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  1. Solved! I had specified the retroarch_debug.exe as the executable path in the instead of just retroarch.exe. N64 performing fine now. Thanks for quick responses. Obvious oversight by me really but useful in case others make the same mistake.
  2. Hi. I bought BigBox and love the interface and have had fun setting everything up. Everything seems to work ok - certainly in terms of displaying my ROMs and loading up emulators. However I have an issue with Retroarch. I have retroarch set up as my default emulator for some of my platforms - for example Sega Genesis and it works exactly as it sould. However with N64 BigBox loads the emulator and game except the is a noticeable, unplayable stutter and lag. Of course I tested outside of BigBox by loading the games directly in Retroarch and they play perfectly, even with BigBox minimised. My system is plenty powerful enough - Core i7, Geforce 660, 16GB ram etc. Its almost as if BigBox launches the Retroarch N64 core with some sort of option or switch or setting which is causing issues because like I said its fine to play directly inside of retroarch. Any ideas? How should I start troubleshooting?
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