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  1. @Jason Carr Hey bro, thanks. I have seen you in the videos, you are writing a hell of alot code dude.....be sure to take you're well deserved rest in a while, we can't use burnouts. Those livestreams are a great idea, People will see in detail how this stuff works and how much time it actually takes, like it. I'll give your baby a spin and see what's it capable of, but what i have been seeing so far looks fantastic. It's a bit wierd diving into another structure then i am used to but this is the fun part for me. Great job!
  2. @kmoney Thanks man, yeah i wanted to see what it can do first so that i know what i am working with. But art will come for sure, the wider the audience the better. I have been watching vdeos on the Youtube page and i am liking what i see.
  3. I need to read this thru lol, but i can get the picture. time to dig in the program thanks for the fast responses guys. @CriticalCid Yo buddy! it had to happen sometime......my art ego is getting to big so i am going to make my Photoshop canvas a bit wider audienced .....lets see what this puppy can do.
  4. Yeah, the Wii U itself and the Wii U logo banner will stay on screen only thing that changes is the background and the Wii U banner will be overlayd with a different color plus it will call the boxart.
  5. Artwise i am going cross platform as of now. so all my art that was HS only will be released for BIG BOX aswell...here is some of my stuff. i'll bet you'll reconige it. And this is just a hand full i did thousands the last 8 years
  6. Nah, you helped enough dude, thanks! let's see if this front end can win me over.
  7. Thanks for helping so quick. i'll take a look
  8. i know cinematic themes. i believe Critcal Sid did the same thing to all my MAME themes. not looking for that. i want a clean transistion just artwork layers changing when i select a game like shown in post 1
  9. Thanks dude, let's see if this puppy fits my needs.
  10. Yo guys, a lot know me from the Hyperspin forums, after 7 years i finally completed the MAME top 500 theme set so it's time for me to start on my console project but HS is limiting me in what i want to achieve. Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction of how themes and artwork work in launchbox. if it does what i need it to do then i need to consider moving over. Explanation.....i have a default theme and i need it to change background and banner when it lands on a specific game. take a look at the screenshot so you see what i mean. Default: Change 1: into nintendo select Change 2: Luigi Change 3: splatoon Remember that only 15 games will changes. i am not looking to make videos of my themes. i just want to know if it's possible that a default theme can changes assets. Thanks Sub
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