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  1. Nostalgia

    Any chance of adding Apple II to the Nostolgia platform list?
  2. Atari2600 background art question

    You don't have to edit the XML, just put the files in the correct folder (Images, Atari 2600, Advert Front) and make sure the name matches that of the game.
  3. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Not so fast everyone. He posted his artwork "to be used on retropie systems only." "Lastly, I don't know if or when I"ll return to the community (as a maker, I'm still around helping people)."
  4. RetroHumanoid Cinematics

    @RetroHumanoid has the best collection of Rocketlauncher pause media (artwork, music, videos, magazines, etc.) anywhere, which motivated me to learn the difficult process of setting it up, and was well worth it. Thanks for sharing Retro, and glad to see you back at Launchbox.
  5. @Jason Carr recently commented he did not think it could be implemented with accuracy (there was not sufficient info in the database), and therefore was not added to the last poll.
  6. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    You can use the audit function in LB and sort by one of the columns which show the # of art files per type.
  7. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    If you hide games with missing media in Big Box, will they still show up in Launchbox? Thanks, great stuff!
  8. Mr. RetroLust's new man/game cave

    Agreed on the importance of the marquee screen! Mine was only $130 and totally worth it.
  9. LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    Do the "Hide Games Missing Media" options apply to Big Box as well?
  10. Deleted Media question

    I'm using the latest beta. So I guess it will remain a mystery for now. I'll post here if I figure anything out. Thanks again for everybody's help! The LaunchBox Community Forum is always the best.
  11. Deleted Media question

    I deleted them from the folder "Mame - Arcade - Marquee". I don't recall if LB was open or not.
  12. Deleted Media question

    I do have those folders, but they are all empty, so I don't think that's the issue. You don't think it's the cache? Also, if LB had been open when I deleted the files, what would that have done? Thanks again, R
  13. Deleted Media question

    Yes. Mame. Some. It's possible it was open. I can't remember. Only one Launchbox on my PC. Thanks for your help! R
  14. Deleted Media question

    Just tried that but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the Marquee images. What if I delete the cache and re-do the force populate?
  15. Deleted Media question

    I've replaced some of my marquee artwork with higher resolution images. In the process, I deleted the old files. However, when I select the game in Bigbox, I can see BOTH images are still in the system. (It randomly picks one). The only way I can get rid of it is to use the "Edit" function in Launchbox and select "remove image". What I don't understand is, how is it still associated with the game if I've deleted the file? Does it have anything to do with "Populate all images" in Bigbox? Looking for a simple way to get rid of any images not in the "Arcade - Marquee" folder. Thanks! R