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  1. Neo Geo AES official full scans image packs

    This is a collection of full scans for the inserts to AES games for both English and Japanese releases. Admittedly, most of these images are low res and low quality, but they ARE official. If you've ever spent any time trying to find official AES art you know it can be a real headache and full scans are even worse. Since LaunchBox is now using 3D models I wanted to get ahead of anyone carelessly using the first images they can find for a collection.
    You see, Neo Geo games are notoriously expensive, so there are a few bootleggers out there who try to rip off collectors by making repros and selling them at full price as authentic AES games. As a reaction to this, the Neo Geo community has made it very hard to find high quality official scans. You can find PLENTY of fan art for people who just want shelf candy, but as a result of this, a lot of fan art winds up being used instead of official art including here on the LBDB as well as the art on EmuMovies (virtually all of the spines on there are fan art). Sometimes it looks convincing at first but comparing it to photos of the real boxes will reveal tiny differences. Most of these come from Southtown Homebrew. Unfortunately for those of us who want virtual shelf candy in LaunchBox, this means we can either use fan art boxes or go crazy searching for the official scans.  I chose the latter, and this is the result.
    Unfortunately, some games are extremely hard to find. Whether it's due to the community circling the wagons to fend off scammers or just the severe rarity of the game in question, certain boxes do not seem to have full scans available online. Believe me, I looked. This means this collection is incomplete. Some of the games that are missing are very popular titles which is frustrating but I don't know of a way to solve that problem right now. Here is a list of missing scans:
    Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior
    Bang Bang Busters (this game was released in 2010 so whether or not it's official is debatable)
    Baseball Stars 2
    Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
    Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors
    The King of Fighters '95
    The King of Fighters '96
    The King of Fighters 2003 (I found the "classic" variant and included it, but the original art was not available when I searched)
    Metal Slug
    Metal Slug 2
    Metal Slug 3
    Metal Slug 4 (I found the "classic" variant and included it, but the original art was not available)
    Metal Slug 5 (I found the "classic" variant and included it, but the original art was not available)
    Mutation Nation
    Ninja Master's: Haoh Ninpo Cho
    Rage of the Dragons (I found the "classic" variant and included it, but the original art was not available)
    Samurai Shodown III
    Soccer Brawl
    Stakes Winner
    Street Slam
    Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory
    The Super Spy
    Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
    ASO II
    Bang Bang Busters (this game was released in 2010 so whether or not it's official is debatable)
    Fighter's History Dynamite
    Ghost Pilots
    The King of Fighters 2000 (you will also notice this game is missing from the US releases. This game came out during that awkward bankruptcy phase for SNK and never got a US AES release )
    The King of Fighters 2003
    King of the Monsters
    Metal Slug 4
    Metal Slug 5
    Rage of the Dragons
    Samurai Spirits Zero
    Sengoku Denshou
    Sengoku Denshou 2001
    Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Toukon Matrimelee
    Top Player's Golf
    At some point in the future I might revisit this collection but right now I don't see much use in driving myself up the wall just to find one or two more results. I do, however, hope that others might find this useful and maybe someone else will feel motivated to find the other official scans. These scans are from neogeosoft, neostore and videogameobsessions. There are a few more that I don't remember finding, nor do I remember the source of, but no claim is intended.


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  2. Nebula Banners

    Started a project a while ago to create a complete set of stylistically coherent banners.  And when I say complete i mean complete.  I used the LB platform list as a starting point and branched out from there, covering every platform I could think of, and made a few up for my own use.  I went with a "nebula" style background since it seems like that's what kids are into these days and searched for high quality assets.  Obviously this means the starting point was Evan Amos's photos and THK's logos, but I used many other sources as well and quite a few of the logos were just not available in decent quality online so I actually made a bunch of both company and platform logos by hand.

    This collection is US centric so American names and images are given priority above international counterparts.  I'm already working on a set of Euro-centric banners though, so don't feel left out.  After that I might begin working on a Japanese-centric set if I feel up to it.  We shall see.  Comments and advice are more than welcome.  If you notice any glaring mistakes or omissions, please don't hesitate to point them out.  These are actually pretty easy to edit and replace.  Suggestions on changes needed for the European set are also quite welcome.  Anything outside of the obvious (Mega Drive, blue swirl for Dreamcast, different SNES, different Vectrex logo, different 7800 controllers, etc.) is something that I'm likely to miss.  I'm aware that not every one of these platforms is emulated yet but I'm less concerned with that and more concerned with getting as many platforms included as possible.  Please enjoy!

