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  1. PLEASE HELP ME : "Is this someone can help me in the possibility of being able to put all the games of MAME in Launchbox as before in the old versions, without making disappear some of them ?"
  2. yes that's what I started doing for arcade games important for me, and that's right we can add them one by one because there it works but check the games missing in 4000 arcade games is almost impossible .... I find it a shame because in the old versions of LB no games disappeared
  3. no precisely I want the bootleg versions of the MAME games because a lot of roms mame walk without error just in their bootleg version ! but do you have any idea about the disappearance of many games in Japanese version? it's annoying because many arcade games are released only in Japanese version
  4. please i need you cause I have a big problem with the arcade ROMs (Jap or bootleg) which many disappear randomly since these new versions of Launchbox ! for me It's since the recent version of launchbox ! When I add MAME games there are many that no longer appear at all! Since Launchbox can put the JAP games inside the same games in US version For example this is good! But on the other hand I take the example of the game Street Fighter Alpha 3 in US but there as the japan version of this game is called Street Fighter ZERO it no longer appears: neither in the folder Street Fighter Alpha 3 nor elsewhere , On the other hand in versions of Street Fighter Alpha 1 or 2 the Japanese versions exists but not in version 3, and it is the same for a lot of game and for the version "bootleg " Also so it is really random, so why?
  5. thanks Orphen then my problem is a problem with the last versions of launchbox with arcade games , i use a Mame ( mameuifx ) and since the last launchbox versions lot of games have totally disappered , i know that lot of japanese games with a différant games than US games are now in the same file , its was very good but now lot of games Disappears ( lot of japanese versions and bootleg versions ) by example the game street fighter zero 3 ( jap version of street fighter alpha 3 ) have Totally gone : street fighter alpha 3 exist but not the ZERO 3 version ; Whereas if we look at street fighter alpha 2 then the street fighter ZERO 2 ( jap version ) exist Inside the US version ... it just an exemple but for me a lot a games have totally disappered since the last versions of launchbox then why ?
  6. en parlant de tout ce qui est en Français je suis tombé complètement par hasard sur votre post grace a Google mais sinon sur le forum je ne vois rien d'autre en Français , c'est dommage j'ai une ou deux grosses questions concernant launchbox mais en anglais j'aurai beaucoup de mal à les poser
  7. ok sorry it was long but it works now !
  8. Arf i do it in the options and even if i made it inside my 2 computers it doesn't work for instant , it stay in the 7.14 version
  9. is it possible to download this beta version ?
  10. yes my version does not have these files, it's a shame because I love this version of hlsl without being curved
  11. is there a place where we can find a version of Mame with your hlsl configuration inside ?
  12. No i use the last mame64 0.191 and it doesn't work ! this one work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0vJrmXHydU , then it's not a problem of my version of mame
  13. how to do it if the file " raster.ini " does not exist on our version of Mame ? i try to create one but it doesn't work :(
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