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  1. Image works but video doesn't?

    It also seems that no matter what I do to change the title and video file, nothing changes. I can do thisL Title: Armored Encounter Sub Chase Clear Logo: Armored Encounter!_Sub Chase!.png <-- still displays Video: Armored Encounter Sub Chase.mp4 <--- doesn't work Even after refreshing all images. I mean, in theory, the clear logo should stop displaying right?
  2. Image works but video doesn't?

    I'm setting up Odyssey 2 but I've come across an odd situation. All my clear logos work but certain videos aren't showing up. The videos that aren't showing up all have titles that include /. For example: Title: Armored Encounter!/Sub Chase! Clear Logo: Armored Encounter!_Sub Chase!.png <-- works Video: Armored Encounter!_Sub Chase!.mp4 <--- doesn't work Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? The videos are in the same place as all the other videos in the same platform...
  3. Intellivision emulator

    There’s a key to display an overlay of the intello idiom numeric pad and you can select one of the buttons on the numeric pad overlay to assign as a hotkey on the controller. That’s one of the neater features.
  4. Intellivision emulator

    FYI Retroarch now supports Intellivision with the FreeIntv core. Download it through the Retroarch core updater. It has some pretty neat features! Read more here: https://forums.libretro.com/t/freeintv-the-new-mattel-intellivision-core-with-video-demonstration/14389/10
  5. Script Xpadder / NoMousy

    FYI this code launches xpadder perfectly but it does not close Xpadder when exiting the game. This is true for MAME anyway.
  6. Big Box Cinematix

    You can make a private playlist and give the URL to people you want or you can just disable comments on your videos...
  7. BIGBOX 360

    Neat! There's a lot of artifacting though which takes away from the HD quality of the final shot though.
  8. Big Box Cinematix

    yes. but lets be clear, my version is clean and in HD... It doesn't have the grainy effect of a VHS tranfer. I was hoping someone could suggest some background music that fit though since without the music, it feels hollow.
  9. Big Box Cinematix

    I have faithfully recreated this advert (see 0:25 timecode) for the Bally Astrocade, including the SFX but I can't find a song that is fitting to the intent/feeling of the advert. Any ideas?
  10. MAME RCA Studio II not launching games

    OMG I can't believe it was that simple! that damn hyphen! question: theres are built in games on the bios - how do I access those?
  11. MAME RCA Studio II not launching games

    correction: mame64 studio2 works, not mame64 space war
  12. MAME RCA Studio II not launching games

    but it doesnt even work in the MAMEUI... platform names match command line is -studio2 -cart as it should be mame.ini is in the correct place