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  1. Gotcha, I see how it works now, thanks for the reply. Also, please take a look at the bitbucket request below. Basically I suggest the option to select "Theme Video" or "Video Snap" be included in the new Theme Options menu. I think this is really useful for Retrotastic specifically, since the game artwork is often included in the background, and then it's doubled up in the theme video. So for those platforms it would be great to just use the gameplay video. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5757/feature-enhancement-add-theme-video-vs Thanks again!
  2. Just noticed Retrotastic has been updated, and I'm excited to check it out! Question -- will old game artwork still work in the new version? I created quite a few. Thanks for your efforts! R
  3. I added a bitbucket request for this feature. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5757/feature-enhancement-add-theme-video-vs Please vote here if you'd like to have the option of Theme Videos vs. Gameplay videos for each theme!
  4. Love the new theme options in 11.7! There's one thing it's missing though. Since 11.0, the option to select "Theme Video" or "Video Snap" was moved to the Options Menu in Launchbox. Therefore, it's not included in theme options in Bigbox. For me, this would be the most useful theme option to have, since Theme Videos look so much better in some themes than others. Any chance of getting this added to the Theme Options in a future update? Thanks! R
  5. Debug 2020-06-17 09-34-48 AM.log Here's my log. I'm not sure what I'm looking for here. Some games the scores are recording properly (Asteroids) and others are not (Bezerk, Galaxian). However, all these games recorded scores in the past, so they stopped working at some point. Thanks for any help!
  6. Hey guys, I need some help with my MAME hi-score situation. I did not realize dipswitch checking had been implemented. I went into the dipswitches for Berzerk, not to cheat but because sometimes I must to get past the rom check screen. Anyway, I started noticing the hi-scores weren't recording anymore. I read-up on the issue, and figured that was the reason. I've tried deleting the .cfg file to no avail. In addition to Bezerk, it seems no other games will update their scores anymore. If I've been placed on some kind of lockout for changing the dipswitch, is there anyway to reset this? Thanks! R
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to create a new platform from roms that are part of a playlist, and can those roms exist in two separate platforms? The reason I'm asking -- I use Rocketlauncher for MAME, but I'd like to use new the MAME High Score features, so I need to create another platform that would use MAME as the main emulator. Also, I'd love to start with a list of favorites so it doesn't have to be my entire MAME collection. I don't see an obvious way to do this but I haven't used LaunchBox recently and might be forgetting a workaround. Thanks for any advice!
  8. Oh, I see. It's because I have Rocketlauncher set as the emulator. When I switch it to MAME, it displays the high score. I just read up on Rocketlauncher not being supported for high scores. Makes sense. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi Jason. I updated to the latest beta, but still no luck. Again, it's not displaying any high scores. Also, when I sort by "Mame High Scores Supported" and select "yes" it says "no results found." Attached is the log. Thanks for your help! Debug 2020-05-06 10-56-40 AM.log
  10. Hey everyone, I've been slow in updating Launchbox recently and just noticed this awesome new feature. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it to work (high scores are not displaying) even after reading all the info in this thread. I'm using a pretty old version of MAME (.184) but I think it's an official version. I saw my mame.ini and plugin.ini were in the .ini folder, not the primary folder. I've moved them, but the high scores are still not displaying. Anything else I might be missing? I haven't done anything with MAME config files in years so I'm a bit slow with all this. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the opportunity to vote on new features. Great stuff.
  12. Would this also work for individual game videos?
  13. Hey @Jason Carr, would it be possible to add "Improved Auto-Populate" options to the new poll? Seems there is some interest in it.
  14. Request: David's Midnight Magic. Thanks Zomb, loving this collection! R
  15. If a Platform Category or Platform doesn't have a video, is there a way to show a picture in the window instead? Thanks! R
  16. Place them in the Data - Playlists folder while Launchbox is closed. When you re-open they should appear.
  17. I think it would be really helpful to have a hotkey to go straight to the options screen, rather than having to backspace multiple times. Ideally, it would take you to the specific options screen you were previously on. If you press again, you'd go back to your current platform or playlist screen. That way, you could quickly toggle between game list and option screen to make tweaks. As it is now, it's quite a lot of keypresses to make multiple changes in the options. I created a bitbucket item here: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4842/feature-request-bigbox-hotkey-for-options Thanks for considering! R
  18. Do you mind updating the theme on the forums as well as the theme manager? Unfortunately I can’t use the manager since it would delete all the special artwork I have installed. Thanks again for this great theme!
  19. Is there any code that would force a theme to use gameplay video over the theme video, even if Bigbox settings has "prioritize Theme Video" checked? There are certain themes that look much better with one or the other, but it's a pain to switch back and forth in the settings menu. Thanks for any help! R
  20. How big is the monitor on the arcade machine?! Moving sucks, hang in there Retro!
  21. Gotcha. I can see how moving specific parts would be difficult. Thanks for letting me know!
  22. This is a amazing! Thanks for sharing. I was already using your C64 Dreams list as my C64 favorites in Launchbox, but I'm inspired by the work you put into this, and am trying to port your improvements into my existing system. I've been using CCS64 as my emulator, but am interested in getting it to work in Retroarch. So far so good -- I installed your .cfg file and games seem to be loading properly, screen resolution is correct, etc. (and it's nice to have a working pause menu via Rocketlauncher). I figured out using the * on numlock to access the function menu, etc. The biggest issue I'm having is figuring out how to get your control system working with the joystick. I'm not sure how to import the input remap, etc. Also, where would I put the AHK files, and finally, how to I install Antimicro so it's working properly? Hope this all makes sense. Thanks again! R
  23. Would it be possible to have a view with box art but no cartridge/disk below it? Also, playlist question. I have one playlist (playlist A) that, when viewed in the text view, it changes the background to the platform of the selected game. Which is great! On another platform (Platform B) this doesn't work. I wonder if the difference is playlist A doesn't have a background made for it (so it uses the generic background) but the other does. At any rate, my question is, is there a way to have a playlist of different platform games switch to the background of that platform's game? Hope this makes sense. Thanks! R
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