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  1. Hey guys. Wondering if i could get help with an AHK script for a pc game that wont close unless i press Alt and F4. I wanted to load the ahk in the additional apps and have it wait as long as i need to. and when i press escape, i wanted it to send Alt + F4. then close ahk afterwards. after i get the script how would i insert it in here?
  2. Thank you. What if i wanted to disable just one game? Im disabling all but just wanted to know if it was possible.
  3. im trying to disable the startup screens for my popcap games section but it seems like they are already disabled. but when i load the game in BB, it says loading.... and the shutdown screen still shows. can someone help me disable it for this section please?
  4. I did some moderations on the launchbox games database and they say accepted. so i force updated the metadata but i still dont have the updated info yet for any of the games. how often does the metadata database update?
  5. Im using the premium version of launchbox but i cant get the videos to autoplay videos even though i have it checked. I have vlc installed. Plz help
  6. At one time, i had uploaded or synced my whole collection to the LB website in the account collections side. i accidentally cleared it. how would i go about uploading or syncing it back? I did'nt add one game at a time when i did it. i just forgot where i went to do that task. Did it do it from the website? or perhaps LB? can someone help?
  7. I transfered my teknoparrot emulator, settings and game folders to the correct directories to a new location on my new PC which has the same directories. made sure teknoparrot was updated, but i can only get one game to work out of all the ones i have now. batman. i see a cmd screen and the black window just closes naturally. does'nt seem like its crashing. im getting this same screen on all the games now. havent configured them to work in LB yet so im just running the emulator standalone. plz help someone. thank you in advance bandicam 111021.mp4
  8. Hello im using the Project 64 1.6 versions to play the WWF no mercy mods but when i run one, create the settings and save, the other emulator saves the settings as well. Even if the other is closed and in a separate location. is there a way i can make these run independently? i was thinking i could maybe run a portable.txt file and place it in the emulator section and make these emulators run independently. but probably not. The Mods need different settings for each WWF No Mercy game. is there a way to make these emulators have entirely different settings without disturbing one another? It Doesn't affect me when i use project 64 1.6 and project 64 2.1 for example. these settings save independently. Only the exact same version number emulators have this issue. thanks in advance.
  9. Hello All! Hope I Posted This In The Correct Area. Im Having A Small Issue With Retroachievements & Launchbox. The Videos Demonstrating this issue are below. Could someone help me please? When I load The Standalone RANES Emulator Through Launchbox The Achievement Sets Don't Show Up. But If I Load The Game Without LB, The Sets Come up. is there a script i can tell the emulator to input to reload the rom? Pushing Ctrl& R to Reset emulator doesn't make the sets pop up. It just resets. The Rom has to be loaded again for the sets to appear. i know this may be a Retroachievements issue, But there has to be a script that can be made to workaround this issue right? Like a script to load the most recent rom or something. All the rom has to do is reload again and its good. All the RA Standalone Emulators Do This RAVBA, RANES, RANES & RAProject64. Auto Hotkey Scripts - Noobs - LaunchBox Community Forums.mp4 Auto Hotkey Scripts - Noobs - LaunchBox Community Forums_2.mp4
  10. Popcap Game Logos View File Here Is my Popcap Style Games Clear Logo Pack. Enjoy Submitter Cnells2000 Submitted 07/31/2021 Category Game Clear Logos  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Here Is my Popcap Style Games Clear Logo Pack. Enjoy
  12. Mugen Clear Logo Pack View File Here Is My Mugen Clear Logo Pack. Enjoy Peeps. Submitter Cnells2000 Submitted 07/31/2021 Category Platform Clear Logos  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Here Is My Mugen Clear Logo Pack. Enjoy Peeps.
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