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  1. alnyden


    Loving this theme, and the awesome game backgrounds you guys are making! Hope to contribute a few myself at some point. I was wondering, would it be possible to have a view without the box art? The game backgrounds are so great, sometimes it would be nice to not have them blocked. And/or, is there a setting that can adjust the size of the box art? Thanks!
  2. alnyden

    Theme vs. Gameplay video by platform/playlist

    Hey Retro, thanks for the reply. Yes I'm aware of the setting, I was just thinking how useful it would be if it could be applied per platform/playlist. If others are also interested, I'll create a BitBucket request.
  3. alnyden

    Mr. RetroLust's Marquee Screen Filler Magic

    I love it -- thanks for making this!
  4. I was thinking, now that we can use a different theme with each platform/playlist, and the themes have become more graphically impressive over time, that it would be super useful to have the option to choose theme video vs. gameplay video by platform/playlist. I can understand why in the past it wasn't necessary, but certain themes look much better with the theme video, and others seem designed to have the gameplay video playing (with more artwork around the video). Curious if anyone else thinks this would be a useful option to have. R
  5. alnyden


    These are great! Thanks for sharing.
  6. alnyden


    Wow, this theme is truly spectacular. I'm not sure I was able to appreciate the artwork until I saw it running on my system. Each platform is detailed and beautiful. Giving each system a different background in the platform view really takes things to another level. Well done! There's only one problem. Now I'm going to want to obsessively create backgrounds for each and every playlist but I have no time or skill. Seriously though, is there software other than photoshop that can manipulate these files? And can you recommend any simple tutorials that might be helpful? Again, congrats on this theme, it's absolutely amazing.
  7. alnyden

    8.7-beta-1 Released

    This is great! I can finally use platform categories without clogging up the platform list. Thank you! Would you ever consider allowing a playlist or platform to be in multiple platform categories? (So for example you could have a "Handhelds" category and "Nintendo Handhelds" category. With that kind of flexibility you almost wouldn't need folders.
  8. alnyden

    8.7-beta-1 Released

    My playlists marked under a platform category are still showing up in the platform list. (In BigBox) UPDATE: Actually they're only appearing in a text view.
  9. alnyden


    Pretty sure the game options screen doesn't work in Cover Box themes.
  10. alnyden

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    Gotcha. I had Malwarebyes installed but was not using it. I did a complete un-install and I'll see how that goes. That's for the quick feedback!
  11. alnyden

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    I'm not sure exactly which update this started happening with, since I haven't used LaunchBox for awhile (as opposed to BigBox) but at least starting with beta 6, and now with 8.6 official release, I'm having many spinning beachballs and crashes in LaunchBox. If I select all games in a platform (MAME for example) the screen will shift slightly and I'll get the beachball. It never will go away unless I hard-quit. Happened several times now after a restart. Thanks, R
  12. alnyden

    RetrAO Cafe

    I'd be happy to beta test the theme in 1080p.
  13. alnyden


    Love this! Question -- how do you hide the details sidebar? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I don't see it in the change log.
  14. alnyden

    rocketlauncher integration.. progress ?

    I think people waiting for LaunchBox to replace Rocket Launcher's features will be disappointed. Sure it'll be nice for non-RL users to have some of these additions. But I doubt LaunchBox will ever do: pause you can customize, loading screens, key-mapping by emulator/platform/game & multiple bezel controls. I love LaunchBox and hope I'm wrong! But I also don't mind using LaunchBox + RL.
  15. alnyden

    Arcade and pinball in one w/rotate monitor

    I use this one to switch between horizontal and vertical. It attaches to the back of my cabinet. I pull the monitor out slightly, then rotate. Works great! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MIBN16O/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1