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  1. As always, the Launchbox team is the best! Thanks guys.
  2. Oh cool, didn't even realize this was possible. Will definitely do that (both for launchbox and other things i already kill riva before launching). 💯
  3. Thanks btw. This isn't the first time Riva has been a hassle, i think that's goign to be added to my standard debug mental log now (try restarting it, make sure everything is updated, kill riva) lol
  4. Yes, I am on the 1903 update on this PC and whatever was before that on the other one. As for programs, all of those listed are running on the one not working. Everything but iCue is also running on the one that is working. Now for the part where it gets weird. Killing iCue did nothing, but killing riva does in fact allow the interface to load (Overlays are such troublemakers!). But what is weird is that it runs on the other machine with the Riva running... some quirk of the combination of Riva and the newest Nvidia driver perhaps?
  5. Windows 10... just checked the install on another PC and it works fine. I did update to the latest Nvidia driver on this PC and haven't on the other, as well as having taken this months windows update here and not there... any chance of an incompatibility there? Or am i tilting at windmills?
  6. Having a weird issue after installing the 10.1 update. After installing the 10.1 update, both launchbox and bigbox fail to load for me. The splash screen appears and loads up all the configs/caches, but then after it closes, the program never opens. There is no error message and there is nothing in the Logs folder at all. It just fails to load entirely. I've tried rolling back to an earlier version of the settings.xml's, re-installed the 10.1 update in case it was corrupt, and tried deleting any non-essential folders like CefSharp. Still no joy. What's even weirder is I tried placing a clean install of 10.1 elsewhere on my system and it also fails to load in the same manner. Anything changed in 10.1 that might cause this?
  7. Oh see, told you I was being dumb. I missed that the fade background slider had been changed, i only toggled the use default background radio. Thanks, working now.
  8. I'm probably being dumb, but I can't get the main viewing areas background to use the background image. The sidebar does but the middle section with all the game boxes and such just uses the flat blue from the Midnight Blue set. How can I fix this?
  9. Howdy... I'm probably missing this somewhere so looking to see if this feature exists before submitting a request... With the new MAME Full Set Importer, you can toggle an option to generate relevant playlists and it will create a ton of playlists by studio, game type, etc. I know how to manually create the same type of playlists for other platforms one at a time, but i was hoping there was a feature that lets me do that MAME Importer style generation for another system. So like, select N64 and say give me a playlist for every developer. Am I missing it? Edit: Apparently a timely question, i just found it in the recent beta patchnotes. Downloaded the beta
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