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  1. yeah, the rendered images are named properly but the lookup is broken. The theme creator is showing the fallback image rather than the image named after the platform and as a result, when rendered bigbox is also showing the fallback image insrtead of the image named after the platform.
  2. They are indeed. So are all the videos and images. The issue is specifically when I want to use custom images in my theme. ex: ../Theme Creator/My Theme Projects/Custom Theme/New Theme/Media/platform_name.png In theme creator if I set it to use an image per theme name, it isn't recognizing images where _ is replacing / So if platform name is Commodore Plus/4, theme creator isn't finding the image called Commodore Plus_4.png but if the platform is called Commodore 64 it does find Commodore 64.png However, if I am using images like clear logo or disk, they are found properly so it is an issue just with custom image paths.
  3. In case this hasn't been addressed yet in your workflow, I want to point out some other platforms I've noticed in Mame that carry the /: Commodore Plus/4 IBM Personal Computer/AT (not to be confused with IBM Personal Computer which is a separate platform) Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta By no stretch of the imagination, I recognize that they're not common platforms, I get that. Anyway, thank you as always for you work!
  4. I hear you. You know the process better than anyone! In that case, providing the supported version on import is a great 1st step. Allowing a power user import option is an excellent step from there, all it would take is a mention of filenames required and asking the user to make sure the files are all in the same folder, ask the user to point to the folder and done. I think it sounds like a very simple process (from a UI standpoint). Yes, collecting the files might be inconvenient but the user wanting and using this feature wouldn't be complaining about it anyway and frankly, isn't foreign to anyone who bothered collecting roms in the first place. The files required for the import don't carry the same legal or availability hurdles as the very roms being imported anyway. Heck, Launchbox may even be able to point users directly to progretto (or elsewhere) to get them.
  5. Totally fair. Notifying users of the supported version will go a long way of helping users to avoid potentially updating too far. It would certainly help on support issues by simply pointing out "you aren't importing a supported version of MAME, you were told that when you imported the roms". I do think though that a reasonable compromise for power users would be to allow import of the rom with the Game's title based on the Mame.exe hash (which JoeViking noted can be extracted from the exe). This way, users won't have to pull a bunch of files from everywhere, just the mame.exe I'm fairly certain more than just the game's title can be pulled from that too. With the user's understanding that the import is basically just a straight import of the roms without sorting them or filtering. User's basically would use the power import to let them import 100% of what they selected, with the correct title (and potentially other possible metadata) for MANUAL sorting after import. At first, anyway. Anything else that can't can be relegated to "please wait for the Launchbox DB to update then run the metadata wizard" if necessary but at least users will be able to set up (and play) in the meantime and get collecting on their images/videos. Perhaps an ability to "flag" your platform during the import process to have Launchbox notify you when the Mame version is updated would be an asset here (to avoid questions of "when will it be updated?"). The check can be made when launchbox launches at the same time that it checks if a new version of launchbox is available. Just a thought.
  6. As suggested, I will continue the thought brought up in the 11.17 thread here. The catver.ini on progretto snaps is in fact currently updated to 226 while Launchbox appears to still be at 224. Because Launchbox does not communicate this discrepancy to users, it is a problem, especially when the intent is to update Launchbox's files a couple of days after each Mame update. The point here is simply to highlight that users are being asked to wait un unknown amount of time to update to unknown versions of Mame at irregular intervals independent of Mame updates. In short, the crux of the issue is users can't import ALL the roms they want. if the user is at 225 but Launchbox is at 224, the user will never know that the 225 games did not import (unless they paid attention). It's only worse if you're trying to import 226 as you'll never know about either 225 or 226 missing roms. The only alternative that permits the import of ALL the roms they want, is to import without Mame as the emulator, but then the games' titles match their filenames, which is useless and a HUGE time sync to rectify manually. There has to be a compromise possible. The suggestion is to 1) communictae the currently supported mame set in LBDB and 2) allow users to use their own dat files, at the very least to import ALL the roms they want using the dat file's titles. The rest of the metadata can wait for the launchbox DB update if necessary (though a lot of the info should be in the dat file anyway). This can be done in the mame importer (before it asks if you want to skip certain types of games) with a screen which states what the current LBDB version is with a field asking if the user wishes to proceed using the LBDB version or use their own dat file. The software list plugin does a good job doing this for reference.
