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  1. It's always the obvious things. Looks like Nvidia released a driver update on the day of the problem and updating drivers seemed to fix it
  2. Help. I got a new 49 inch super-ultrawide monitor (5120x1440p); however, it seems like Big Box doesn't like this. (see image) This is theme independent. I tried about half the themes without any luck. Am I stuck with this for now?
  3. Creating a batch file in dosbox and then having launchbox point to it fixed it. Simple as that
  4. Some games in dosbox require the prefix loadfix. when I add it to the command line parameters it doesn't seem to work? How have people been getting it to work? thanks!
  5. As long as they're named correctly you can drop in whatever you want
  6. Try this. http://www.mameui.info/Bench.htm You may have to look around a little bit
  7. Basic question but do have the folder "CAPSImg" in the plugins folder or the contents of capsimg? I just placed the capsimg folder in the plugins folder and it appears to work fine.
  8. So I tried switching the video player from VLC to media player and back again. No difference. Thoughts?
  9. I believe I did, but knowing me maybe I didn't. Also, the video loading issue is independent of the theme. I'll report back after changing the VLC setting
  10. I've run into a kind of weird issue regarding these the two playlists: fighter classic and beat em' up. When I'm in Big Box, their videos take a good 3 seconds to load. This issue does not happen with any of the other playlists (legend of zelda collection, castlevania collection, etc). I've tried reencoding to a lower resolution. I've tried downloading from youtube. I don't think it's the video itself as other videos are longer, shorter, larger, smaller etc. I also looked at the playlist xml file, and I can't find anything obvious. Any thoughts?
  11. that did the trick. such an obvious thing really. thanks so much for your hard work!
  12. Custom Backgrounds. First, this is my favorite theme by far. My question is that I've created a playlist called "Beat 'Em Ups Collection" Under this location: H:\Launchbox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\Background I have placed the following file: "Beat _Em Ups Collection.png" However, I'm still getting the default background. Any ideas?
    Awesome! I've been waiting for this kind of theme forever!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Here's another very simple Apple II platform video. I thought it went well with the City Hunter theme.
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