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  1. One advantage of using Rocketlauncher -- you can assign joytokey profiles by emulator, platform and/or game.
  2. Questions re: hiding games

    I was wondering, if you hide a percentage of your collection, would it speed up LaunchBox the same way deleting them would? Also, is there a way to display all hidden games in a list to then decide which games to un-hide? Or do you have to reveal all hidden games at once?
  3. The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    Makes sense, thanks. Took me a minute to realize the difference between shaders and shader presets but I'm catching on.
  4. The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    Is there a way to toggle the shaders off and on while playing? (I don't see a hotkey). I do see a hotkey for "next shader" and "previous shader" but it doesn't seem to do anything. It would be nice if you could toggle between a set of favorite shaders, is this possible? Thanks!
  5. Help with Munt

    Sounds like good advice, it probably would shuffle the MIDI device for D-Fend as well. I definitely plan on checking that out!
  6. Help with Munt

    Thanks! That was really helpful, and I got it working! The main step I was missing was running the setup exe. I was able to use DFend and it's pretty simple. For those interested, after selecting the game use "edit - Midi" and select the MT-32 Emulator. Then, "Run Setup" should launch the install.exe where you can select MT-32 as sound device. If you have Munt running, Tools-Test MIDI Driver will bring up a window and if you see "Midi Input - DOSBOX.EXE" and MIDI Message = Green light then it's working. It sounds great! Thanks again Zombeaver.
  7. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Didn't want to hijack this thread but had a few questions about Munt here...
  8. Help with Munt

    Since it was mentioned on another forum topic, I wanted to give Munt MT-32 Emulator a try with DosBox. I might have it working, but I'm just not sure. I downloaded Munt, installed the drivers and ROM files. Then, in D-Fend Reloaded, on a per-game basis, I went to the MIDI options and selected MT-32 Synth Emulator as the MIDI device. I guess my question is, how can I be sure it's working? I'm not sure I can hear the difference before and after I select MT-32 as the MIDI setting. Are there any steps I'm missing? Does anyone know a good tutorial to use? Thanks for any help! R
  9. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Thanks for the new features. I feel mixed about the new PDF reader though. It looks good, but I am missing some features from Sumatra. Is there currently a way to navigate a PDF with page up and down controls? Personally I prefer this as it's much faster than scrolling. Would having the option to use Sumatra be possible?
  10. Autohotkey Help

    Thanks Retro. Tried that but got it to work eventually by using: c:: Send {LCtrl Down}{LAlt Down}{f5 Down} {LCtrl Up}{LAlt Up}{f5 Up} I'm using the script in MAME, not sure if that's why I had to add the "down" and "up" commands.
  11. Show other platforms on games page

    Cool, maybe we can get this included in the next poll since it seems there is a lot of interest.
  12. Autohotkey Help

    I'm trying a simple autohotkey script but can't get it to work. I'd like the "c" key to send alt+Control+F5. I've tried a variety of combinations (using Send command or not) but it doesn't seem to be work. Something like c::!^F5. Thanks for any help! R
  13. Mame BGFX Shaders - Tutorial

    Just found it... Alt+Ctrl+F5!
  14. Mame BGFX Shaders - Tutorial

    This is working great, thanks. Is there any way to toggle hlsl_enable on and off during a game?
  15. Mame BGFX Shaders - Tutorial

    Just getting started playing around with this... thanks for the info. I'm having a problem though. When I use the ~ menu I can select the various effects like crt-geom. Then I edited the mame.ini file in the 2 places you mentioned (video and bgfx screen chains) but when I launch a game the bgfx effects don't stick. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Also, is there a way to increase the brightness in crt-geom? I'd love it to be brighter if possible. Thanks again!