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  1. Due to the amount of people using tankstick, one could only think something is wrong on my end. I am going to reformat and start over. I was using a pretty fresh install, but when troublehshooting ps1/dreamcast/Saturn emulation I was downloading every VS C++ redis pack from 2004. So.... I just went by and picked up a 4TB 3.0 external drive. Anyone have any speed issues running roms directly from an external drive?
  2. I'm pretty sure I am on the latest 7.10. I downloaded and have set everything up within the past 2 weeks. It sounds like maybe I need to reformat if I am having all these issues. Should I be using windows 10 or should I revert back to 7? If I do decided to reformat, is there a thread on saving everything all the downloads per system (box art, emumovies, etc)? I have 10+ systems loaded with all the extra's and don't want to redownload everything. I'm sure I can figure it out, it think I have seen the links within launchbox. I would really prefer to fix my issue than reformat, but it doesn't sound like anyone else is experiencing these issues so I may not get much help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Autohotkey inside bigbox (ahk tab) doesn't work. autohotkey (same script) works with individual emulators outside of big box. i tried configuring the retroarch.cfg once to match a post where a guy used tankstick and Xbox controllers. I would love to have that configuration or yours. However i have tried to move on from retroarch bc it will not save my player 1 bindings after setting them. It says "error saving configuration file". If I could get bigbox/launchbox to recognize autohotkey within the setting tab that would be great. Unfortunately it ignores everything.
  4. I'm having trouble with the tankstick through bigbox. When I use autohotkey outside of bigbox it remaps the keys and works flawlessly with the emulators. As soon as I run the emulator though bigbox/launchbox it doesn't work. So weird! Yes I'm remapping buttons correctly in emulators as a standalone and yes it's mapped as keyboard mappings not a joystick. I'm using windows 10 x64. Any ideas?
  5. Please help as i am losing my mind! I am having some severe issues with the x-arcade tankstick working with Launchbox/bigbox 7.1. First of all i was having issues binding keys in retroarch. Every time i try and bind keys it says error unable to save configuration file. So i moved on from trying to use retroarch for a all-in-one emulator. So i first started with basic ahk script inside the emulator edit tab. I used a few basic commands to exit emulator and remap a few keys such as alt and cntrl that are standard buttons on the tankstick. Launchbox/bigbox completely ignores everything in the autohotkey tab. I run the same commands in autohotkey outside of launch box and everything works great. I open a notepad file and all buttons map correctly. I also download fusion and set controls based on the newly mapped buttons and works flawlessly. I then leave it all as it's working, point launchbox emulator to fusion (works in standalone), and nothing works now. Everything works fine outside of launchbox and i am not having much luck with finding others with similar issues. I am so confused and it stinks because i love this interface so much, but if i can't get any help i will have to try something else. I feel im pretty tech savvy, so this is very disappointing. Can anyone please give me a hand? I thoroughly hate asking for help, but would be extremely grateful for any pointers at all. gk
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