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  1. Ver. 8.1, I was getting no bandwidth loss due to any background transfers, thats how i knew it was not auto starting the update.
  2. Ok so that seems to be the Issue, it would not Auto Update. My PC has been on for 2 days, so im guessing is some kind of bug with the auto-update protocol or its just my PC being a flake. But it DID start the Update once started manually. Thank You for you Help
  3. Yes I have All Options Checked and it does not seem to be updateing. I will try to uncheck "Auto Down in Background" then restart and see it that helps.
  4. Question: My Launchbox Options are all checked for Auto-Update, and this always seems to have worked in the past, However Launchbox has not updated Automatically to 8.2, any ideas how to fix this or manually check for updates to push this through?
  5. AWESOME! You just made my day. Thank You
  6. I found an old link that i believe is what i want to ask about. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/101/add-option-to-delete-game-file-s-when Was this topic ever implemented? And if so... (scratchs head) umm how do i do it? I know i can use the delete option to remove roms from my lists. But i have so many junk games i do NOT want in my library at all. And to be clear, i am looking for an option like from most torrent programs where you can either "delete torrent" or "delete torrent and data". Thank you
  7. RGR THAT!...Thank you very much!. Question: As to the 2nd part...... Is there any way in the future to change this option, so that if you just uncheck the box, that it will remove it from association.? I think this would be useful for allowing some individuals to use the "Launch With.." Menu when they want to more easily. Not sure if i explained that correctly...ha long day. Thanks again.
  8. I originally setup my default emulator as retroarch. But i decided with the issues i have had with some of the emulations to just go with independent emulators for my systems...(ex: zsnesw). However when i play an SNES ROM, it defaults to retroarch. I have deselected retroarch in the "Manage Emulator" Menu, but it has not removed it. Once again to still defaults to retroarch. How do i permanently remove Retroarch from the "Launch With..." Menu. Thank you for your help in advance.
  9. DrLight79

    Total Noob?

    Ok so ive watched several tutorials, thats great and all. But you mean to tell me that this entire time, i wanted to change the size of my game icons and it was the little slide bar in the bottom right hand corner! which I THOUGHT WAS VOLUME CONTROL! since it is next to the music play icons. Not mad yall, just frustrated. I think this option should have been added in details view.....Just saying.
  10. The default city hunters back ground and the grid backgrounds are the 2 main elements i was hoping to get. Unless you would be interested in making a TRON THEME.
  11. I just posted to his page doing just that, thank you very much Neil. If i have any other isses i will post to a new thread. Thankx again guys
  12. I noticed someone requested the GRID video as well. But i do like the original city hunter theme. My problem is that im using the tutorial video to learn the custom processes, but the themes are unavailable. Help
  13. this is the city hunter 2 theme, i got the impression this was different from the one on the video. And Thank You neil for your response
  14. TY Lord, I went ahead an purchased last night. So not I am dabbling in themes. Watched the video on Jasons setup However criticalzone_-_cityhunter is no longer listed in downloads that i can see. I'm a HUGE Tron fan, and if anything i would love the GRID background as a starting point for a custom theme. where can i find this and the fonts? Thank you for your consideration
  15. Hello, I also would like a couple day trial, but i see this has been covered. Unfortunately i am a noob to frontends, and i'm learning the setup process from the ground up. PS-I HATE MESS AND MAME. I have not been able to get either up and running for the Atari 5200 roms; but its w.e, sorry i digress. My problem is that as i go along i have ideas of WHAT i would like to do, but i have no idea of what it would be called or if its a premium option. I'm really not looking to spend $50 out the gate on anything i dont know i'm going to PERFECTLY like. If I say spend the $20 for 1 year, and decide "HEY THIS IT GREAT I WANT IT!" ;If its within say 10 days to a month, Could I then just pay the remainder to upgrade to the forever license?
  16. Nvm i seem to have finally gotten it to work. Not sure what happened.
  17. I am new to this as well. I have not been able to configure my controls. Setting up my steam controller to reflect keyboard controls for retroarchs snes emulation was all well amd good. But it doesnt seem to work when i use launchbox. Games load but no movement. Currently working with atari 2600. What is the best way to configure these controls?
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