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  1. Hi, i would like to know, if it is possible to add a network path to each platform on android. So that if you have your games on your pc and your pc and android device is on the same local network, instead off having all the games on your android device you enter the path for your games folder for instance your SNES games on your pc and it fetches it, but not store the game on your android device and then you play it/or sream it from the network. The game can maybe also temporarily be placed on your device and removed once you are done playing it. something like that
  2. Hi, how does the new controller support work, I added a controller, Xbox 360 controller, in manage controllers. I then went to PS2 and edit the controller support field for the games, selected full support in the level field and then in the values field for controller support I put Xbox 360 controller (don't know if that is what there should be) or what should be in the values field? Then I went through it all, but when I went to manage game controller it said 0 games associated. So what did I do wrong, if someone could maybe tell me or show me what to do I would appreciate it.
  3. I agree, if possible, please incorporate the compatibility list for the mentioned emulators for each game into Launchbox please. Would be a nice feature
  4. @Jason Carr At the moment in the pause menu, like you said it shows controls for arcade that is pulled from EmuMovies, Is it possible have this for othe platforms as well? Showing there controls in the pause menu?
  5. Don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I tried using the pause menu. In controller automation in BigBox I set the pause menu firstly on the R3 of my Xbox controller and then on L3. Tried it on Cemu and PCSX2, but when I pressed it, I don't get a pause menu
  6. Thank you for the response, appreciate it. I am not from the US so not sure if it's an ISP problem or not.
  7. Launchbox Version: 9.7 Windows Version: Windows 10 Issue 1: When going through the themes in theme manager in BigBox. Sometimes it doesn't load the images to show what the theme looks like, and then sometimes when I go back to a theme it does load the images. So it doesn't always load the images of the theme Issue 2: When going from one theme to another it takes a while for the details of the new theme selected in the list to show, or it does not show the information of the new selected theme at all. It stays on the previous theme's information
  8. I agree with the idea that it would be nice for when a game is launched that the appropriate manual opens as well for that specific game. For instance game on one monitor and manual on a second monitor if you have one. Also an idea for further down the road for the PDF Viewer, if you have walkthroughs or strategy guides for games, then you can change an option to decide between the different options, what should be displayed for each game
  9. When Music on-screen display is enabled and you go into a platform and the music bar at the bottom shows up and plays music, the art is next to the track name stays the same for each game. For instance if I go into Super Nintendo the art next to the name of the song is SimCity even if I am not on the SimCity game.
  10. I just checked, this problem only occurs with the Text with Details View. It works correctly in all of the other views
  11. It happens on other platforms as well Edit: Cleared the image cache, the problem is still there
  12. When in BigBox the first game you select in a platform and go into it's menu, when backing out, every following game you select in that platform displays the clear logo of the first game you have selected in the game menu and not the game you are on. For instance, if the first game I select in NES is Mario Bros. and I back out, every game after that in the NES platform will show the Mario Bros clear logo in the menu and not the selected game's clear logo
  13. Hi I have ideas for startup videos, but have no skill in making them so if someone who can make videos is interested and willing to help, Please reply to this message.
  14. So this is going to be a wide open question. Does anyone know how to bypass the storage limit of saves using the vmu/vms in Demul. Is there a way to create a vmu for each game and automatically select that vmu for when the game launches. Is there a way to use scripts (don't know how to use scripts) to switch between vmu's or somenting like that, trough Launchbox. I want it to be an automatic process. Do not want to go and change the vmu for each game. I hope this makes sense and i hope soemone will be able to assist me with this. Thank you Regards AVissie
  15. No prompt for beta update
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