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Started a project a while ago to create a complete set of stylistically coherent banners.  And when I say complete i mean complete.  I used the LB platform list as a starting point and branched out from there, covering every platform I could think of, and made a few up for my own use.  I went with a "nebula" style background since it seems like that's what kids are into these days and searched for high quality assets.  Obviously this means the starting point was Evan Amos's photos and THK's logos, but I used many other sources as well and quite a few of the logos were just not available in decent quality online so I actually made a bunch of both company and platform logos by hand.

This collection is US centric so American names and images are given priority above international counterparts.  I'm already working on a set of Euro-centric banners though, so don't feel left out.  After that I might begin working on a Japanese-centric set if I feel up to it.  We shall see.  Comments and advice are more than welcome.  If you notice any glaring mistakes or omissions, please don't hesitate to point them out.  These are actually pretty easy to edit and replace.  Suggestions on changes needed for the European set are also quite welcome.  Anything outside of the obvious (Mega Drive, blue swirl for Dreamcast, different SNES, different Vectrex logo, different 7800 controllers, etc.) is something that I'm likely to miss.  I'm aware that not every one of these platforms is emulated yet but I'm less concerned with that and more concerned with getting as many platforms included as possible.  Please enjoy!




3DO - 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Amstrad - GX 4000
APF - MP 1000
Apple - Pippin
Atari - 2600
Atari - 5200
Atari - 7800
Atari - Jaguar
Atari - Jaguar CD
Atari - XE Game System
Bally - Astrocade
Bandai - Datach
Bandai - Playdia
Bandai - Sufami Turbo
Bandai - Super Vision 8000
Camerica - Aladdin
Casio - Loopy
Casio - PV-1000
Coleco - Colecovision
Commodore - Amiga CD32
Commodore - CDTV
Emerson - Arcadia-2001
Entex - Adventure Vision
Epoch - Cassette Vision
Epoch - Super Cassette Vision
Fairchild - Channel F
Fujitsu - FM Towns Marty
Funtech - Super A'Can
GCE - Vectrex
Interton - VC 4000
Leapfrog - Click Start
Magnavox - Odyssey
Magnavox - Odyssey^2
Mattel - Hyper Scan
Mattel - Intellivision
Microsoft - Xbox
Microsoft - Xbox 360
Microsoft - Xbox One
NEC - Super Grafx
NEC - TurboGrafx 16
NEC - TurboGrafx CD
Nintendo - Nintendo 64
Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Famicom Disk System
Nintendo - Gamecube
Nintendo - Satellaview
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Wii U
Nintendo - Wii Ware
Nintendo - Wii
Ouya - Ouya
? - PC-50X family
Philips - CD-i
Philips - Videopac+ G7400
RCA - Studio II
Sega - 32X
Sega - Sega CD 32X
Sega - Sega CD
Sega - Dreamcast
Sega - Genesis
Sega - Master System
Sega - Advanced Pico Beena
Sega - Pico
Sega - Saturn
Sega - SG-1000
SNK - Neo Geo AES
SNK - Neo Geo CD
Sony - PlayStation
Sony - PlayStation 2
Sony - PlayStation 3
Sony - PS4
Starpath - Supercharger
Tsukuda Original - Othello Multivision
View-Master - Interactive Vision
VM Labs - Nuon
VTech - Creativision
VTech - Socrates
VTech - V.Flash
VTech - V.Smile
WOW - Action Max
Zapit - Game Wave

