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  1. XAML Tips and Tricks

    What you want to do require and if/and statement and that can only be done code behind.
  2. XAML Tips and Tricks

    You need to set it up with a multi converter
  3. Your List of Small Things

    You can through plugins.
  4. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    very nice!
  5. Okay so I got an overlay to appear when the user presses Down by using OnDown(). My question now is, How can I get it to toggle? Such that when the user press Down once, the overlay appears but another press makes it disappear, rinse and repeat?
  6. So what I'd like to do is make a plugin that will display a custom xaml overlay on the game wheel page. The overlay would contain things like the game's details, developer, etc. Should I be looking at OnDown() or OnSelectionChanged()? I'm assuming it's OnDown(), though is it possible to make the control another button? Like the 'T' key on the keyboard?
  7. Winarcadia launchbox settings

    Hi, I was wondering how to get Winarcadia to launch into the correct game? For example, I want Winarcadia to launch into the AY-3-8550 machine directly into the Pong type game. As is, I have to press '{' to cycle through the different games to get to the correct one but I would like Launchbox to handle this. Normally, I would assume setting Launchbox to run a macro of some sort but here's the complication: Winarcadia remembers the last game type you left it at. What that means is that if I start winarcadia, press '{' 3 times to get to Pong and exit, the next time I launch Winarcadia I'm already at Pong. But If I want to play Hockey, I need to press '{' 1 more time. Next time I want to play Pong, I need to press '{' 6 more times. So a simple macro won't do. I'm sure someone out there found a solution...
  8. Your List of Small Things

    I would LOVE to be able to use custom fields in the big box theme. That way you could add controller types to each game and be able to display that info in the theme, amongst other possible uses.
  9. Thank you for responding. Consider the feature requested then since that's what I thought custom fields were for. Otherwise, I don't see the point of them? Does anyone know of a plugin that already exists that i could use to do what I want?
  10. XAML Tips and Tricks

    In that case, feature request?
  11. How do I use the custom field in my theme? Say i have a custom field called Controller with the value Joystick. How do I call it in the theme? SelectedGame.Controller doesn't work.
  12. XAML Tips and Tricks

    Back in January, Jason said he'd look into implementing this. Is this feature now possible? The launchbox documentation still doesn't say anything about it. In my case, I want to set up a custom field for controller types called Controller and give it a value such as Joystick, Gamepad, Paddle, etc. (this really should a main field along with the genre, publisher, etc!) In any case, I've got my theme ready to go with the code: <TextBlock x:Name="PlatformControlPanel" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Custom/Images/Controls/{0}/{1}.png"> <Binding Path="SelectedGame.Platform" /> <Binding Path="SelectedGame.Controller" /> </MultiBinding> </TextBlock.Text> </TextBlock> but nothing happens. The idea is to display an image of the controller on the game view, similar to the Griddle theme, but that theme is fixed per platform rather than per game. Alternatively, I absolutely can set it so that I have an image for every single game title and change my code to use SelectedGame.Title but then I'd have 500+ copies of the same image rather than one image that I can call.
  13. Pokemon Playlist Video

    I know its mpg (that's format, not encoding), but what encoder did you use? It seems you used an encoder that isn't standard on Windows.