    PLATFORMS INCLUDED (254 total):

    3DO - 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
    Amstrad - GX 4000
    APF - MP 1000
    Apple - Pippin
    Atari - 2600
    Atari - 5200
    Atari - 7800
    Atari - Jaguar
    Atari - Jaguar CD
    Atari - XE Game System
    Bally - Astrocade
    Bandai - Datach
    Bandai - Playdia
    Bandai - Sufami Turbo
    Bandai - Super Vision 8000
    Camerica - Aladdin
    Casio - Loopy
    Casio - PV-1000
    Coleco - Colecovision
    Commodore - Amiga CD32
    Commodore - CDTV
    Emerson - Arcadia-2001
    Entex - Adventure Vision
    Epoch - Cassette Vision
    Epoch - Super Cassette Vision
    Fairchild - Channel F
    Fujitsu - FM Towns Marty
    Funtech - Super A'Can
    GCE - Vectrex
    Interton - VC 4000
    Leapfrog - Click Start
    Magnavox - Odyssey
    Magnavox - Odyssey^2
    Mattel - Hyper Scan
    Mattel - Intellivision
    Microsoft - Xbox
    Microsoft - Xbox 360
    Microsoft - Xbox One
    NEC - PC-FX
    NEC - Super Grafx
    NEC - TurboGrafx 16
    NEC - TurboGrafx CD
    Nintendo - Nintendo 64
    Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD
    Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System
    Nintendo - Famicom Disk System
    Nintendo - Gamecube
    Nintendo - Satellaview
    Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    Nintendo - Wii U
    Nintendo - Wii Ware
    Nintendo - Wii
    Ouya - Ouya
    ? - PC-50X family
    Philips - CD-i
    Philips - Videopac+ G7400
    RCA - Studio II
    Sega - 32X
    Sega - Sega CD 32X
    Sega - Sega CD
    Sega - Dreamcast
    Sega - Genesis
    Sega - Master System
    Sega - Advanced Pico Beena
    Sega - Pico
    Sega - Saturn
    Sega - SG-1000
    SNK - Neo Geo AES
    SNK - Neo Geo CD
    Sony - PlayStation
    Sony - PlayStation 2
    Sony - PlayStation 3
    Sony - PS4
    SSD - XaviXPORT
    Starpath - Supercharger
    Tsukuda Original - Othello Multivision
    View-Master - Interactive Vision
    VM Labs - Nuon
    VTech - Creativision
    VTech - Socrates
    VTech - V.Flash
    VTech - V.Smile
    WOW - Action Max
    Zapit - Game Wave
    Acorn - Archimedes
    Acorn - Atom
    Acorn - BBC Micro
    Acorn - Electron
    Amstrad - CPC
    APF - Imagination Machine
    Apple - Apple-1
    Apple - Apple II
    Apple - Apple IIGS
    Apple - Apple III
    Apple - Lisa
    Apple - Macintosh (68k)
    Apple - Macintosh (PowerPC)
    Apple - Macintosh (Intel/OSX/modern)
    Atari - Atari Home Computers (2 versions, one saying 8-bit Home Computers and the other saying 400/800/XL/XE as many box stickers did)
    Atari - Atari ST
    Caputers - Lynx
    Coleco - Adam
    Commodore - Commodore 64
    Commodore - Commodore 128
    Commodore - Amiga
    Commodore - Max Machine
    Commodore - PET
    Commodore - 16/Plus/4 (the picture and platform logo are of the Plus/4 though both machines are part of the same family)
    Commodore - VIC-20
    Dragon Data - Dragon 32/64
    Eaca - Colour Genie
    Elektronika - BK 0010
    Enterprise - Enterprise 64/128
    Exelvision - EXL 100
    Exidy - Sorcerer
    Fujitsu - FM Towns
    Fujitsu - FM-7
    Jupiter Cantab - Jupiter Ace
    Lviv - PK-01
    Matra - Alice
    Mattel - Aquarius
    Memotech - MTX
    MGT - Sam Coupe
    Micronique - Hector
    Microsoft - MSX
    Microsoft - MSX2
    Microsoft - MSX2+
    Microsoft - MSX Turbo R
    NEC - PC-8801
    NEC - PC-9801
    Ohio Scientific - Challenger 1P
    Ohio Scientific - Challenger II
    Philips - VG 5000m
    Radio - Mikrosha
    Schetmash - Vektor 06TS
