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  1. Using bigbox unified theme. Where can i download the video backgrounds for playlists like MARIO, STREETFIGHTER etc? I have emu movies paid account but cannot for the life of me work out where to get the video and wheel image from, any help please?
  2. H everyone. I have just managed to setup, with a great deal of help from member Tomkun (much respect), wiimotes, dolphin bar and Mame for light gun games. Everything works great. Using the wiimotes relies on a windows programme being open called TOUCMOTE. At the moment it opens with windows. The problem is if i want to play dolphin emulator games using the wiimotes havig Touchmote open seems to cause some conflicts with the wii controllers. It would great if i could have a script to open and terminate touchmote when Mame is run....... is that even possible with LB?
  3. JUst for the purposes of ensuring anyone else reading this in the future avoids my school boy error! Player 1 gun works perfect with Tomkun's settings. However i just could not get P2 working. Then I realised why! I had 2 profiles in Touchmote, player 1 was switched to Tom's 'zapper' settings, however I didnt realise you had to do that for both controllers! Held home button wii mote for 3 secoinds and selected zapper. Now both guns work! Thank you Tomkun, amazing assistance you have provided me with over the last few days, cant thank you enough. Now just to work out how i make the zapper profile the default. ALso still have some reboots to do to ensure it remembers P2 gun settings
  4. Am I right in saying that your controller config has to match the layout in touchmote?
  5. Thanks Tomkun. Im fine with messing about the with touchmote setup for player 2. however do i then need to edit your controller config file to match my changes in touchmote?
  6. Just to be clear, if i go in to the windows controller settings, player 1 wii mote works fine, but player 2, when you move controller you can see the X and Y axis red line moving, but NOT the little cross in the box. Also no buttons are mapped. When i press controller buttons nothing happens. Surely this is something to do with the touchmote setup?
  7. I also noted that in touchmote both controllers are mapped to LEFT stick - is that right? And lastly that button A is mapped to 2+start? Pic shows that configuration IMG_2026.MOV
  8. Sorry attached images are not in order. Various pics of my setup. Player 1 light gun seems fine. Player 2 is an issue. Noted that in the windows game controller configuration, when i moved player 1 wimote it was showing me the crosshair moving in a box correctly. However player 2 wiimote does not move the little cross hair plus sign, instead Z axis moves. Also no buttons are mapped on player 2 wii mote. - which would obviosuly explain why its not working in mame ! Any advice on how to check config of player 2 wiimote Tom? Thanks
  9. just sorting screenshots now. i have no idea how to run mame verbose though .
  10. Hi Tomkun. I deleted all other config files in mame, inc all the default ones, so the only config file is your controller file. The good news is the games are fine with player 1 wiimote. Home button adds credit, A button starts a game and trigger works fine. Player 2 doesnt work though. Would you mind if I posted some screenshots of the various settings I now have to see if you can compare to yours for me?
  11. Lightgun X is not right, the Y is correct. I can change it obviously but i assume mame will loose whatever i put in there
  12. Thanks again Tomkun. I do really appreciate your help. Thanks for tip on lightgun in config. changed it to keyboard. Ive downloaded the zapper config and placed in correct folder. selected it in touchmote. started mame (ensured all previous config files have been deleted). Lethal enforcers worked for up and down gun movement but not for left and right. the setting is wrong for that if i select input for this machine :
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