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  1. Thanks, that worked great. I wish there was just a pick background option but its not like this way is rocket science. Just a little unintuitive.
  2. I've been around a while but mostly just use LB rather than BB. Got bored so decided to have a mess getting BB set up. I can't seem to find a way to just have a chosen static background when in a platforms game list. Its either none or one for each individual game. What I'd like is to pick for example some generic SNES themed pic and have that in the background while looking through the SNES games, same idea for each platform. I don't want it to change as I cycle game to game.
  3. Thanks, I thought that was probably the case. Its a shame as it would be nice to be able to have them boot up right to the front end the same as PI does for retropie. Edit, Thanks I'll have a mess and see if I can get that working. I have an old HUDL 2 tablet I no longer use for anything else so am thinking while not a power house by any stretch it should be at least as good as a Pi with RP. But with the added bonus on having LB on instead.
  4. Do you know if there is any way to have a device auto load into LB when powered on/brought out of sleep? Is it something that could be added to LB itself or do google not allow that? Since I only plan to use the tablet for LB it'd be nice not having to manually run it.
  5. I completely understand, like I said I dont think its a problem and certainly wont stop me from buying it. I only mentioned it because the whole thing is a beta/in flux at the moment and I wasn't sure if it was something you needed to know.
  6. Glad to see this happening, android devices makes some good little emulation machines. Does anyone know if on an android tablet there is a way to have LB load when the tablet is powered on/comes out of sleep? I have an old tablet that I'd like to use exclusively for emulation. Another thing I noticed that with the current exchange rate isn't a huge deal, but in the UK LB for android is £4.99 which is more than $5. Its currently around $6.15.
  7. Thanks, I wasn't aware a way to do this had been added.
  8. is there any easy way to set a single image as the background for a platform and have it stay as that rather than change to the art of the highlighted game. Tried messing with some of the options but it only ever seems to be a game specific background or no background at all. The problem is most of the downloaded backgrounds simply look like crap. Most are nice enough when viewed in their entirety, but once some of it is obscured by the UI it just looks a mess.
  9. If its working then you're not on 8.6. Launchbox Next handles plugins completely differently. There is no way the old one could be functioning.
  10. The cfg files created in earlier versions still work. But you can't create or edit any settings using the plugin in 8.6.
  11. Is there a way in Bigbox so that once you go into a platform and are cycling through the games, there is just one static background rather than it changing to match the game. I've tried messing with the options and the only things it seems to do is just show a black background or change the background to match the game. The main reason I want to do this is that a lot of the Sega Master System clear logo's are black so need a light background.
  12. I have a lot of self boot DC's games on CD-R(99Min) for use in my actual dreamcast. What is the easiest way to get them back onto the PC for use with Redream? Preferably without having to buy any software.
  13. It may have already been mentioned but there are a lot of posts so I may have missed it. Is there any way to stop the wheel from fading out?
  14. My guess is the update will come after next is out of beta. It's undergoing too many changes too quickly, which could just further break things atm.
  15. Thanks, it's working great again now. I really appreciate how you keep updating every time they change things and screw it up.
  16. Been getting the error "Problem creating retroarch list from html" when check for updates the last couple of days.
  17. Actually turning the blank tags into Amiibo is stupidly easy so long as you have an Android phone with NFC. Install the Tagmo app, copy a few files over, go into tagmo settings and point it to the files. Then you just select the amiibo from the list, press write tag and hold the blank tag near your phones NFC antenna for a second. But then you're just left with a plain looking white tag, it works but its a bit boring. I don't have the coin cases yet because I want to figure the art out first but the aim is to get these looking something like these
  18. I've made some fake Amiibo using some 28mm Ntag215 PVC discs. They have adhesive on and I want to print out and attach some art. However arty stuff is not my thing and I'm at a complete loss where to even start. I need to cut out appropriate art for each amiibo and size it to fit on a 28mm diameter circle. Then have them all on one page to print out. The easier option would be to just print out some pics, place the tag ontop and cut round, but that would be a big waste of ink and paper. I know this isn't really the forums for this sort of thing, however nowhere I go is and I know a lot of people here have experience with this kind of thing for use in themes and such. Any help greatly appreciated.
  19. I don't think the problem is with Stellar. It looks like for whatever reason the download file it uses just isn't on the nightlies page at all. The only one there is the bigger download. I don't know if it means anything but prior to this disappearance the nightly build hadn't been updated since the 8th. Edit: Looks like its all working again now.
  20. Is there a way to display only games with missing media? It would help narrow down games that need media adding in large collections.
  21. That comes up when it recognises the game name and has a configuration available to download. There isn't one for every game. For games that don't you have to configure them yourself. The real point of the plugin isn't the downloadable configs, its that it allows you to save different PCSX2 settings for each game. Which is really useful as with PCSX2 the settings that work well for one game could completely break another. Even with the downloaded configs you're probably going to want to tweak some of them anyway as its unlikely you have exactly the same PC as the person that makes them.
  22. Its fine and some people seem to prefer the way it is now. I'm happy to stay on 8.1 while sorting things out.
  23. Yeah I realise that. I'm only pointing it out because at this point we don't really know enough to know what is not implemented yet and what is a bug.
  24. True, but with something the size of the mame romset even that is significantly slower. I usually just copy/paste the name of the last rom I checked. I think I'm just going to turn off updates and go back to 8.1. Speaking of pressing pressing the key doesn't seem to jump to that letter in the new LBN
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