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  1. Version 1.0.0


    I realize that Pinball FX2 Does have a fairly easy way of importing the tables directly into Launch Box but I was just adding another frontend on which doesn't have the same import functionality so I figured I would drop these here in case someone else wants to use them. There are batch files for FX3 but I could not find any for FX2 so I spent the last hour or so making them. Just drop these in the Pinball FX2 folder (where Pinball FX2.exe is) and click to load the table. You can also just import these to LB like any other windows game. I should mention that these are meant for the stand-alone version (not steam version) and you need to have cabinet mode unlocked (not covering that here, search the forums, it's been brought up many times). If any don't work, i probably just misspelled the title so sorry, there is a lot of tables and I was going threw them pretty quickly, just let me know and Ill fix it.
  2. You can add select zips from you MAME set and just import as normal roms however make sure you have a non-merged Mame set before splitting off any zips. The reason is because on merged sets the child roms depend on the parent roms. so if you split up the set you will probably break quite a few. Also, you would still need the bios and supporting files. Just as an FYI, in the full MAME importer, there is options to skip importing certain game types that you wouldn't want. I probably wouldn't try splitting up the full set though unless it's a non-merged set.
  3. When you add the games, you can add multiple folders to Launchbox and it will import them as one platform. Then if you manually add a playlist, under auto populate there is a source option. If you select that and enter the (custom) name of the folder that the games are in, it will automatically populate with only games from that folder.
  4. My Opinion is that there is never really a "safe" way to download anything online, however I have never had any issue with archive.org. I could be wrong, but I believe that they pre scan any file that is uploaded. It's probably against the rules to provide any other links or elaborate where to get roms from so I'm not getting into that, but Google is your friend. I know it mentioned elsewhere on here so I'm just going to mention to google MAME Pleasuredome for the MAME arcade set, same for HBMAME. Neo Geo roms are in the full MAME set.
  5. It is In the menu on the top, sorry its actually the tools menu (its between menu and view on the top of Luanchbox) then click manage and then click emulators. That will open a list of the installed emulators that you set up. Just click on duckstation. Then you just need to put -batch in the default command line parameter box (it's the 3rd box down). Then you should be good to go.
  6. He means that in the emulator settings in launchbox (tools/emulators) there is a box that says default command line parameters. In that box type -batch. Done mean to jump on bundangdon but I hope that clarifies a bit.
  7. What I've done before is import the full MAME set including e everything and then use Genres. Basically, use the auto create playlist's function and then go to Genres. It automatically separates games into computers, consoles, slots etc. From there you can just select all (alt a), right click and use bulk edit to change the platform for all the games under that genre. Thats how I know have an entire full MAME set but nicely separated into different platforms. On a side note, nobody really talks about it, but MAME has a TON of goodies in it that are not arcade. Most people only care about arcade but some things in MAME are fascinating and really fun to explore and play with.
  8. If you download the non-merged set, then the bios files are mostly included in the same rom zip (really depends on the set you download). I don't think there is a non-merged set for software lists, at least I haven't found one yet. Meaning each system needs a bios. These are usually just the same short name as the system and are usually in the full mame rom set. So in other words, if you have the full mame set and mame is pointing to that then you shouldnt need a bios with the software lists. If you also download the devices mame set, that's just basically other devices for the system (ie cd drives, peripherals etc.) Most of them don't really require them but it's really useful to have. Ok, that response got longer then intended lol but i think i answered your question if I didn't confuse the hell out of everyone first.
  9. I know you solved this already, but just wanted to point out that all the updates are stored in the updates folder. If you install an update and want to revert, just go to the update folder and install the previous update before this one. Just make sure you don't update to the newer one when it prompts you again. Done that many times.
  10. This is actually really cool but just an fyi to all: After digging around, Ant Stream is mostly a paid site its 4 dollars a month. Great effort but honestly, I already have most if not all of the games emulated in my system. I think most here probably does. They are mostly nes, neogeo etc. like you said. I won't be using it but was cool to play with.
  11. Thanks for all the info in this thread! Just wanted to mention a small correction though, the VHS tapes and a few other things listed in the op weren't actually distributed with any of the magazines. The Game Player ones were sold in stores and most of the Nintendo ones were given away or mailed in specific instances. There are a few other ones to that you mentioned that are the same. i Just wanted to mention that as I am in the process of adding a ton of supplements as additional apps and trying to get it as close to possible as how they came in stores. Especially the ones I remember from my childhood.
  12. I am absolutely loving the packs and I'm using it as a guideline to add all these retro mags to my collection. Just to make a small contribution, I am currently working on the CDi Magazine. I noticed the platform media is missing (Unless I missed it) so I did a quick chop and resize job below for the clear logo and icon. Also, Issue 1 is readily available on archive, so I added the cover and back cover. I will probably try and do a quick clear logo if I get a chance. Like I said, small contribution, as I continue adding them Ill contribute if there is any more media I find or need. Edit: If ya cant find it, the icon is right below the cdi clear logo,its just really tiny lol
  13. And I just updated my set here... Like I said, I'm not exactly a graphic artist or anything, just filling wholes in my pretty massive collection. Some of them came out pretty good, others are just kind of place holders until I find a better source logo or someone with more talent than I have can create something better. These should cover now most, if not all, of the working MAME software lists. Thanks to Viking for the template and everyone else in this thread for inspiration and their contributions. I tried not to duplicate anything, if it is duplicated in this thread, chances are that I created it before someone made a better one on here. I tried to use the ones in the archive and in this thread first before I made any. Anyway, here are the new total icons in the archive: Arcade: 328 (Includes boards with a new style) Arcade Categories: 4 (tried to beautify my setup by splitting playlists) Categories: 11 Comics:12 (More to come in the future, same template from magazines) Computers: 98 Consoles: 49 Mini Systems: 6 Developers: 16 Handhelds: 41 Magazines: 21 (Plus Template) Operating Systems: 4 Other: 7 PC Games: 15 Pinball: 5 Playlists: 15 (includes a few genres that I couldn't find, rest of the set is on the forums) Subcategories: 134 (Search Ever Drive packs, if ya know ya know. Haven't seen any logos for these at all anywhere) Please let me know if there is any issue with the archive. Will probably be adding more in the future as I still continue to grow my collection.
  14. So, I just got done creating an absolute ton of knew logos to fill in the gap in my collection, Ill upload those in a bit... but here is a few more of the arcade boards that I couldn't find using sundogak's style and template that he provided a while back. Keep in mind I'm not exactly a graphic designer or anything, just trying to fill in gaps in my collection...
  15. If you mean to start Retro Arch standalone without a game loaded, then just right click any game that has Retro arch as the default emulator, right click and click Launch Retro arch.
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