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  1. Hi all, I am trying to get my trackball working in retroarch and not sure where to start. The trackball works as a mouse right now but I want to play Marble Madness and other games with it. Any advice would greatly be appreciated!!!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm having an issue binding the keys for RetroArch. I am unable to bind arrow keys; the bindings automatically say "Keypad 8" and so on. I have an Xtension Arcade Control Panel and I am unable to use it because it uses arrow keys whereas when I try and bind said arrow keys, it makes it a keypad instead of an arrow. Does anyone know how to bind to arrows and not the keypad? Also, is there anyway to clear all of the bindings for the hotkeys I don't need? My player 2 stick uses "F" which changes the full-screen mode and I'd like to clear that.
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