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  1. Now that we can use different themes for each platform, I'm looking for one for arcade games that uses graphics such as the cabinet, controls and marquee pics. Does anything like this already exist? I scrolled through the custom themes but didn't see anything. Thanks! R
  2. Launchboxes

    Looks great. What theme are you using that shows the arcade cabinet pic?
  3. Your List of Small Things

    I'd like to propose two simple fixes to the current setup that would help with these issues. #1). Allow platforms and playlists to be in a Platform Category without showing up in the main platform list. Therefore, as suggested above, you could have "Super Nintendo - Japan" organized in a Platform Category like "Super Nintendo" but not muck up the main platform list. Also, you could organize your playlists in Platform Categories (like favorites, game series, genre lists, etc.) without those playlists showing up in the platform list. #2). Allow platforms and playlists to be in more than 1 platform category. So "Nintendo Gameboy" can show up in "Nintendo" and "Handheld" categories. Also, a Mario playlist could be listed in the "Nintendo" and "Game Series" category. These wouldn't solve every issue mentioned above but would go a long way to allow flexibility in organizing platforms and playlists and is a relatively simple fix.
  4. Those look great. Thanks for doing this.
  5. Although "Prioritize Soundtrack Music over Video Audio" has never fully worked for me (doesn't work on the game list, only the games details page), I'm also now having the issue where video audio and soundtrack music are playing at the same time. (Not sure when it started but somewhat recently).
  6. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    While on the topic of speed, I find Big Box is much faster than Launchbox when it comes to switching platforms, or switching between Platforms and Playlists, etc. Big Box is almost instant while in Launchbox the blue ball usually spins 5-15 seconds. Is that normal? I've got about 25,000 roms.
  7. Nostalgia

    Uh oh, just got another freeze. It's the first time it happened since I switched to WMP but it's basically the same issue -- started to get sluggish while scrolling and then froze. The audio is still playing (I think from the soundtrack) but video went black and can not navigate any more.
  8. Nostalgia

    Finally got it to work! The trick for me was putting the images in Launchbox/Images/Playlists/Playlist/Fanart. (Not Nostolgia/Images). Also, you can put multiple images in that folder and it will choose one randomly. Thanks for adding this! Now only if I could get the platform to show up in the game details. For some reason it displays in the wheel views, but not here. Anyway, thanks again @eatkinola.
  9. Nostalgia

    Yes, I've checked everything, I can't seem to get it to work. It's still loading a random image from the Launchbox Fanart folder. Maybe I'll check later with fresh eyes and see if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Nostalgia

    Hmmm, that's exactly what I'm doing. I tried it for both a platform and a playlist, but the image is not appearing. Does it support jpg? When I replaced the "background.png", it only worked as a .png.
  11. Nostalgia

    Okay, I set the visibility, and it seems to be loading a random fanart picture from that platform. Cool feature, thanks for adding this. Let's say however I want to specify what the background picture is. You mentioned being able to override in Nostalgia/Images, but I can't get that to work. For example, if I wanted to choose a specific background picture for Atari 5200, where would I put it and what would I name the file? Thanks!
  12. Nostalgia

    Okay cool, I'll give this a try tonight. One thing I'm unclear about -- after setting Visibility Collapsed to Visible in Nostolgia.xaml, I add the background I want to use in Nostolgia/views/images/AVLF/Playlists AND adjust the @index.txt file?
  13. Nostalgia

    Switched to WMP and I'm not getting freezes, so apparently that's the issue, thanks. Re: Backgrounds, I'll experiment with that. However, the background I want to change on a playlist basis is the one in Nostolgia/Views/Images/background.png that's used in the other view. You also mentioned turning something on in the Nostolgia.xaml file? Thanks again @eatkinola.
  14. Nostalgia

    I'm using VLC. All I'm doing is scrolling through the text games list. Thanks.
  15. Nostalgia

    Well, I went back to the old version of Nostolgia and I'm still getting the freezes. Maybe the issue is I also updated to the new Big Box official release this morning? Whatever it is, I'm not able to use Nostolgia at all right now.