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  1. Thanks for the feedback but the issue is solved, turns out it was not controller related but linked to VLC player video playback on video clips. VLC is a great program but sometimes can go a little mental for seemingly no reason (ah the joys of computing). ? So Tools - Options - General - Videos and switch to Windows Media Player = silky smooth mouse in all modes. Cheers.
  2. Hi mates - Thankyou in advance for examining my issue, I really appreciate it. After the most recent update (beta 15) the mouse became sticky and laggy intermittently when using desktop mode. With a few days Desktop mode and Next mode ceased working altogether although Big Box worked perfectly, I decided to roll back to 8.3 and thankfully I am up and running again but unfortunately the mouse lag issue has persisted. This fault is unique to this program as I have not experienced it elsewhere. Needless to say any help solving these issues would be truly wonderful - cheers.
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