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  1. Incredible new adittion, many thanks!
  2. Hello! I was playing some games and its working perfect in retorarch ones, many thanks!, there are any possibilities to fix in Steam games in the future?.When I play Steam games put me 1 second playing or nothing, if not, I'll make it manually when is ready. Thanks!, Im very happy with this
  3. Long time waiting for this!.Thank you very much, Im going to try right now
  4. Hello!, I had the same problem, but i "solved" import the games one by one, lol.Other problem that I have is, that the roms running perfect in Sega Naomi and atomiswave, but any of the games have any sound.Im running in W10.Any solution for that?.Thanks.
  5. Thank U so much!.Now its working all perfect for me.Im happy
  6. You know that I love U, isnt you?.Lol, thank you very much, now its working perfect for me.Im happy
  7. Thank you very much, the are all beautiful!
  8. Yes, that what I thought.Thank you very much for answering.
  9. Hi, everyone!. Sorry for my noob question but, Im coming from Hyperspin and now Im fall in love with Launchbox and I preferer it.Im moving all the videos, images and ect from hyperspin and I want to implement all my themes also from there.It will working in Launchox aswell and if its, how?, because when Im trying to put it nothing happens and also the intro video of the game go off.Should I changed something?. Thank you very much!.
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