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  1. Thanks again Zombeaver for the INSANE amount of careful work you continue to put into these updates. All the new features, the new shader, the updated core with improved SID emulation, new bezels, better zoom settings, all the game version updates, the new overlays, and especially the next set of curated games, it's a dream come true for the fans of this platform. We're not worthy! Truly awesome.
  2. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    Guys after playing around with PRG Starter and running into some snags, I'm moving onto a different solution. Even though it's useful for many situations, from what I can tell it still does not provide an easy command line method of running multipart files, which means excluding some of the best Vic20 cartridges. I feel like the best option is to follow in Zombeaver's footsteps on the C64 Dreams project, and use RetroArch with the latest VICE xvic core. There is a lot of great features being added right now on the VICE cores, and the ability to to use shaders etc from Retroarch is just too powerful to ignore. I'll update when I'm further along.
  3. Zombeaver, the quality and breadth of the work you are doing with these releases is insane. New games, new features, updated versions, custom notes, new bezels, the list goes on. And now with possible savestates and an improved VICE core around the corner, there is more to come, apparently! Thank you so much!
  4. The game specific instructions presented as a sticky note is awesome! Smart idea with the database so you can consider upgrading game versions, too. And more games coming? How do you find the time for all this?! Thank you!
  5. Wow, what a lot of work and detail you are putting into these updates! BIG thanks!!!!
  6. Holy smokes, what a treat! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is the ultimate way to play C64 M.U.L.E. Wow, 4 player simultaneous gameplay on a Commodore 64 game, how incredible! It was really nice of you to take the time to figure this out. Now that you've got this 3 & 4 multiplayer sorted out, you might want to consider setting up Bruce Lee Return of Fury the same way! It just got released as freeware a few months ago and looks incredibly slick, plus it allows 3 player simultaneous play! https://megastyle.itch.io/bruce-lee-return-of-fury
  7. Thanks for the super detailed explanation, which made me realize the complexity of this idea. I thought about this and I think that ultimately it would be too easy to mess up the other person's game. So I don't think it's worth pursuing but I do appreciate the inventiveness of the solution! I do think that this is the best way to do this, if you're able to make it work. And yes, if it works with 3 controllers it should also work with 4 I'm happy to do any testing and very appreciative! 🙂
  8. Hi Zombeaver, a BIG thanks for adding M.U.L.E into your super slick C64 Dreams setup, and also the work you put into customizing the keyboard. It works fantastic! I even tested the 4 player setup and it's definitely a better keyboard layout. I can't wait to play this with my kids, I've been talking about this game for years. BUT, I've been thinking a little more about the 4 controller setup, because I'm not going to give up on this! I know that my copy of retroarch sees my xbox 360 controllers # 3 and 4 when I turn them on because I see a status update from Retroarch when it detects them. However I realize that the VICE core in retroarch normally allows only 2 controllers for input as far as I know. So I have 2 theories of ways this could be bypassed to finally allow full 4 player controller support on MULE. I have yet to test either of these, but open to your feedback. Method #1 - Don't use VICE to interpret the 3rd and 4th joysticks. Instead use something like Joy2Key to read controller 3 and 4 and convert them into the W, S, D and up arrow, down arrow, and right arrow keys. Method #2 - Use a specially modified version of C64 M.U.L.E which was re-coded to read signals from a 4 player joystick adapter. Of course, the actual hardware adapter is for a physical C64 made by Protovision, but I understand that VICE has a special user port mode that can emulate this adapter called CGA mode. Details here https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39013&sid=02011793d92a367b12679b878453b371 And here is the link for the specially modified 4 player version of M.U.L.E.: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=101455 Interested in your thoughts!
  9. Thanks very much for adjusting the keys on M.U.L.E. Zombeaver! Really looking forward to testing this.
  10. M.U.L.E. is actually my favorite C64 game of all time, and you have to play with a group to truly get a feel for how great the competition aspect of the game really is. Having said that, it's nearly impossible to have players 3 and 4 use the keyboard at the same time comfortably so I would love to find a way to map those keys onto controllers 3 and 4. The part I wasn't sure about was the fire button being two keys together. And thanks so much for the shift tip on the forum replies 🙂
  11. Hi Zombeaver, thanks for the update, and I can't wait for the next installment! An expansion on my request for "M.U.L.E." which it sounds like you've just added, my dream is to be able to play the 4 player mode with my kids, using 4 controllers. ON the 4 player mode on the C64, M.U.L.E. uses the keyboard for players 3 and 4: Left Keyboard Player: "Q" key = up, "Commodore" key = down, "Q" + "Commodore" = Fire Right Keyboard Player: "Up Arrow" key = up, "=" key = down, "Up Arrow" + "=" = Fire I wonder if there is an easy way you could map these keyboard commands onto controller 3 and 4? (I'm also using XBOX 360 controllers). Thanks ever so much! (Also, how are you responding single spaced on the forum?) I can't seem to sort that out.
  12. Wow, it's awfully nice of you to open this up to the community for the next set of games you'll do. I'll add a few more games to the list, if I'm not too late. So many good titles to choose from! Here's a few more obscure titles that I enjoyed playing way back in the day: Flloyd of the Jungle Gyruss Jupiter Lander Mario Brothers Miner 2049er Oil's Well Pharaoh’s Curse Racing Destruction Set Snokie Ultima III:Exodus Wizard of Wor
  13. Quick question Zombeaver - If I already have a platform in my LB setup called "Commodore 64", how can I merge the games platform in C64 dreams into this current one? It was relatively easy to change its parent to computers like you suggest, but when I tried to change the name it said "Another platform already exists with the specified title. Please choose a different title" Hmmm - Any way to merge platforms? Or do you have another suggestion to integrate it with my current Launchbox C64 games setup? Thanks!
  14. Thanks again for all the help. I sure am going to be looking forward to your updates on this project. I can't stress enough that in all my years of C64 emulation, I've never seen as good a presentation as what you've done here. The games play better than on a real commodore! What a treat. I'll PM you with a separate list rather than hijacking your thread. Thanks again!
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