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  1. How could someone like me make a user profile?
  2. Thanks @faeran I appreciate you trying to help. So mine has the same things checked off and also I did not add any Scripts it's basically its default I have no idea why it wont work for me I also have the have the latest copy of pcsx2. Understanding that its pauses for others I just can't figure it out a reason why it wouldn't work in my setup I think I am going to get a fresh copy of pcsx2 and keep it separate from my pcsx2 main folder see launchbox will pause at all . Maybe there's something in my Main folder that's keeping it from pausing and resume correctly.
  3. If something I'm missing I would like some help I am trying to pause the pcsx2 emulator with LB/BB The pause menu shows up but emulator still running in background it will not pause\ freeze does anybody have a solution?
  4. Is there a way to to add delay for video in BigBox?
  5. Keep up the good work! If you have free time maybe can you make movie collection theme with popcorn for Bigbox I think it would be cool.
  6. Can anyone Help me with using Future Pinball BAM and pause menu ? Has anyone figure out how to use it?
  7. 350 downloads

    This is a Xbox Sound Pack I made enjoy.
  8. Xbox Sound Pack View File This is a Xbox Sound Pack I made enjoy. Submitter Random420 Submitted 01/25/2019 Category Big Box Sound Packs  
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