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  1. Due to the amount of people using tankstick, one could only think something is wrong on my end. I am going to reformat and start over. I was using a pretty fresh install, but when troublehshooting ps1/dreamcast/Saturn emulation I was downloading every VS C++ redis pack from 2004. So.... I just went by and picked up a 4TB 3.0 external drive. Anyone have any speed issues running roms directly from an external drive?
  2. I'm pretty sure I am on the latest 7.10. I downloaded and have set everything up within the past 2 weeks. It sounds like maybe I need to reformat if I am having all these issues. Should I be using windows 10 or should I revert back to 7? If I do decided to reformat, is there a thread on saving everything all the downloads per system (box art, emumovies, etc)? I have 10+ systems loaded with all the extra's and don't want to redownload everything. I'm sure I can figure it out, it think I have seen the links within launchbox. I would really prefer to fix my issue than reformat, but it does
  3. Autohotkey inside bigbox (ahk tab) doesn't work. autohotkey (same script) works with individual emulators outside of big box. i tried configuring the retroarch.cfg once to match a post where a guy used tankstick and Xbox controllers. I would love to have that configuration or yours. However i have tried to move on from retroarch bc it will not save my player 1 bindings after setting them. It says "error saving configuration file". If I could get bigbox/launchbox to recognize autohotkey within the setting tab that would be great. Unfortunately it ignores everything.
  4. I'm having trouble with the tankstick through bigbox. When I use autohotkey outside of bigbox it remaps the keys and works flawlessly with the emulators. As soon as I run the emulator though bigbox/launchbox it doesn't work. So weird! Yes I'm remapping buttons correctly in emulators as a standalone and yes it's mapped as keyboard mappings not a joystick. I'm using windows 10 x64. Any ideas?
  5. Please help as i am losing my mind! I am having some severe issues with the x-arcade tankstick working with Launchbox/bigbox 7.1. First of all i was having issues binding keys in retroarch. Every time i try and bind keys it says error unable to save configuration file. So i moved on from trying to use retroarch for a all-in-one emulator. So i first started with basic ahk script inside the emulator edit tab. I used a few basic commands to exit emulator and remap a few keys such as alt and cntrl that are standard buttons on the tankstick. Launchbox/bigbox completely ignores everything in t
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