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  1. Ok thank you very much. 😊 Can you please tell me: 1. Where should I look for a guide how to add Philips cd-i games? I saw few topics but still I can't do it. The same for bally astrocade. 2. Do I need zinc and raine if I have mame arcade full set already?
  2. I didn't know that. So there is no way to bulid configured launchbox without roms with guide where you must copy roms?
  3. Hi, I tried few build from the web and I wasn't happy with them. So I decided to bulid by myself. Two days later I was sure that was bad idea. I have palms disability and it's difficult for me to do everything by myself. So I've back to ready builds but I'm still not satisfied. Many of them are not updated so you need to do this to have latest for example mame. I saw few commercial builds on ebay or on but I don't know how often it's updated and I can't test quality before I pay. I wondering why community not done one build, which will be updated by few experts? I can pay for it. Just create patron and I think you will easy find more people like me, who just want to play and don't have second life to update and configure everything. My English is not perfect but I hope you can understand my point of view. Thank you very much
  4. Hi. Genesis games won't load. CD/32X works. Rom patch is correct. What should I check again?
  5. I don't have any subfolders in saves folder. There is somewhere repo with savegames to download? Maybe my saves are broken.
  6. I didn't change anything. How can I check this? Excuse me please but I'm not advanced user. BTW do you have idea why cheats don't work for me?
  7. Hi, 1. I updated retroarch to latest version and my n64 saves don't works anymore. I have .srm files in saves folder. Should I do something more to load them? 2. I tried to use cheats to enable my 120 stars savegame for mario. But when I enable cheat nothing happened. I still don't have 120 stars. What I did wrong? 3. How can disable my xbox gamepad and enable keyboard support for n64? Thank you for help.
  8. Thanks. In zip file with Mario I have many diffrent modded files. I'm not sure why GoodN64 contains such files. Btw I made retroarch update and whenI exit from a game and launch again app don't remember selected shader. How can I configure it to alwayer use shader which I choosed?
  9. Thank you very much. BTW do u know how to fix error which I show on video?
  10. Hi, 1. Can you tell me which setting are the best for graphics? I don't know how to configure plugin. Which option is better, openGL or D11? Which option in settings should I enable? I have GTX 2080 not Ti. 2. When I play game from LaunchBox my controler settings which I configured in PCSX2 don't work. When I open the game directly from PCSX2 everything is fine. What's goin on? 3. How can I fix this? Thanks
  11. Hi, how can I hide all non eur/us games from my list? For example I have SNES games in my lib. I don't wanna play and view not us/eur games. Thanks
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