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  1. @jayjay Thanks a ton, I will give this a shot this week.
  2. @jayjay Is there anyway I can encorporate this to a windows game? Would I need to make an actual autohotkey file and specify it in the game properties under launch box? Any advice is appreciated as usual. The script you put together works perfectly with redream and pcsx2 btw.
  3. nlen83

    3:4 Bigbox video

    Anyone have a nice 3:4 portrait bigbox intro video?
  4. This has done the trick!! I'm on the right path now! Now my issue is redream (The Dreamcast emulator) is amazing and i'd rather use that. This script you wrote works flawless for nullDC but not for redream. What I did is I setup redream in launchbox and its functioning fine, I just changed out the IfWinActive, nullDC to redream. I was able to catch the error that flashes and I thought I would share it with you. This has been an ONGOING project for an easy year now with spare time, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your input. @jayjay EDIT: SCRATCH TH
  5. Ok, @jayjay I did the edit you added later and it does exactly as it should. My issue now is, it seems as though in the quickness of rotation, the app, in this case, nullDC assumes the resolution is portrait still, thus causing it to not go in to a normal fullscreen, it assumes the max resolution in one direction is as it was just milliseconds before, if that makes sense. Any ideas for that? Thanks a ton btw!!
  6. I'll give it a try today, thank you! I had the beginnings of that going yesterday, code wise, but i think the syntax was a little off as it left the pc thinking i was still holding a button. This is going to be for nullDC and PCSX2 currenlty. I'd also like to do this for a few Steam games if its possible. Anyways, i will let you know a bit later today....really appreciate the assistance!
  7. Hey guys, I am trying to come up with a full TATE/Portrait solution with the BigBox theme I have. Certain emulators etc need to be horizontal screen and not portrait in order to function correctly. I was thinking auto hot key might be the trick. I have iRotate installed and I think this will do everything I need. I just need to send the keystrokes and I have basically no understading of AHK. This is what I am thinking: ; This section closes nullDC when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} $^!Right:: } Basically, I'm trying to
  8. Is there anyway I can edit this to just tilt everything 90 degrees to the right? A lot of games launching out of big box dont support portrait mode but do support TATE if that makes sense. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, im trying to edit a view of a theme but I am very new. I was hoping to see the layout view just to get a grasp of what I was doing.
  10. Hello, I am sorry to bother and I know this has been mentioned but I cannot get my visual studio editing up and running. I am getting the error others mentioned about CoverFactory...I have added the references as have been stated but it wont let me add all the DLLs in the metadata folder. Any help would be seriously appreciated!
  11. Hello, The cab im working on for the family isnt going to have that many games. Is there a way I can have big box just scroll all the games rather than start out with platform view and scroll those? For example, I might only have three platforms on this and I thought it would be nice to just show all the games in one list and just attract mode that. Thanks in advance, Nick
  12. Thank you so much for getting back to me. When I lower the internal resolution to 3X instead of 4X, all is good. CPU usage is all good showing next to nothing with things closed, about 1% with big box and nothing major with Demul. Just now in demul, 4X was NOT GOOD outside of bigbox....so I have no idea.... gonna play around with this but this should not be a big box specific problem at this point. So sorry. Tips and ideas are always appreciated though!
  13. Wow, I see what you mean. I wonder why this is happening...now I really have no idea. OO My PC is Mid-High end, Windows 10 6700K 16GB of Ram GTX 980 500GB Evo SSD
  14. Please forgive me if this has come up before, but I could not find it anywhere. I absolutely love this whole system and have been working way too often trying to make something cool for the family. My problem is, I may have OCD so I am really trying to create professional results. Here we go... I have run in to similar issues with HyperSpin in the past, but hadn't noticed anything until I hit the Dreamcast generation with big box. Old school all works flawless with big box etc. HOWEVER, I have been tweaking Demul on a per game basis with internal res etc and have everything lined up nicel
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