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  1. I realy hope this feature will arrive one day on launchbox.
  2. I need this scipt too can you share with us?
  3. Can you shared with us the PSD source? So we can help to made other systems
  4. Oh little update when i go inside the amber pegasus, if i filter by Available game there is nothing
  5. Hello thank you for your help yes i have already set the path but its not working. I have try with roms folder with Aamber Pegasus folder and both
  6. Hello all and sorry for my bad English. i try to launch the System Aamber pegasus with Mame. But nothing works properly. This is my configuration screen i have the correct full set of bios in the roms folder of Mame, but when i try to launch a game directly from mame i have this So i am so lost pleaasse Helppp
  7. Hello i have again a probleme with the theme on startup Can you help me? Okay its again the language bug
  8. wow impressive. There is the same project available for n64 ?
  9. Okay i have try with a clean install. and have the same issue 1) start in english --> good 2) back to french --> Bad
  10. Where can i found Plateform specific view like in your screenshot please? And other question When i press x button on my stick the game start and not the search, and when i pressed Y button images apears on fullscreen not the detail i missed something? Thanks for this great job
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