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  1. Anyone here run pop cap games? hi all. im running across a problem with some of my popcap games where when i load them they sort of go out of focus and i have to completely escape out of big box when that happens. But before i escape i have to click back on the big box screen because the screen is froze BC its out of focus. then once i've escaped its running and minimized to the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop. is there any way to fix this? i dont wanna have to delete my games bc they are doing this ya know? thanks in advance Popcap games running in background, Bigbox out of focus - Troubleshooting - LaunchBox Community Forums.mp4
  2. I followed your instructions and star trek loads perfectly!!!!! thank you all so much for your input!!!
  3. That command did'nt work for me. i pasted it in the custom line parameters. was i wrong?
  4. i put on minimum and default. both games still load like this 2020.mp4
  5. i just batch changed all to work with FP loader. All act correctly except for jurassic park ultimate and my favorite, Star Trek ultimate
  6. this is my spiderman config. it has custom line parameters but the game and several others T2, metal slug, etc work perfectly
  7. where would i remedy this? it does say the extension in the launching area
  8. i use to different FP. some for slamtilts and some for regulars
  9. ok i unchecked that and now star trek loads just like the jurassic park video. what do i need to change?
  10. @Headrush69here u go the video below is how jurassic park acts. similar but it doesnt show a problem error bandicam 2021-01-12 19-19-15-368.mp4
  11. OK!!! for the first time im playing star trek full screen!!!!. loading it outside of LB it plays fine. but running it through LB or BB gives me the error you see in the video. then i load it up outside and it plays fine. i just didnt show the footage of the game playing BC my recorder does'nt record windows display well. Im almost there!!! could you instruct me how to fix this? My jurassic park acts just like this as well, it just does not come up with the error "problem loading that file" Future Pinball STU.mp4
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