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  1. Quick question Zombeaver - If I already have a platform in my LB setup called "Commodore 64", how can I merge the games platform in C64 dreams into this current one? It was relatively easy to change its parent to computers like you suggest, but when I tried to change the name it said "Another platform already exists with the specified title. Please choose a different title" Hmmm - Any way to merge platforms? Or do you have another suggestion to integrate it with my current Launchbox C64 games setup? Thanks!
  2. Thanks again for all the help. I sure am going to be looking forward to your updates on this project. I can't stress enough that in all my years of C64 emulation, I've never seen as good a presentation as what you've done here. The games play better than on a real commodore! What a treat. I'll PM you with a separate list rather than hijacking your thread. Thanks again!
  3. My DPI scaling in Windows is set to 100%. I found someone else having the same problem with Retroarch, and the solution which worked for me was to right click on the Retroarch.exe program in the C64 dreams folder, click "change high DPI settings", and select the checkmark "override high DPI scaling behavior performed by" and select "application". Now it works perfectly! What a treat! I'm really impressed how you've got the zoom level perfect to crop out the borders, and the Retroarch rendering looks incredible as far as scanlines. Thanks very much for the explanation of how hotkeys work on Retroarch. Makes sense. By shortcuts, I was refererring to the fact that sometimes when I click on the C64 dreams copy of Launchbox.exe it would install it instead of running it, and the Launchbox shortcuts in my windows Start menu would launch the C64 Dreams version of Launchbox instead of my regular installation. Would like to avoid this, but maybe the easiest way is to just import C64 Dreams into my existing Launchbox setup. A few more questions How can I change the alien type background on the sides? Do you plan on showing a tutorial for the process you go through for adding new games, so that I could add some more favorites of my own to this setup with the same care and attention that you have? Based on how careful and how you are actually doing custom setups for every single game, I totally believe that it's going to take you a few years to get through the entire library. You are doing this with the same level as an archivist, and for that I thank you!
  4. Wow, what an incredible amount of work you've put into this, Zombeaver! I absolutely love how insanely careful and picky you are to ensure the experience is smooth. I absolutely love the cheatsheet controller image that comes up, and how you've set up the controller with such useful features. I plan on digging into this in a big way! A few quick questions. The biggest issue I had is that I couldn't get the display resolution to work correctly. My monitor is 1920x1080 but for some reason the image appears zoomed in when I run this setup. I even tried running the 1080p bat file but it did not help. I will admit that I don't find the user interface on Retroarch very easy to use but I'm not familiar with it. The other thing that was difficult is that getting to the Retroarch screen to adjust was also difficult, since it does not display wide enough to show the video settings. I was able to fumble my way to 4x3 on the aspect ratio, so I could see everything but then the image was quite small, so I'd love to hear any suggestions on how to adjust this to be in between the two. The other thing I noticed is that running the version of Launchbox with your package would occasionally interfere with the shortcuts for my main launchbox installation, Finally, the one last item I wished for is the ability for the escape key to quit, instead of representing the run stop key on the keyboard. Is this easy to adjust? Thanks!
  5. Changing the config file to read-only worked for me. Now all 4 of my x-box 360 controllers always work on Mame. Could never get this to stick and it was driving me crazy.
  6. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    Interesting! I'll try this. Thanks for the tip.
  7. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    Thanks for the tip on avoiding unzipping roms!
  8. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    This one was tricky, mainly because there are a lot of Vic20 ROM dumps that are multipart, and I haven't quite figured out how to run two seperate files in Launchbox, one after another, with different custom command line parameters for each. So until someone helps me with that, what I have been doing is finding alternative dumps where someone has already combined the two parts together. What you were running with all the 6000 prg files you were finding was probably only half of the dump, with (very likely) some A000 files that need to be run as well. I was able to locate the following dump of The Vic20 Atarisoft version of Moon Patrol: (Notice that is does not have "multipart" in the title) Moon Patrol (1983)(Atarisoft)(NTSC)[6000].CRT This file is located in the TOSEC.2016.11.11.Commodore.VIC20.AlphaBot ROM collection on Archive.org. With this file, the -cart6 command will run the game without any problems. (you MUST unzip the file first!) A few notes: For some reason I was not able to import this file with Launchbox. I think the square brackets are causing problems. Once I removed the square brackets around [6000] it worked fine. Also I am noticing on my imports that when I import zip files, a lot of games get missed for some reason. So I am only imported unzipped roms. I am only noticing this with my Vic20 Roms. I hope this helps.
