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  1. Hey everybody, I'm getting FFJ set up with the wrapper exe that allows bezel and setting adjustments. Problem in having is launching with launchbox, it works fine if I launch it with the exe outside of launchbox. When I launch inside launchbox the wrapper loads the bezels and the game but the game is never in focus and is a black screen in the middle of the bezel until I mouse click it. From my understanding the wrapper launches then pauses to launch the game then resumes after game launch. So how can I get refocus on the game after everything is launched? Thanks for any help
  2. I would also like to report this problem using .139 custom compile for my custom bezels. I unchecked pause screen for mame but it still doesn't launch a game. I tried rolling back to 9.7 but LB/BB doesn't launch after the roll back. If I delete the dinput command line it will work
  3. Sweet! I posted about this exact problem in the troubleshooting section on November 21st. Glad this is going to be fixed
  4. Hello, BigBox 7.14 with CriticalZone theme. When I select a game from from the list screen it goes to the game details screen with a clear logo at the top. If I back out to the game list screen and select a new game it still shows the first game selected clear logo. I'm unsure if this occured before the last update.
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