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  1. I would also definitely need that link please…..
  2. Hello ! Is there an update on this theme ?
  3. Thank you very much ,I appreciate what you are doing ,so take your time.
  4. @Colpipes78 This is great!! I can’t wait to install it in my cabinet !! https://youtu.be/c7z1OKsY26s Thank you!!
  5. The dimensions of the glass are : Height 50cm Width 60cm and the inner screen where I play is 31 Height and 42,5 width. please tell me if you want something else.
  6. Oh I didn’t know this,almost all arcades in Greece had the stick on the left,and many guys need to cross hands in order to play .
  7. Hello I am using this theme since the day I found it here!! crt TVs really represent the original feel and look of the arcades . i hope there is an update to this theme . thank you very much @Grila . I ll sent a full video of my cabinet running with this theme....it really rocks!
  8. The controls here in Greece used to be like this ,I don’t know why but it really helps me cause iam lefthander.
  9. Yes I’d like something that is identical or similar to this https://goo.gl/images/8xoTzv
  10. Thank you very much , I’ll sent you the dimensions of my bezel ,I am thinking that it would be great to have an image instead of the black paint.Thank you very much!!
  11. Finally ,after 3 years my cabinet finished ..... Please let me know of your opinions....
  12. My arcade has a 21” crt tv and it feels great!!! Iam using a theme from @Grila is in beta but it looks good!!! Hope there’s a complete theme for all those guys who want their cabinet retro style!! heres a video of my cabinet using the theme.
  13. Is there any progress with the low res theme ????
  14. Please create a 4:3 low resolution theme,there is one but is in beta ,please create a theme for crt TVs.
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