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  1. Harryoke, you´re one of the best content creator I know, and I know many of them. Congrats for your amazing work.
  2. Hello Guys, 3DO games does not start in LB+Retroarch, but they work fine in Retroarch only. I have no issues to start Sega CD games in LB+Retroarch. Actually 3DO is the only system that doesnt work with LB+Retroarch. I have 15 other systems working in LB+Retroarch. Any guess on what could be happening ?
  3. Sorry, There's 1 thing I changed. In Launchbox emulator config, I unselected "Extract ROM files before execute" (I don't know if it's exactly the same words because my LB is in Portuguese).
  4. Hello, thanks for the msg. I don't think it's a video driver issue. The same game runs perfect in Retroarch only and in fullscreen. Games from other systems runs well in Retroarch only in fullscreen too. Retroarch works fine with Rocketlauncher too. And even Launchbox works ok if in window mode. By the way, I'm using Retroarch bezels. Today, I decided to test it again, and I don't know why, it worked! I did nothing. Maybe it's an update from Windows 10 that was causing some trouble.
  5. I'm testing retroarch for Atari 2600 and it crashes when in fullscreen and started through LB. In Window mode it works fine. Game starts normally in Fullscreen when started directly through retrorarch. What's happening ?
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