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  1. I just tried the new beta. After first installing it it stalled quite a while on "loading navigation sounds", but subsequent loads are much improved. Not quite as fast as 1.12 but only slower by a second or two now on the tablet and next to no difference on the phone.
  2. Its not just low powered devices. While not so slow as to be unusable even on the Poco F3 which uses a snapdragon 870 the load time is significantly longer than it was before. I know by todays standards its not a powerhouse but its also no slouch performance wise. Edit: I went back to 1.12 on the tablet and the load time went back to normal. On 1.12 it takes around a second on the initializing interface screen. On 1.13 it takes anywhere between 30-45 seconds.
  3. I'm also having the issue of the app taking much longer too load now. On my Phone (Poco F3) it's significantly increased but still fast enough to be usable. On my tablet( Fire Max 11) it takes so long to load now that the tablet goes to sleep. Is there anywhere available to download older versions? As it stands its not unusable on the tablet, it was fine in previous versions.
  4. I never got it working. I decided the wiimote was better used for Wii games in Dolphin. General opinion seems to be that using touchmote for gun games isn't a great experience anyway, it's not accurate enough to play without on screen cross-hairs and can take a lot messing to get games working with it at all. I've had my eye on the Sinden for a while but just not sure if I'll play enough to warrant the cost or if I'll have a 10 minute nostalgia trip with time crisis.
  5. Thanks,, I'll install Touchmote and poke around in the settings. My concern was all the tutorials seem to mention having to have a switch on the dolphin bar set to a specific setting and using that to connect the wiimote too. I wasn't sure if just connecting to regular BT would work of if the dolphin bar had some specific hardware or drivers that made it possible. I've used my current setup in Dolphin and it works great there in passthrough.
  6. Is it possible to use a Wiimote for PS1/PS2 and Mame light gun games without the Mayflash Dolphin Bar? My PC has built in BT and I have a number of USB BT dongles and I have a generic USB sensor bar. It works great using passthrough mode in Dolphin. However all the tutorials for using the Wiimote in other emulators involves specifically using the Dolphin Bar to connect it in a certain mode.
  7. Is there a way to not have this show on the platform list?
  8. Thanks I'll take a look around the options. I'm not too familiar with RA's settings. On PC I don't really tweak anything much beyond whats necessary to get the game to load.
  9. Is there currently a way to exit out of the a game and go back the LB with a controller? Without having to go into the RA menu and select exit.
  10. I know this wont be a feature of LB but was curious if anyone knew a way to do it. I'd like to set it up so that as soon as I pair a controller or even better yet a specific controller LB automatically opens. I had a brief look at tasker but it seemed overly complicated and tbh I well over my head.
  11. Thanks, that worked great. I wish there was just a pick background option but its not like this way is rocket science. Just a little unintuitive.
  12. I've been around a while but mostly just use LB rather than BB. Got bored so decided to have a mess getting BB set up. I can't seem to find a way to just have a chosen static background when in a platforms game list. Its either none or one for each individual game. What I'd like is to pick for example some generic SNES themed pic and have that in the background while looking through the SNES games, same idea for each platform. I don't want it to change as I cycle game to game.
  13. Thanks, I thought that was probably the case. Its a shame as it would be nice to be able to have them boot up right to the front end the same as PI does for retropie. Edit, Thanks I'll have a mess and see if I can get that working. I have an old HUDL 2 tablet I no longer use for anything else so am thinking while not a power house by any stretch it should be at least as good as a Pi with RP. But with the added bonus on having LB on instead.
  14. Do you know if there is any way to have a device auto load into LB when powered on/brought out of sleep? Is it something that could be added to LB itself or do google not allow that? Since I only plan to use the tablet for LB it'd be nice not having to manually run it.
  15. I completely understand, like I said I dont think its a problem and certainly wont stop me from buying it. I only mentioned it because the whole thing is a beta/in flux at the moment and I wasn't sure if it was something you needed to know.
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