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  1. alnyden

    My budget build Pincade!

    Nice! What vertical theme are you using for Big Box?
  2. alnyden


    I didn't combine the two versions, what I'm doing is using the older version with the text view on certain platforms and the new version on others. To do that, I re-named the old version NostalgiaOld. Then I had to go into the View files, searched for "Nostalgia" and changed them to "NostalgiaOld" when it was part of a link to a file. If there's a way to move the old text view into the new version, that would be even better I suppose.
  3. alnyden

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    In Lanchbox Next, for text view, the heading says "Community Star Rating" instead of "# of Votes". (The actual Community Star Rating column is correct)
  4. alnyden


    Working great and performance is much improved from 1.2! Only thing I noticed is Collecovision videos are not fitting properly in the monitor. Also, in the old text view for a playlist, I think the name of the playlist was at the top, and now it shows the system name instead. I could see an argument either way but personally I preferred having the playlist name up top. Thanks for the fixes and love having Apple II included!
  5. alnyden

    Bigbox Playlist/Series/Platform Link setup

    There is an option in Bigbox to launch in Playlist view. To switch to the other views, though, you'll have to use the hotkeys.
  6. alnyden


    Okay, I'll wait for the next update then. I'll give this a shot. Thanks for the tip!
  7. alnyden

    Error message in Big Box options screen

    I got it working! I re-installed the Default theme and removed some plug-ins. Not sure what did the trick but it's better now. Thanks Jason.
  8. alnyden


    Sorry I haven't had time to troubleshoot the theme yet, but I should do it soon. As for the old text view, I do use it a lot since you added the feature of having fan art background, which is nice for specific playlists. Curious -- how many files would I have to tweak if I wanted to rename the theme to keep using the old version for certain platforms?
  9. alnyden

    Error message in Big Box options screen

    Now I'm getting error messages in other themes, such as this one in coverbox. All I did was insert some code into one of the views In City Hunter and install the randomizer plugin before all these theme errors started happening. I re-installed City Hunter and removed the plugin, but the errors have continued.
  10. alnyden

    Error message in Big Box options screen

    I was using City Hunter, but I re-installed it, and it didn't solve the problem. I've tried other themes as well including the default -- same issue. If you didn't change the code, maybe it does have something to do with the randomizer plugin from @Grila, however, he said that it shouldn't affect the options screen. Also, I have removed the plugin, and restored any changes to the theme. I updated to the latest beta this morn but that didn't fix it either. Any ideas? Thanks, R
  11. Since I updated to the latest beta, I've been getting the following error message when I go to the options screen in Big Box. At first I thought it was related to installing the new random game plugin, however, I've put everything back as it was before and am still getting this error, regardless of what theme I'm using. Thanks!
  12. alnyden

    BigBox - Select Random Game Feature fixed by "Wheel Spin"

    I've tried changing the theme and I'm getting the error message regardless. This also occurred after I updated to the latest beta, so I'll mention it in the threads over there. Thanks guys.
  13. alnyden

    BigBox - Select Random Game Feature fixed by "Wheel Spin"

    Thanks for making this plugin! I followed the directions and am having an issue. When I go to the options screen in Big Box, I get the error as seen in the attached picture. What's weird is I put everything back as it was before, deleted the plugin, and I'm still getting this error. Any ideas? Thanks again! R
  14. Hey, apologies in advance if I'm missing something obvious here, but at some point in the last few betas, the startup videos stopped randomizing for me. Did anything change? Is there an option somewhere I can't find? Thanks! R
  15. alnyden


    Thanks for the update, the changes seem really cool. Unfortunately I'm having some major performance issues with the new version. Sluggish scrolling, videos taking a long time to play, and crashes. Anyone else having problems? Also, didn't get a chance to check myself due to the crashes, but is the old "boring" text version still there? Thanks!