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  1. I think it is the Valve Index that was messing it up. I had unplugged it and nothing changed. But when I reboot with it unplugged the issues have gone away. Not sure why that is, but can live with that.
  2. Hadn't played with LB/BB for a few months and on boot saw there was an update, 10.11, so did that. Now I am having some major performance issues. Saw another thread about slowness but unfortunately 10.12 beta 7 did not fix them for me (like it did for those individuals). Thought I would post my symptoms in a new thread and appreciate any help. 1. BB takes like 5-10 minutes to load. LB launches fine though. 2. Even though LB launched fine, takes like 5 minutes for the Options menu to come up. 3. Other things hang too, such as when enabling controllers in BB. Went back to 10.10 and still had issue 1. BB just auto upgraded to 10.11 again so didn't test it on 10.10. Only thing new that has been introduced to the machine is a Valve Index. Thanks for any help or ideas.
  3. Cood

    Save Filters in BigBox?

    Hi @Jason Carr, thanks a lot for confirming that. Will go with the hide method for now and maybe one day look forward to the ability to save filters. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
  4. On systems that have multiple regions (ex. PlayStation) I would like the default game list to have a filter for North America. BigBox has the ability to set a filter like this but I do not see any way to save this filter nor make it the default when loading in the future. Hoping I'm missing something simple here? I know that I could create "playlists" in LaunchBox but that's not really what I'm after. I don't want a new platform, just to filter down an existing one. The other option I see is to sort all the games in LaunchBox by region and then bulk hide the ones I don't want. The already existing filter option is still the ideal method though, just need it to persist. Side note (feature request): Would be handy if the filter dialog could query a distinct pick list for a given field. Thanks a bunch for any help or info!
  5. I used Notepad++ to replace all the paths in the XML files located at "LaunchBox\Data\Platforms". This seems to have done the trick and was pretty easy. Still would be nice in the future if the GUI tool would allow manually choosing a UNC path. Thanks for the great frontend!
  6. Moved my external HDD off the PC and attached to my QNAP NAS. The HDD contains ROMS but have LaunchBox locally on the PC still. The idea is to share the ROMs between multiple devices. Trying to use the "Change ROMs Folder Path For Selected Games..." but the folder dialog does not allow typing paths (\\nas\roms) and the NAS is not discoverable under "Network". Can we use UNC paths? It seems you can type a path for a single game in its edit dialog, not seeing how to do this in bulk though. Hoping I am just missing something simple here. Thanks a lot!
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