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  1. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    Yeah I realise that. I'm only pointing it out because at this point we don't really know enough to know what is not implemented yet and what is a bug.
  2. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    True, but with something the size of the mame romset even that is significantly slower. I usually just copy/paste the name of the last rom I checked. I think I'm just going to turn off updates and go back to 8.1. Speaking of pressing pressing the key doesn't seem to jump to that letter in the new LBN
  3. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    With everything after 8.1, when you search in LB then highlight one of the result and than cancel the search it now jumps back to the beginning, whereas in 8.1 and prior it stayed on the highlighted game. Is this permanent and intentional or a bug? I have been going through the mame roms and deleting games I dont want to keep and since there are far too many to do at once the search was a good way of getting back to where I left off. Unfortunately that is no longer possible in the newer versions.
  4. Thanks for the update. It seems to be working great now.
  5. Great to hear You'll be updating. Other the LB and the emulators themselves its the app I'd hate to lose the most. I couldn't see one on the site but if you ever set up a donations paypal or something I'd be happy to at least buy you a drink or two.
  6. Ahh, fingers crossed he's still interested in updating it. It has been really useful
  7. has this stopped working for anyone else? it's not been working for me since at least yesterday. I get the error "error: problem creating Retroarch list from HTML"
  8. Config questions

    All the combined items should be shown in the right click menu and you can just click which you want.
  9. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    You already know my vote. But then I'm fairly lucky. While not blazingly fast my internet is reasonable (27.5Mbit or so) and no usage caps. Sure it takes a long time to download but its a one time thing then it can last you until something happens with mame that compels you to upgrade, which may never even happen. So even if it did take a day or two, is that really such a huge deal in the long term? It's not like you can't do other things on the PC at the same time. I like that Non-Merged are pretty much impossible to accidentally screw up and I just like that they behave more like your standard roms on other systems.
  10. Config questions

    I'm not sure on the exact process but I think if you separate them then re-merge them you can control which one the other are merged into. I think It might just be a case of selecting them all, then right clicking on the one you want as the main one and right clicking on that one and select to merge selected games.
  11. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    Another that I don't know if I could say is good but I have a soft spot for is Alien Storm
  12. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    I only tend to know the more obvious well known stuff and you seem to more or less have that covered. I did notice Turtles in Time wasn't there though, I think that is worth adding.
  13. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    I have a few of those and the names are the same for me, although I'm still using 185. There's no real point doing too much now other than getting the general idea of what you want to do down as there is no telling what might change between now and 200.
  14. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    while I agree in general about CHD's it does seem a shame for a few games as I think SFIII 3rd strike and both KI games deserve to be on the list. But as mentioned previously it doesn't necessarily have to be that conclusive. The main thing is that it filters out the filler noone in their right mind would want. I'm sure everyone is going to add/remove some games themselves to fit personal tastes anyway.
  15. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    I know download time, ISP usage caps and too a lesser degree HDD space is an issue with the non merged. However I do think they fit in better for LB. With every other emulator there are no dependencies between roms. So with non merged it will behave more like all the other systems do.