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  1. Thank you very much. BTW do u know how to fix error which I show on video?
  2. Hi, 1. Can you tell me which setting are the best for graphics? I don't know how to configure plugin. Which option is better, openGL or D11? Which option in settings should I enable? I have GTX 2080 not Ti. 2. When I play game from LaunchBox my controler settings which I configured in PCSX2 don't work. When I open the game directly from PCSX2 everything is fine. What's goin on? 3. How can I fix this? Thanks
  3. Hi, how can I hide all non eur/us games from my list? For example I have SNES games in my lib. I don't wanna play and view not us/eur games. Thanks
  4. Hi, can somevbody explain me why I can't enable 3d boxes view? bandicam 2020-02-19 12-54-49-091.mp4
  5. Tnx for upload but something is wrong with picture. Before that shader looks way different. Can you upload for me all shaders in zip or rar?
  6. Done and still nothing. Can u upload your glsl shaders for me?
  7. I have crt-royale-ntsc-svideo or coimposite shader only in cg shaders,
  8. Your choice but I miss CRT mode. Crt-royale-320px-svideo cg shader was ok for me.
  9. In RetroArch 1.6.0 I can't use CG shaders don't work anymore. I see black screen only. So I use glsl shaders now but there is no crt-royale-320px-svideo in glsl shader which I use before. Which one is the best for n64 games?
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