Acorn - Archimedes
Acorn - Atom
Acorn - BBC Micro
Acorn - Electron
Amstrad - CPC
APF - Imagination Machine
Apple - Apple-1
Apple - Apple II
Apple - Apple IIGS
Apple - Apple III
Apple - Lisa
Apple - Macintosh (68k)
Apple - Macintosh (PowerPC)
Apple - Macintosh (Intel/OSX/modern)
Atari - Atari Home Computers (2 versions, one saying 8-bit Home Computers and the other saying 400/800/XL/XE as many box stickers did)
Atari - Atari ST
Caputers - Lynx
Coleco - Adam
Commodore - Commodore 64
Commodore - Commodore 128
Commodore - Amiga
Commodore - Max Machine
Commodore - PET
Commodore - 16/Plus/4 (the picture and platform logo are of the Plus/4 though both machines are part of the same family)
Commodore - VIC-20
Dragon Data - Dragon 32/64
Eaca - Colour Genie
Elektronika - BK 0010
Enterprise - Enterprise 64/128
Exelvision - EXL 100
Exidy - Sorcerer
Fujitsu - FM Towns
Fujitsu - FM-7
Jupiter Cantab - Jupiter Ace
Lviv - PK-01
Matra - Alice
Mattel - Aquarius
Memotech - MTX
MGT - Sam Coupe
Micronique - Hector
Microsoft - MSX
Microsoft - MSX2
Microsoft - MSX2+
Microsoft - MSX Turbo R
NEC - PC-8801
NEC - PC-9801
Ohio Scientific - Challenger 1P
Ohio Scientific - Challenger II
Philips - VG 5000m
Radio - Mikrosha
Schetmash - Vektor 06TS
Sega - SC-3000
Sharp - MZ-2500
Sharp - X1
Sharp - X68000
Sinclair - QL
Sinclair - ZX Spectrum
Sinclair - ZX81
Sord - M5
Spectravideo - SV-318
Tandy - TRS-80
Tandy - TRS-80 Color Computer
Tandy - Color Computer 3
Tangerine - Oric
Technosys - Aamber Pegasus
Texas Instruments - TI-99/4A
Tomy - Tutor
VTech - Laser 2001
Zavod BRA - Apogey-BK 01

Atari - Lynx
Bandai - WonderSwan
Bandai - WonderSwan Color
Bit Corp. - Gamate
Entex - Select-A-Game
Epoch - Game Pocket Computer
Gamepark - GP32
Hartung - Game Master
Leapfrog - Leapster
Leapfrog - Leapster Explorer
Milton Bradley - Microvision
Nintendo - 3DS
Nintendo - DS
Nintendo - Game & Watch
Nintendo - Game Boy
Nintendo - Game Boy Color
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
Nintendo - Pokemon Mini
Nintendo - Switch
Nintendo - Virtual Boy
Nokia - N-Gage
Palmtex - Super Micro
Sega - Game Gear
Sega - VMU
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color
Sony - PlayStation Portable
Sony - PlayStation Vita
Sony - PocketStation
Sony - PSP Minis
Tapwave - Zodiac
Tiger - game.com
Tiger - R-Zone
Tiger Telematics - Gizmondo
Time Top - Gameking
Watara - Supervision
Welback Holdings - Mega Duck

Arcade (general)
Stone Age (for era based playlists that I use)
Golden Age
Silver Age
Dark Age
Bronze Age
Modern Age
American Laser Games (for company based playlists, let me know if you'd like more)
Atari Games
Data East
Laserdisc (Daphne/Singe) (Based on platforms, often needed due to specific emulators being used)
Capcom - CP System
Capcom - CP System II
Capcom - CP System III
Namco - System 22

Namco/Sega/Nintendo - Triforce
Sammy - Atomiswave
Sega - Chihiro
Sega - Hikaru
Sega - Lindbergh
Sega - CG Board/Model 1
Sega - Model 2
Sega - Model 3
Sega - Naomi
Sega - Naomi 2
Sega - RingEdge
Sega - ST-V
Sega - System 16
Sega - System 32
SNK - Neo Geo MVS
Taito - Type X

Apple - iOS
byuu - MSU1
Digital Research - CP/M
Google - Android
Infocom - Z-machine
Interactive Fiction Interpreter
Lightgun Games
Microsoft - MS-DOS
Microsoft - Windows (original)
Microsoft - Windows 3.x
Microsoft - Windows 9X
Microsoft - Windows (modern)
Elecbyte - MUGEN
Open Beats of Rage
Web Browser Games

What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog



I'm not dead yet!

Well I guess now that the PS5 and XBSX|S are a thing I should roll out a new update.  In addition to next gen consoles I'm also including some older and more obscure computers as well as some platforms I should be embarassed for not including in earlier versions.

Microsoft's branding confuses me.  There's the Series S and Series X, but those are the models.  The two are collectively referred to as the Series X|S, but when you look at the game boxes they just say "XBOX".  I feel like this is a bit of a naming nightmare, especially considering that the Series S is technically the baseline console and the Series X is the "Pro" version, much like the Xbox One X.  I hope someone fires that marketting team. Since I couldn't honestly decide I went with three separate banners.  One for the XBSS, one for the XBSX and one for the XBSX|S.  Decide for yourself which one is appropriate when the emulators show up in a few years.

What's new?

