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  1. iShade's PSP HD Video Snap Collection

    I have a LOT of HD video snaps from a TON of consoles and handhelds, most being up-scaled and running in 60fps patches. I'll have more video snaps for other consoles, but for now, enjoy these. Don't worry if there's a game missing, I'll gladly update these over time. Feel free to make requests if you'd like anything specific.

    Not all of these are ideal in terms of playing them in their normal audio though. For example, a small handful of these are cut into montages of the best gameplay moments so the game appears a bit less slow or banal. For my setup personally, I mute the video audio and just let music play in the background when browsing through them in BigBox. If you don't mind a few short clips cut together, then you'll be fine.

    If you would like to support my gaming channel, I'll have it linked below:

    Gaming Account: UsagiShade

    Here are some examples as well as the list of games included, some of these showcase the montage-type edits that I mentioned. 

    Phantasy Star Portable 2.mp4 Metal Gear Solid_ Peace Walker.mp4 Sega Rally Revo.mp4 Sonic Rivals.mp4 Where Is My Heart_.mp4 LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.mp4 PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe.mp4 OutRun 2006_ Coast 2 Coast.mp4 iShade PSP Video Snap List.txt
    Some of these were used in one of my Top 10s featuring Japanese games for the PSP, in case you're interested.


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  2. iShade's 3DS Video Snap Collection

    Make sure you unzip this archive with 7zip, otherwise you'll have an error prompt saying the file is corrupted. (Not sure why it does that for WinRar, but the solution is simple at least)
    Unfortunately, it seems to only contain most of the footage from just A-N, and somehow became corrupt and canceled the rest of the footage that I intended to upload. It's alright, though, much better than nothing in the end.
    I'll try to update these whenever I can. I have a lot on my plate currently but version 2.0.0 will have a much more completed list. Please sit tight and thanks for your patience!

    Quick disclaimer:
    Very few of these may not have audio.
    Some of these are also in the form of montages to capture the best parts of an otherwise slow-paced game. 

    If you don't mind either of those for some, then you should be fine overall. 
    For the most part, these are all straightforward uncut footage cropped to fit the 3DS's aspect ratio without stretching or compressing any of the dimensions. 

    As far as I know, this is the closest you'll find to a dedicated HD 3DS video snap collection on the internet, so I'll try to update these and accept requests as much as I can. 
    Hope you enjoy!, here are some examples of what to expect:

    Animal Crossing_ New Leaf.mp4 Bravely Default.mp4 Hatsune Miku_ Project Mirai DX.mp4 Mario & Luigi_ Dream Team.mp4 Miitopia.mp4 Tomodachi Life.mp4 Game List.txt
    These were used in my video on the most ideal way to emulate the Nintendo 3DS, if you're curious on how to capture footage this way.


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  3. iShade's Steam Grid Icon Collection

    Hey everyone, just a quick upload to kill some time.

    A lot of these were made ages ago before I even went to college, so you'll find some that don't follow proper design/layout principals. But they're there nonetheless, and you'll definitely find a good amount of recent ones throughout. 

    This is made with emulation in mind for Steam's Big picture mode, in the case that some of you may like to launch your roms from your Steam library and need some new game art.
    Here are some examples:


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