of big box. please help. oh btw, the game does show full screen, it just records like this but thats not the issue. sega cd help.mp4
  7. Ok...Heres Whats Happening. I've Finally Got Ninya Hayate & Time Gal Laserdisc Games Working on Daphne singe....albeit by .bat files. i want to change the input to the buttons of my choosing. i dont see a input dll file either. i guess its because of the version im using.. Help
  8. for dreamcast, im using NullDC and have been for years. if it aint broke dont fix it ya know? also would i have to open another topic if i want to know how to escape out of the demul emulator using the esc key? the autohotkey that was defaulted on the screen doesnt work when i push esc.
  9. when i unchecked the use file only without file name extension everything starts working. thank you very much! now on to naomi!!
  10. Im Using demul and im almost at loading the rom but when i load it, it goes to the demul, then to the rom selection and no further.. am i missing a step here? Im almost there!! below are the settings (if they are correct) and where the game stops where i load it.
  11. buddy that worked!! sorry it took so long to get back to this post. thank you very much!!
  12. how do i disable the loading game screen or change it to something else?
  13. i used to be able to double click the preview video and it would go full screen. how do i make it happen now?
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