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  1. Hi thanks this awesome Post. I have a little problem with FSUAE, for multiplayer game. My pad for player 2 is never recognize. Can you explain to me what is the step for that ? its for cd32 games like battletoads Thanks you for your help
  2. orphen92

    How to Play Atari 5200 Games on Your Computer (Kat5200)

    okay so i have testing lots of configuration, and finaly the bug is the configuration of the analogic stick. If i not configure the analog stick all works perfectly...
  3. orphen92

    How to Play Atari 5200 Games on Your Computer (Kat5200)

    I'm not understand why I'm use a 360 pad and the version 0.8.1 of the emulator.
  4. orphen92

    How to Play Atari 5200 Games on Your Computer (Kat5200)

    Thanks you for your help but i cant see any difference... Its work for you?
  5. orphen92

    How to Play Atari 5200 Games on Your Computer (Kat5200)

    I'm not understand i have a good configuration for my pad (360 pad ) but its not working when i play a game Any idea?
  6. Hi all i have my hyperpause activated with rlauncher and i would like to know how can i use my pad for control hyperpause when i used a game in bigbox Thanks for your help
  7. orphen92

    Aeon Nox Redux

    Please how can i change the language format for french, and how can i change the text of the theme (like genre, developper, years etc)?
  8. Pour avoir plus de chance d'obtenir de l'aide le mieux reste de poster en anglais sur le forum précise que tu es français et on t'aidera dans notre langue :). Mais poste ton problème en anglais quitte a passer par google trad.
  9. orphen92

    NEC TurboGrafx-16 missing from plateform list

    i'm talking about plateform when i add the games (default plateform). In all tutorial on internet TurboGraphx-16 exist on the default plateform list. But is not exist for me. Look at my screen TurboGraph-cd exist but not TurboGraph-16 Thanks you for your help
  10. Hi i would like add PC-engine/turbografx-16 to my launchbox but NEC TurboGrafx-16 is missing from plateform list when i try to add. Can you explain to me why? Thanks for the help
  11. orphen92

    Retroarch neo geo cd

    Hi thanks you for your help. Everything is already good, but not working :(. Any other idea?
  12. orphen92

    Retroarch neo geo cd

    Hello boys, I want to launch my neo geo cd with retroarch but when i launch it i have this error: [libretro INFO] Starting game from command line:Z:\Roms\SNK Neo Geo CD\sonicwi2.zip [libretro INFO] ARGUV[0]=Z:\Roms\SNK [libretro WARN] Driver Z:\Roms\SNK not found -1 [libretro WARN] Game not found: sonicwi2 [libretro INFO] RES:-2 In my rom folder i have: -aero fighters 2 (1994)(snk)(jp-us)[!][sonic wings 2].chd -sonicwi2.zip -neocd.zip -neocdz.zip -neogeo.zip I have check my neocd Hash files and all is good. Can you help me please? Thanks you very much
  13. orphen92

    Anyone know how to emulate Atari Jaguar CD?

    This is the solution but the rlauncher module is not up to date :(. You can plays 95% of all jaguar game with this. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?5073-Phoenix-Module-for-Jaguar-Emulation&p=39621#post39621
  14. orphen92

    Aeon Nox Redux

    Great works man. Just two things 1 - used image of the game when videos is not present 2 - Add the name of the game on the top right inside the bar (horizontal wheels 2) Good jobs!!!!
  15. Hi i would-like import the xml files of my list game in my wordpress website. All works great, but i'm not understant how the game link to image works. how can I find the image related to my game in the xml file. I'm not see any image reference. Thanks for your help