  7. That's what we're getting at - users who want to keep mame up to date have to do so by updating through every version between their current set and the latest set. Without a way of knowing what the current launchbox supported set is, users have to guess. Most of that time, the guess would be wrong. In this case, Mame is at version 226 and launchbox would appear to still be at 224. If a user updates to 225, such as I did, they can't know that they went too far without running into this problem I experienced. That's where letting the user use their own dat file comes in handy. I don't want to have to update through 3 iterations of mame updates at once. I also don't want to have to guess when to do it either. It's an issue.
  8. I doubt the file is that large... Perhaps I am not using the right terminology. The user should be allowed to use the file they use with clrmamepro. Mine is 68MB. They likely are, it is the update set. I have that assumption, that LBDB isn't up to date (two versions behind?) which is why the user should be given the option. I don't think launchbox should be bearing that responsibility in the first place to be honest... just make the user use the dat file on import.
  9. When i select a different emulator and a different platform (Temp 2), they finally import... but now the names are wrong (obviously). Is there no way to import EVERYTHING from mame whether they work or not? The user should be allowed to do this. My guess is launchbox DB hasn't updated to the latest mame hence part the issue (for the names anyway + finding at least new working games)... But why rely on launchbox DB updating to the latest set? Launchbox should be looking at the user's mame hash file to compare against the user's actual mame set. It should at least be a choice provided to the user. I'll submit a feature request on this. I mean, I expect that when I import using mame metadata but tell it NOT to skip unplayable games, it should import everything, but it doesn't. If I import without using mame metadata, it will import everything but I won't have any of the names that mame recognizes. Surely there is a way to import everything, working or not, using mame metadata...
  10. Except they should import even when I tell launchbox they are NOT mame roms but they don't.
  11. With all due respect, a user can name their platform whatever they want. It should never prevent a rom from importing. If it does or even might, it's a problem. The same for the scraping as. Also, I already explained that I've tried scraping as arcade without any greater success. If they don't work in MAME, that's fine. I want to import them anyway. I should add that some of those 30 games that are imported are identified as not working in the first place (such as a couple of electromechanical roms) so it still doesn't make sense. I've tried importing as non-mame files and they STILL won't import. I'm not sure why we're focusing so much on mame when they won't even import at all. But to answer your question, I am importing the 225 update roms. I have ALWAYS imported the update roms into a Temp platform to cross reference against my existing MAME platform to merge new clones as there is no native way to "update" mame in Launchbox. This issue has only comue up with 225 and 11.7 so i'm stuck on being able to update my platform. I cannot simply reimport the platform as I would lose HUNDREDS of playlists and apparently, games, because Launchbox isn't letting me import everything in the first place.
  12. Yes, but it doesn't change anything. Even set to arcade it doesn't import them and it shouldn't matter what I import as anyway, that's just to find metadata, not for actual importing. I left it as none to eliminate it as a possible reason is didn't import but the result is always the same.
  13. I really don't like that it's called MAME fullset importer... I don't have a fullset so it throws me off every single time. That said, the fullset importer imports 0 games. So i HAVE to use the regular import: Import as roms Platform: Temp Scape As: none Emulator: MAME Use file sin current location Search for game info in LBGD checked Import all media Force import duplicates Import all clones Skip nothing Finds only 34 out of 130 roms. If I drag the files into launchbox and import as none of the above using the same settings as above, I get the same result. Disabling search for game info gives the same result.
  14. Using 11.7. I'm not able to import 100 of 130 roms into launchbox. They are MAME 0.225 roms. Force import duplicate games is selected. Everything else is deselected. Launchbox always only allows the same 34 files in and ignores 100 of the others. Even if i select import as none of the above, I get the same result. Am I suddenly doing something wrong? This wasn't an issue under 11.6 when I imported MAME 0.224 roms.
  15. Here's hoping #28 makes it in before the next poll...
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