  9. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    Here is the settings for the one game I was having trouble with and solved with the -cart command. The other screen is the settings I am using for VICE. What game are you trying to get running? I can sort it out on my side and let you know how I got it started. Give me the exact file name of the ROM you are using.
  10. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    One more tip that I just discovered. It helped me to get more games working! I'll explain carefully. The example is "Load Runner". I loved playing this game on my Vic as a kid, but for the life of me, I couldn't get it working using VICE in Launchbox. I noticed in the TOSEC set available on archive.org there were the following ROM dumps of this game: Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[h][A000][multipart].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[h][a][A000][multipart].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[h][a][6000][multipart].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[h][6000][multipart].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[A000][multipart].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[6000][multipart].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[6000].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)(b)[A000].crt Whereas in the Gamebase20_v3 set, there was only one Lode Runner dump: Lode Runner.zip which contained two files: Lode Runner-6000.prg Lode-Runner-a000.prg I tried everything to get these to work. The great tips listed above which worked on TAPs and other cartridges (using -autostart or -cartgeneric) did NOT work on any of these Lode Runner dumps. Then on the Vic20 Denial site, a user named Mayhem gave me the following tip of what needs to happen to run the Lode Runner.zip file on VICE via the command line: -cart6 Lode Runner-6000.prg -cartA Lode Runner-A000.prg You need the argument cartX, where X = 2, 4, 6, A, specifies the memory block to attach it to. Not sure you can execute loading the game with the files in a zip. This was the info I needed to sort this out! While I was NOT able to get Launchbox to run TWO separate files in the command line like suggested above, the information about the -cart command is very important. So next I focused on the ROM dumps that were not multipart. So in the list above, there were two rom files that were already joined together. Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)(b)[A000].crt Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(NTSC-PAL)[6000].crt I could not get the (b) [A000] dump to work, but the 2nd [6000] dump does in fact work fine in Launchbox, by adding the -cart6 on the command line parameters line! Success! However, I for some reason this command does not work if the crt file is contained in a zip. So make sure to unzip it first! So in summary, if you are trying to run dumps from TOSEC, stay away from the multiparts, make sure files are unzipped, and use the following command line parameters: For .crt or .prg files ending in A000, use -cartA (must be capital A, small a does not work) For .crt or .prg files ending in 2000, use -cart2 For .crt or .prg files ending in 4000, use -cart4 For .crt or .prg files ending in 6000, use -cart6 Let me know if this helps you run any more carts!!! 😊
  11. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    Regarding the greyed-out parameters, to address this you need to click on the emulation tab on the edit game screen. Click "Use Custom Command Line Parameters" and enter -cartgeneric. I think it's really important to have specific command line parameters for specific games, depending on whether they are cartridges or not (i.e. a single command line parameter will not be useful for everything). You were mentioning problems with CRT files. What ROMset are you using? I ran a test on the following CRT file from the Gamebase20 V03 which I believe is the most up to date collection of ROMs available. The file I tested is called Omega Race (1982)(Commodore)-a000.crt The version of Vice that I'm using is WinVICE-3.2-x86-r34842 I tried the -autostart again and this time I realized that if I wait long enough on the black flashing screen, the TAP files do in fact work. I wish I knew how I could address the black flashing. I am running VICE full Screen.
  12. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    I'm also having no luck yet getting the PRG and TAP files to run using VICE 3.2. I tried GuroDragon's suggestion of using -autostart but have not had any success. I just get a black screen.
  13. Zombeaver states that there is a way at https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/43542-fs-uae-need-help-with-saving-whdload-games/
  14. MacGuyver

    Commodore VIC-20

    Here`s the trick - Right click the Vic cartridge game in Launchbox, and choose "Edit". Click on the Emulation tab. Check the box marked "Use Command-line parameters". Type in "-cartgeneric" into that field. Vic20 cartridges will suddenly work fine in VICE Vic20! I am using Version 3.2. Another tip, if you're looking for an easy way to exit Vice with the escape key, try the following, which I discovered at https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33372&sid=af3ea6ae0b8c6a35f2278b5d18f69d33 Find the file win_shortcuts.vsc, located in the Vic20 folder and open it with a text editor (for example Notepad). Add this line to the table: Code: KEY 27 IDM_EXIT X Vice can now be terminated with the Esc key.
  15. Just wondering if there is any progress on making this a simpler process. I have a number of Gamebases and being able to import these would be fantastic...
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