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  1. Apologies to necro such an old thread, however I've come to appreciate Steem's simplicity compared to Hatari (besides, hatari isn't running the games well). I was wondering how do i get Steem to auto play PRG files? For example, 1943 is an mfm file, which is a hard drive. I got a PRG file patch which i put into the hard drive folder. The thing is, Steem boots into the desktop and I have to navigate to the 1943 folder and double click the PRG file. Is there a way so that I can get Launchbox to tell Steem to boot straight into the game liek it does with IPF or ST files?
  2. Pardon my ignorance. I've come across an issue with a platform I have which contains an "/" in the platform name. Launchbox recognizes "_" as a wildcard for the platform name; this is how I can get clear logos, etc to work with the platform. However, the BigBox Theme Creator doesn't appear to recognize my images with the "_" in place of the "/". Example: Launchbox platform name: Atari 400/800 Launchbox image folder: Atari 400_800 <- all images display in Launchbox just fine Bigbox Theme creator: Atari 400_800.png <- image not found Does the theme creator use a different wildcard character?
  3. At some point in the launchbox updates, launchbox had to work through the cache... it takes a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG time. Your problem will keep happening until Launchbox can work through your games list. Leave it running for a few days (not kidding if you have a large list). If it's still running after that, then there's an issue. If not, you won't see it happen again.
  4. I would, hands down no question.
  5. You can have mutilple C++ redistributables installed at the same time...
  6. So importing the clones seperately option did import the missing roms and the audit came back clear. SO confirmed (the ibm5170 missing roms all had already existng parents!). When the import clones as additional apps option is selected, the clones will not import if their parent already exists in launchbox. If the parent fdoes not exist in launchbox, the parent and it's clone will import. Therefore, there's a check missing somewhere where if the parent comes back positive, it should verify if the clone exists and import it as additional app if the result is negative rather than move on to the next file.
  7. It's 6 files in the update pack, lol. I tried it a million times. It only seems to happen with this platform in paticular where the same identical 6 roms in the update pack are not imported by the plugin. They do get imported when i choose a new platform though so something is up there. I tried megadrive into an existing Sega Genesis platform - no issues. Mobigo - no issues with the new update pack roms however, it did not import roms in my launchbox folder that were missing in the launchbox platform. Specifically, these: Missing Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates (USA, alt) jakenevalt jakenev Missing Disney La Casa de Mickey Mouse (Spain) mickeys mickey Missing Nickelodeon Bob Esponja - Defendiendo la Fórmula Secreta (Spain) spongebs spongebg Importing the whole folder into a new platform imports everything without issues. But importing the same folder into the existing VTech Mobigo platform reports those 3 missing every time. Here's my new theory: It isn't importing roms that are missing if their parent already exists in launchbox but it will import missing roms if their parent is also missing. I will try importing without selecting additional apps and let you know what happens.
  8. So I found a problem... The plugin isn't importing the 223 roms for any platform for some reason. Here's what I'm doing and you can tell me what I'm doing wrong or whether this is actually an issue. I'll use the ibm5170 as an example because its a small sample size: 1) Point to my hash file F:\Launchbox\Emulators\MAME\hash (yes, I'm using the latest MAME 223 version), 2) Select ibm5170.xml 3) Select currently existing "IBM Personal Computer/AT" platform 4) Select MAME emulator 5) Import clones as additional apps. nothing else selected. 6) Roms source folder: F:\MAME\MAME - Update Software List ROMs\ibm5170 and copy roms to: F:\Launchbox\Emulators\MAME 220\software\ibm5170 7) Select Copy AND Import. The source folder contains 6 files. The plugin audit shows the exact same 6 files are missing from launchbox. So, I know I'm using the right hash file but nothing got copied. So I said, maybe it's the copying causing an issue. I manually copied the files into my launchbox folders, did a straight import through the plugin. Same result: same 6 files are missing from launchbox. Doing the standard import without the plugin works, but naturally without naming the games nor assigning metadata. I find this curious because the same plugin version worked just fine with the 222 import I did earlier this week. Maybe the 223 hash file is different? Edit: I imported into a new platform "Temp" and everything imported properly... so how come it won't import into an already existing platform? Edit #2: It worked fine with megadriv and mobigo... odd.. My guess is the slash in my platform title might be the issue?
  9. Hooray! It would appear the change happened between V2.01 and 3.0. I deleted a platform I imported using 2.01 and re-imported it under 3.0 and the names did change. Good to know! As for the button, hoorah for work already being done!
  10. lol, that's the one! I hear you on deleting the platform, I just brought it up in case it happens in others I haven't tried. lmao on the additional apps. it's not the worse thing, it's just my OCD yelling at me. Just something to throw into your list for a rainy day
  11. Itty bitty tiny little request... in the audit feature (greatest thing since sliced bread BTW) would it be possible to make it so you can bulk add games to the delete list? Turns out some of these lists wind up removing A LOT of files between updates (ex: Apple 2 has several hundred removed (ie. not found in hash).) It is already possible to select more than one game but because you have to double click the title to add it to the delete list, it will only add the one fille that's double clicked on. Maybe it is possible to make it so we can right click ->add to delete queue or have a button on the side that adds selected titles to the queue? Minor issue: I also noticed (I'm using version 3.0) that when importing clones as additional apps, the plugin does the launchbox default of giving it the title "Play 'romfilename' Version..." but the plugin's audit tool says that the title is wrong and should be "Hash Title". This is true even if the additional app title "Play 'Hash title' Version..." saying it should be called "Hash Title". If there would be a way of ignoring the "Play " prefix and " Version..." suffix entirely, that's a good start (it should ignore both the prefix and the suffix that way if the game title starts with "Play ", it won't be ignored). Just throwing out ideas as I think of them You are amazing. keep up the great work!
  12. I have no knowledge of lua whatsoever but thanks for mentioning it. Looks like I'm going to learn a new skill.
  13. The \nrun doesn't autoplay the tape.
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