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  1. No one? As far as I can tell, these are Windows games right?
  2. I'm curious about the reasoning behind why Popcap Games is a platform? It strikes me that this should merely be a developper like all others fitting into other platforms such as Windows Games, Xbox, Playstation, etc. Am I missing something?
  3. The solution here is simple: If badges are enabled then spacing of 0 = whatever the badge spacing requires. If badges are disabled then spacing of 0 = 0.
  4. So I updated to 10.8 and when I went to View regions, I found myself in a loop: pressing back brought me back to the options menu as expected but pressing back again would return me to the view regions screen rather than the main big box platform display screen. Whether I pressed Esc or selected back in the actual options menu, I would just be stuck looping between view regions and options with no way back tot he platform screen. The exit button works as usual so that's the only way out of the loop: close big box and relaunch. Am I alone with this glitch?
  5. But there are no rules for long name nomenclature which means it is impossible to tell launchbox how to take a long name and find the short name equivalent. The best solution would be to guess which would undoubtedly lead to way too many false matches.
  6. You keep saying this but not once did you realize that the file you attached was removed for breaking forum rules.
  7. My bad, I thought you were referring to gamepark32
  8. Wrong thread. this thread is about Winarcadia.
  9. Nope. Mess is nowhere near up to date with winarcadia anyway.
  10. My solution was the worst solution: multiple copies of winarcadia each set to open a different game.
  11. Excellent! The hard part is getting the artwork!
  12. yup, pause screen feature would be awesome! Thank you for such a great plugin!
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