    Sega - SC-3000
    Sharp - MZ-2500
    Sharp - X1
    Sharp - X68000
    Sinclair - QL
    Sinclair - ZX Spectrum
    Sinclair - ZX81
    Sord - M5
    Spectravideo - SV-318
    Tandy - TRS-80
    Tandy - TRS-80 Color Computer
    Tandy - Color Computer 3
    Tangerine - Oric
    Technosys - Aamber Pegasus
    Texas Instruments - TI-99/4A
    Tomy - Tutor
    VTech - Laser 2001
    Zavod BRA - Apogey-BK 01
    Atari - Lynx
    Bandai - WonderSwan
    Bandai - WonderSwan Color
    Bit Corp. - Gamate
    Entex - Select-A-Game
    Epoch - Game Pocket Computer
    Gamepark - GP32
    Hartung - Game Master
    Leapfrog - Leapster
    Leapfrog - Leapster Explorer
    Milton Bradley - Microvision
    Nintendo - 3DS
    Nintendo - DS
    Nintendo - Game & Watch
    Nintendo - Game Boy
    Nintendo - Game Boy Color
    Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
    Nintendo - Pokemon Mini
    Nintendo - Switch
    Nintendo - Virtual Boy
    Nokia - N-Gage
    Palmtex - Super Micro
    Sega - Game Gear
    Sega - VMU
    SNK - Neo Geo Pocket
    SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color
    Sony - PlayStation Portable
    Sony - PlayStation Vita
    Sony - PocketStation
    Sony - PSP Minis
    Tapwave - Zodiac
    Tiger - game.com
    Tiger - R-Zone
    Tiger Telematics - Gizmondo
    Time Top - Gameking
    Watara - Supervision
    Welback Holdings - Mega Duck
    Arcade (general)
    Stone Age (for era based playlists that I use)
    Golden Age
    Silver Age
    Dark Age
    Bronze Age
    Modern Age
    American Laser Games (for company based playlists, let me know if you'd like more)
    Atari Games
    Data East
    Laserdisc (Daphne/Singe) (Based on platforms, often needed due to specific emulators being used)
    Capcom - CP System
    Capcom - CP System II
    Capcom - CP System III
    Namco - System 22
    Namco/Sega/Nintendo - Triforce
    Sammy - Atomiswave
    Sega - Chihiro
    Sega - Hikaru
    Sega - Lindbergh
    Sega - CG Board/Model 1
    Sega - Model 2
    Sega - Model 3
    Sega - Naomi
    Sega - Naomi 2
    Sega - RingEdge
    Sega - ST-V
    Sega - System 16
    Sega - System 32
    SNK - Neo Geo MVS
    Taito - Type X
    Apple - iOS
    byuu - MSU1
    Digital Research - CP/M
    Google - Android
    Infocom - Z-machine
    Interactive Fiction Interpreter
    Lightgun Games
    Microsoft - MS-DOS
    Microsoft - Windows (original)
    Microsoft - Windows 3.x
    Microsoft - Windows 9X
    Microsoft - Windows (modern)
    Elecbyte - MUGEN
    Open Beats of Rage
    Web Browser Games


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  3. Big Box Revolution

    This is my first ever attempt at making a theme.  It's based on the song select screen from Dance Dance Revolution 5th mix (with some elements from a few others for good measure).  Since I couldn't quite match it exactly I split the difference between a text list view and a wheel view.  Since it copies the overall style of the UI it's very busy looking while not giving quite as much info as most other themes do.  This was by choice to mimic that early aughts design sensibility. To really give it an authentic touch, I changed the community ratings system to the old "foot rating" used for difficulty in DDR and changed the max from 5 to 10.  It's the same rating multiplied by two.  I'd love to get some feedback and maybe even make some improvements!
    It comes with a (freeware) font that you'll need to install.
    Created using y2guru's COMMUNITY Theme Creator.


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