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  1. Woah!!! That looks awesome!, I can't wait to try it!
  2. I also would like to know if the project is dead or will we get updates.
  3. Ok, so after further testing, now those games that i stated, the no CD version work. Odd, maybe i need to redownload a fresh batch of MAME and the roms/CHDs. I've updated MAME and the roms using clrmampro but maybe i need a fresh start.
  4. Now i am more confused than ever. My StreetFigher 3 series will not work in MAME or RetroArch in LB/BB or Stand Alone versions as well. I have the CHDs and the correct files because all the games were working before. Also, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure doesn't work and Red Earth(Warzard) as well. I haven't tested others but can someone test these games as well?
  5. Yes, games work outside of LB/BB. I didn't change anything at all. For example, none of my StreetFighter 3 series work, and i play them daily, but using my RetroArch MAME in LB/BB, they all work fine. I will try to roll back the beta and see what happens.
  6. I flux between them whenever something happens to the other because of some issue, whether it be updates or something else.
  7. Yeah, something funky is happening with the latest beta update. Many of my MAME games goes to the load screen and then back. I didn't change any settings or anything. Also, I am using both Stand-Alone MAME (which i am having the issue) and MAME thru RetroArch (which all games are running fine). Im not sure what's happening.
  8. Hello all, Before i begin, yes, i have searched and found little to no information on my issue before posting this. I have an issue where mame roms work in Retroarch but when i use it in Launchbox, i get the loading screen and it freezes. I also noticed that the core in associated platforms is named mame_libretro but when i look at the core in RetroArch, it's name Arcade (MAME_Current). I am not sure that the issue is with the naming convention because i tried that as well and it did not work. I did not change cores or anything and it was working for a while. Also, i tried the other Mame
  9. I just added these to my Vewlix with a secondary monitor for a marquee and i have to say these are the best logos i have ever seen! Absolutely amazing! I didn't see Neo Geo pocket but i did see Neo Geo Pocket color. Amazing nonetheless!
  10. Thanks Jason that worked!, and @ neil9000, the reason i went with a pre-build was because i was in the beta 11.3 and it rendered everything useless no matter what i did, backups, restore, etc...nothing worked. 2yrs of work gone in an instant and i did not want to start over. Oh and btw, i do have a lifetime membership!
  11. I didn't change anything and this is the message i get when trying to open Bigbox but Launchbox is fine, any ideas? Could not find file 'G:\Complete Play Base Edition\Complete Play Base Edition\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Views\CoverFlowWithDetailsGamesView.xaml'. App: Big Box Version: 11.4 Type: System.IO.FileNotFoundException Site: Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeFileHandle ValidateFileHandle(Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeFileHandle) Source: System.Private.CoreLib at System.IO.FileStream.ValidateFileHandle(SafeFileHandle fileHandle) at System.IO.Fi
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