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  1. I understand. Thanks for your work you've put into this theme so far then, it's been great. These aren't near as good as yours, but I went ahead and tried to create my own platform images for the CD-i, Game.com, and WonderSwan. So if anyone here stumbles across this, be free to add them into yours.
  2. Hey again @faeran ! Have you thought about creating new platform images for some platforms that dont have fanart? Like for example, the CD-I, WonderSwan (non-Color), and Tiger Game.com. I'm still using this theme as my go-to, and would love to have some more platforms added in.
  3. I haven't, but that fixed it! Thanks, I should have thought of that, haha. Awesome theme by the way, I love the way everything looks, great job.
  4. So I'm using this theme, but running into an issue when I'm adding another platform, specifically the Famicom Disk System. I have the Clear Logo set for the system in Platforms in LaunchBox, and it shows that logo when I'm selected on the system using your theme in Big Box, but when I'm on the next selection over (like one to the left or one to the right, like on Nintendo Entertainment System for example), it's not showing the clear logo I've set. It's just showing the huge default normal white font with Nintendo Famicom Disk System, and then changes to the Clear Logo I've set when I select back on that platform. Any idea on how to fix that? @faeran
  5. That fixed it while in BigBox instead of fixing it via the Image Group, but just put the logos back to the boxes in LaunchBox. Maybe every platform except these 3 are the ones that are wrong, and they were all wrong before and these 3 fixed themselves. Since if that's how the Image Group option works, then everything has always been set to Clear Logo but using the Box Front in the Game Details and always was wrong lol
  6. Yes. I have Clear Logos selected and it shows as box art still. But I have Clear Logos set for all other platforms and dont have this issue with those. I want the logos to be shown in LaunchBox before I get into BigBox, and I've always had it like that. I mentioned that as well in the first post with some more info and steps I've tried.
  7. Got a weird issue. My bigbox is showing clear logos for its box art when i go into the game details screen for 3 of my platforms when it should be showing the box. its showing the box where it should be for all my other platforms, except for just 3 (DS, PSP, and Xbox). All boxes are named properly and in the right folder. This issue just started randomly when booting up Big Box a few days ago, not sure what changed. ive made sure that launcbhox options only has box front set in the priority list for box. ive refreshed the image cache as well, and it still happens I've attached photos of what it looks vs what its supposed to look like (for GBA as an example). I found a workaround, though im not sure why this works, to give a bit more info on maybe what's going on. if i go into launchbox and go into these 3 platforms (ds, xbox, and psp) and change the image group to boxes (it's originally on clear logos) and then launch big box, the box arts show up like normal instead of the clear logos but all the other platforms image groups are on clear logo and dont have this issue so not sure whats going on
  8. Awesome theme! Would you mind making an Xbox 360 platform image? It's just about the only platform I'm not seeing in the list as already made, as you already have a PS3 one done as well.
  9. Is there a way for Big Box to set different button configurations depending on what controller is plugged in? Like I have my Xbox One controller setup to navigate Big Box, but sometimes I wanna use my SNES controller or my PS4 controller. With the PS4 controller for example, Square is confirm and X is circle when using the settings after unplugging my Xbox controller. Same thing with controller automation. Can you set Close Active Window different depending on what controller is plugged in? Is this possible?
  10. I love everything about this theme, but is there a way to change the 2nd Platfrom Wheel to just remove all the metadata at the bottom, and shift the video down a bit so it's centered to the right of the wheel? I'm wanting to have the platform view just be nothing but the video on the right side.
  11. Oh darn. Is there any way to change the background then anywhere, like the games list? This is one of my favorite themes that I've found but the background looks a little bland to me.
  12. Is there a way to have custom fanart for the platform backgrounds? I've put my images I want for my backgrounds in the fanart in Images/Platforms/Fanart and made sure it was named Nintendo 64.png and such, but it doesn't load. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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