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  1. Hello all hope everyone of you all had a fun retro-tastic week thus far and knowing the weekend will pass by again. Maybe this could become possible, I've been constantly organizing my library on retro gaming l was wondering if anyone on the community uses the snes9x emulator on with or without lunchbox or not, I've then went over my emulator's settings (onto snes9x) the games run smooth and all, but there is this one common annoyance that's driving me up the wall , haven't loaded any SNES ROM (just the roms only not any of the save states) I've added to my library its very difficult to explain so far those characters noticed below leftward when i press a button on the controller i mapped and hit A, Y, B or Up Right Down on the D-pad or controller's buttons which i think is some kind of controller map checker, when ever i hit the mapped buttons and D-pad functions. i have added this shoot, i really wish i knew how to rid it. I have it circled in blue, sometimes It'll change the number # value that is... So guys i am stuck at the moment with this issue any bit of help even if its little to no help at all. I would so highly appreciate it!
  2. Hello I am very satisfied with purchasing Launchbox, should have done it years ago, but thinking it was going to end up being like the ohter front ends that are a headache to setup. But LB/BB are very to setup, but anyways my question is is this, i want to try out new themes for Big Box anywhere in the community, created a Theme Pack in .zip format? I'd love to get my hands on if so. And oh yeah! Audio as well i have the XBOX ONE soundpack makes me fee right at home lol Thanks Regards..
  3. Wow thats amazing!! Wish i didn't miss out on all the good and hard work making everything better, feel free to use my idea for global leaderboards. This is also pretty cool, i know you can play roms online I'd love to see this integrated into LB like a standalone MP app.
  4. Hello and good morning guys! I am so happy That I've purchased LaunchBox! Now i have this cool idea we play our games. The old games having achievements, also i think you can create your own. It would be a lovely combination, leaderboards, all of the cool stuff. I'd love to see this happen Retro Achievements
  5. I really appreciate all of you guys over at the LB Community! I made my purchase and am a happy man now I have so many systems it'll take about 3 weeks to finish (estimate) Now i really wish i had a 500GB external Hard Drive :'( Wish i would of stuck with my first mind, because the other multi-emulator Front End are irritating and so much work. Again i want to thank you all!
  6. Awesome dude!! Interesting I've posted a thread on here nearly an hour ago my friend her and I had a crazy conversation about retro emulation she has her collect only thing she has about 100GB SSD, I showed her the page she fears she'll run out of hdd space. It's been so long since I'm setting this up long time ago
  7. Hello all Retro GaMeR here ive always had this app lying around 1 of my 3 HDD's or SSD drives (I build servers and.computers) I've used front ends in the past never really got anything going, I am just going to reload and install once again. My biggest concern is this "Setup Easy, or Fast Setup" I really love big box, but I'm willing to pay for a premium... hmm now I've seen a plan for 10.00 or 20.00 I'm trying to figure out is that a one time thing? I don't mind paying just was curious of the big box version and what about emulators? Any special emu I need to take into consideration just wanted to know and one more thing I have origin, steam, UPlay and others just want to have everything together. Thanks all I'm new here as mentioned before.
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