Sony - PS4 Pro
Sony - PS5
Microsoft - XBox One X
Microsoft - XBOX Series X
Microsoft - XBOX Series S
Microsoft - XBOX Series X|S
Nintendo - DSi
Tatung - Einstein
Hitachi - Basic Master
Commodore - VIC-1001 (Japanese version name for the VIC-20)
Thomson - MO series
Thomson - TO series
NEC - PC-6001
Sharp - MZ-700
GOG - Galaxy
EA - Origin
Epic - Epic Store
Ubisoft - UPlay

I have officially lost count of the total number of platforms represented but PLEASE if you want something included just message me.  You might think I've run out of platforms to cover but nope, I've actually always had a to-do list.  Hopefully the next update will take less than 2 years. :)


Another update!!

I went ahead and made a Japanese set of banners.  Like the European one, this is a set of substitutes to use in place of the US versions.  You'll still need the main one for the master list, though.  But wait!  There's more!  I also added 12 new platforms (and gave one an alternate banner).  This brings the total number of banners to 286.  But wait!  There's more!  I also updated the European banners to include the new platforms and I added the updated Game Gear US banner like I forgot to do the first time.  D'oh!

As of now I'm not sure what else I could add so I'll be putting the project on the back burner.  But please, if you've got any suggestions, just message me.  I hope this won't be my last update.


Memorex - Video Information System
VideoBrain - VideoBrain Family Computer
VTech - V.Smile Baby
GPH - GP2X Wiz
GPH - Caanoo
Bandai - RX-78 Gundam
pong machines
dedicated consoles
dedicated handhelds
virtual reality
Sinclair - ZX80
Panasonic - JR200U

Japanese Versions:

Apple - Pippin
Atari - 2800
Bandai - Arcadia
Bandai - Intellivision
Bandai - Kousokusen (Vectrex)
Dedicated Consoles
Dedicated Handhelds
Microsoft - MSX
Microsoft - Xbox
NEC - PC Engine
NEC - PC Engine CD-ROM^2
National - Personal Computer JR (AKA JR series)
Nintendo - Famicom
Nintendo - Super Famicom
Nintendo - Super Game Boy
Pong Machines
Sega - Game Gear
Sega - Mark III
Sega - Mega CD
Sega - Mega Drive
Sega - Pico
Sega - Saturn
Sega - Super 32X CD
Sega - Super 32X
SNK - Neo-Geo CD
Tomy - Pyuuta


This is the new version of the Nebula Banners set which includes a few more platforms and also a separate set of replacement images for European versions of platforms!  That's right, PALs, you no longer have to look at North American versions of platforms that don't match your nostalgia!  I'm still striving for completion and would love to know about any corrections or additions needed.

What's new:

Changed the Game Gear's logo to match the early US/C version.  The logo on the unit itself is the same in all 3 territories but I want to give each region its own banner.

New Platforms:
Arcade - Cinematronics
Arcade - Eighting/Raizing
Arcade - Jaleco
Arcade - Nichibutsu
Arcade - Psikyo
Arcade - SNK (that's right, playlist to include pre-Neo Geo games)
Arcade - Tecmo
Arcade - Universal
Adobe - Flash
Gakken - Compact Vision TV Boy
Nichibutsu - My Vision
Pioneer - LaserActive (3 versions; 1 for plain/universal LV, 1 for Mega LD and 1 for LDROM^2, for options in organizing)
VTech - Laser 200

This brings the total number of platforms to 270!

European versions:
Atari - Atari 7800
Commodore - CBM
Microsoft - MSX
Microsoft - MSX2
Milton Bradley - Microvision
Milton Bradley - Vectrex
NEC - Turbo Grafx
Nintendo - Super Game Boy
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Philips - Videopac
Quick Shot - Supervision
Saba - Videoplay
Salora - Fellow
Salora - Manager
Sega - Dreamcast
Sega - Game Gear
Sega - Mega Drive 32X
Sega - Mega Drive
Sega - Mega-CD 32X
Sega - Mega-CD
Yeno - Prof. Weiss-Alles
Yeno - Super Cassette Vision


Nebula Euro 1.1.zip

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most comprehensive set out there.  literally everything i couldnt find, every single thing, you had covered.

huge gratitude for taking the time to do this. 

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Absolutely love these.

Changed my hardware from using a thin marquee monitor to a full size marquee monitor because of these.

For console games I much prefer using these over individual game marquees as a historical nod to show what platform a game is running on.


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Wow, what a great set of images. I have replaced all my banners with these.

Fantastic job.

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