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  1. any chance of this one please? The game has a better soundtrack and some extra changes to the NTSC version
  2. Thank you as always
  3. Could I ask for this one please? Another one of Kurko's Mods.
  4. lol teach me to rush something... cheers Seaview
  5. Hi Seaquest can I ask for a smoother version of this logo please, the two on the database have issues I have screens and the front cover of my version and the disc, I did kickstarter this. I can't upload to the database currently so upload here what I've done so far. The road trip edition has the music CD that's the only difference. I won't clog this page going forward it's just so if you felt it warrants it these can be uploaded as I can't for some reason at present.
  6. Hi Seaview I was wondering if you were able to do this at all? I have edited a cart for it from the hack pack in case anyone wants it Kurko is doing some great mods
  7. Could I ask for this one please?
  8. Thank you. Sorry Alex Kidd didn't pull through for me yesterday hence the request, I'll check again later on.
  9. Could I ask for these two please
  10. Thank you as always I have a few homebrew games and try to do a lot myself but these master system ones are fiddly
  11. Hi Seaview, would you be able to do these two please?
  12. That's brilliant, thank you
  13. Any chance of this one please, the top part and not the retrobit bit please?
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