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  1. By the way, tsoukkis, now that Touchmote's author reappeared, have you tried contacting him directly? Maybe he would be interested in using your modification on the main branch? Maybe going all the way and making a setup wizard (wouldn't that be dream come true...)
  2. I think you're supposed to only set a Touchmote profile for Xinput controlls (your "Pointer" as either Left Stick or Right Stick), then in DemulShooter configure your controller preferance for said Xinput (Left Stick or Right Stick, and which buttons will act as left/middle/right click), and that's it. When hooked up right, DemulShooter is supposed to take over your Demul configuration, there's nothing to setup inside it.
  3. I haven't done it myself successfully but I think you need to set your Xinput devices in DemulShooter and then make a Touchmote profile with the stick and buttons you set there,
  4. Did you try calibrating it in the game devices panel? That usually solves issies where an axis is picking up a direction when its centered In any case, it sounds like a script would definitely work as a workaround for your use case. Instead of launching the mame executable from launchbox, you could direct it to a silent BAT that... - Launches touchmote.exe, waits for its process to be opened - Then opens mame's executable, while passing any command line arguments needed (whatever you have setup on launchbox for options and lauching roms), waits for it to be closed - After mame is closed, it terminates touchmote.exe. The script ends, you're back on launchbox Of the top of my head I dont know the specific lines you'd need to write (I'm much more familiar with autohotkey than regular windows bats at this point, it's been a long time since I made the switch :p), but I'm sure that googling around you can find many examples, speciallu around mame and arcade cabinets communities. If you can't figure it out, I could give it a try next time I sit on my gaming PC where I fiddle with this kind of stuff
  5. You could automate open/close Touchmote and enable/disable devices whenever you open/close certain apps with scripts, it's what I do, I became well versed in autohotkey solely by fixing issues like these lol
  6. At some point I had a similar problem and I fixed it by reinstalling regular Touchmote and replacing all drivers and signatures, although your case is weird since one version works and other doesnt... Still worth a shot. Either that or try building it again and pay attention for any warnings, maybe you got an important error at some point
  7. Can confirm, DolphinBar doesnt work with third party wiimotes, but supposedly you could connect them with any other bluetooth dongle and USB sensor, that's the preferred method por Dolphin since now it detects wiimotes natively without third party drivers from dolphinbar, although I havent done it myself.
  8. Do you have other Xinput devices? Either xbox controllers or PS3/PS4 with a wrapper like ScpDriver? I have a similar problem when my PS3 controler is on, can only have one of them connected at the same time
  9. You probably do need to build it yourself after all. Hopefully at some point someone more knowledgeable on Visual Studio makes bins everyone can use. Until then... You could try installing the DirectX SDK and Visual Studio version I linked to a few posts ago. That's all I needed to get to build it again on a clean Windows 10 install. If you get any kind of dx-related errors when building maybe try checking if Visual Studio is findind the SDK files in your computer. (That's a problem I ran into, I fixed it by following instructions on this page) Another thing to keep in mind (although it's probably obvious but I'm gonna point it out just in case) is that you need to have regular Touchmote installed because launching the binaries alone won't install drivers, device signatures and whatever other stuff it does to your system. So install regular Touchmote, then run tsuokkis build from a different folder.
  10. I just had to format my PC because of an unrelated issue (main HDD died), and, what do you know, the binaries I built didn't work anymore, so I had to install VC2013, DxSDK, and everything, to make another one Oddly enough, the new one is a lot smaller (???), but so far it works just the same. I have absolutely no idea what makes this one work now and not the last one. Maybe it was because I had a year old version of Win10 on my last setup and now I'm on the latest update? Who knows... The important thing is that I got it working again, so I'm uploading the current one here just in case... (Now I'm gonna disable Windows Updante on my gaming PC and clone the shit out of the current clean OS HDD to never have to go through this again.) Touchmote-tsuokkis-bin-v2.zip
  11. I just came across this old post, just wanted to mention that yes, Touchmote works with RetroArch. In fact, setting up MAME "inside" RetroArch is exactly the same, in-game you can access the same in-game configuration menus from standalone MAME, and you can find all of MAME's inis and cfg files inside RetroArch's system savefiles folder.
  12. By the way, tsoukkis, is there a way to increase the maximum range? As it is, the "middle" is set on 0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5, left and top decreases, right and bottom increases. My dolphinbar is on the bottom of the screen, When I set the top margin, I go as low as 0.05, or even 0.00, but still I'm an inch from reaching the very top of the screen. I tried to use negatives (-0.10), but the range got even shorter (maybe it dismissed the negative symbol and read it as a positive...) Actually I'm not even sure it's a Touchmote issue, maybe I reached the limit of the sensor's reach or whatever... But if it sounds like it could be a Touchmote issue, do you think that, maybe, setting the center at something other than 0.5 (for example 1.0, so I have a longer range before I reach 0.0) would let me set the margins farther?
  13. I wanted to ask before simply uploading it in case the reason was one of those open source forks policies things that us non-developers wouldn't know about Ok then! Here it is, for people who've had trouble building it themselves. I'm a bit skeptical about all the warning messages I got during the building process, so if whoever tries it, if you encounter any problems, go back to trying to build it yourself. I know jack shit about all this, all I did was following instructions and googling for whatever dependencies VS said I was missing. This was made and used on Windoes 10 x64. Regular Touchmote drivers and app (v1.0b14_x64) were properly installed on the system before using this. Tested this fork on a different location, then when everything was right I moved it over the regular installed folder and overwrote it.
  14. I didn't know before this either. It did prove a bit difficult because Microsoft's VS page doesn't have the Express 2012 version anymore, and I couldn't get it to build on the newer version (it didn't come with the libraries needed when I tried). I managed to track down a download installer for the 2013 version (close enough). After that I was still missing DirectX SDK. Only then I got it to build it. Got some warnings during the process, but the built files seem to work fine anyway. I'm not sure about why tsoukkis decided to go this route instead of simply sharing his built binaries... Are we free to share our built files now?
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