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  1. alnyden

    9.3-beta-1 Released

    Anyone have any luck getting the startup screens to stay up longer on FS-UAE? Played with the settings which don't seem to change anything, which I guess means it's an exclusive full screen issue.
  2. alnyden

    Master Playlists for All games

    Create a new playlist and then use the auto-populate function in the playlist edit window. Select "Genre = Fighting" and it will populate the playlist with any fighting game regardless of platform, assuming your genre metadata is filled in.
  3. alnyden


    No worries if it's that complicated. I was hoping it would just be changing a number.
  4. I don't remember using the options menu to change, but I'm thinking I must have and forgot about it.
  5. alnyden


    I was wondering, is it possible for me to adjust in the settings files the time the platform/game list stays on the screen before it selects the game or platform? Sometimes it feels too fast and it chooses the game before I'm ready, which means it has to pause to load the next video. Thanks!
  6. FYI, it doesn't reset the associations each time I change the main theme through the pop-up menu. So I'm not sure what caused them to reset before, since that's the only method I use. It would be nice to know exactly when this happens so I can try to avoid it in the future. : ) Also, that would be great if Retro's theme could use only one, looking forward to it!
  7. alnyden

    Platforms Clear Logos v1

    That's so nice of you -- thank you! Would you also consider sharing your template? Not that I could make them as well, but that way I can try to do some obscure ones without bothering you with requests. Either way, thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the reply and suggestion to backup the data folder. I still feel this isn't the ideal setup. There are many reasons one might want to change the main theme for a time, either to have some variety, or that themes occasionally break with BigBox updates. (For example, I currently can't use Retrotastic since it's hanging on some playlist categories.) In those cases it's a real pain to re-associate everything. But if others disagree I understand.
  9. Recently I changed my main theme in BigBox and noticed all other platforms & playlists also switched to that theme. @Jason Carr mentioned this was a change that happened at some point though I hadn't noticed it till now. For me, this is a pretty big issue and I'm curious how others feel. I have 60+ platforms & playlists (and granted I use a lot of different themes for individual platforms & playlists) but it will take well over an hour to re-associate each of them with different themes. (Not only do you have to select the theme for each platform/playlist, but cycle through the views till that's correct as well). After doing all that, there's no way I'm going to try out another main theme as I'd have to re-do this busy work each time. And given that several new themes like Coverbox & Unified - Refried are based around different themes for each platform, this is bound to be an issue for many users. Associating different themes for each platform/playlist was one of the most exciting Bigbox updates for me, but this change really undermines the benefits. I'm hoping Jason will consider maintaining platform/theme associations as an option at some point. Either way, I'd like to thank Jason and the many theme creators for all their hard work. It's come such a long way since I purchased BigBox a couple years ago. R
  10. alnyden

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    Weird, I'm pretty sure it didn't used to do this, as I've changed the main theme many times without resetting the others. (Also, I changed it in the pop-up box, not the options screen, does that make a difference?) Either way, it seems to me you should be able to change the main theme without re-setting the others, given how long it takes to make all those associations for multiple platforms & playlists. Could it be an option to choose if you want to reset them all? Thanks Jason.
  11. alnyden

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    Previously, Big Box remembered which theme I had associated with each platform/playlist. Recently, I switched the main theme to Unified - Refried. Since then, or around that time, all other platforms & playlists have changed to Unified - Refried as well. Big Box has forgotten the previous associations. Hope this makes sense, thanks.
  12. alnyden

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    I'm not sure when this happened (this beta or previous release) but BigBox lost all my associations between platforms/playlists and themes.
  13. alnyden

    Platforms Clear Logos v1

    These are great! My top requests (if you're taking them) would be Apple II & Mame. Thanks for sharing!
  14. alnyden


    I've been having an issue where, in certain playlist categories, the display will get stuck. The video still plays but I can't navigate to different selections or back out of the current view. I haven't tested it enough to be sure if it's always the same categories or when exactly it happens, but I thought I'd mention it now in case anyone else is experiencing the same thing. I don't seem to have the same problem in other themes. Thanks!
  15. alnyden

    Issue with Auto-Populate "Is not equal to"

    Thanks for the reply Jason. However, I don't see "Has none of the values" after selecting the Platform field. I DO see it when I select the Genre field. Genre also lists "Has all the values" "has at least one of" and "Has none of the values". Under "Platform" I only see "Is equal to" "Is not equal to" "Contains" and "is empty"