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  1. I tried updating to LaunchBox 7.16, and I am very pleased with the results. I'm going to keep using the newest version from now on. Thank you for your help!
  2. Thank you very much. However, I didn't know of all the performance boosts in the newer versions. I'll consider updating.
  3. Hello. I am using the free version of LaunchBox 7.10 as a frontend for classic games. However, when I downloaded and installed this version of LaunchBox, opened it, and then closed it, the next time I opened the application, it forcibly installed an update to the newest version (version 7.16). I would like to keep using version 7.10 without any updates being forcibly installed. Is there any way to disable auto-updates such as these? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello. I am new to the LaunchBox forums, but I have a good amount of experience with LaunchBox itself. I have a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hacks which I would like to import into LaunchBox. I tried importing them into the Sega Genesis section, and several hacks, such as Sonic Classic Heroes and Sonic 3 Complete, actually have boxart attributed to them despite not being official Genesis games (instead being modified from an existing game series). bHowever, having many Sonic ROM hacks in the Genesis category without descriptions or boxart attributed to the vast majority of them makes me feel that there should be a seperate category for ROM hacks for a certain system, such as the Genesis or NES. On the other hand, a separate category could definitely overcomplicate things more than necessary. Should there be separate categories for ROM hacks? Thank you in advance for any replies.
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