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  1. xyz0n

    Update risk?

    I have a problem, since I updated, if I try to enter the settings from launchbox, the program crashes, I have to close it from resource manager
  2. hi everyone, I'm using a beautiful theme, where unfortunately the arrow for selecting the platforms and games immediately disappears, reappears only when you move the joystick, is there a way to make it always visible? Thank you. edit. I was wrong in reality everything disappears, both the arrow and the wheel where there are platforms and games.
  3. great, thanks for the answer, tonight I look at it better, but the games that start with teknoparrot seem to me to have no problems. I have problems with those that start with game loader rh
  4. hello everyone, I have a problem with the launcher themes, the ones that are used when starting a game. they work with all the platforms I have, except for the new one I made for the taito type x games, in this case it seems as if the game starts, and then returns to the initial choice 😰
  5. thanks, don't worry. thanks for the wonderful work you do
  6. 😭 is there no way to change a parameter in the 4: 3 theme to have static wheels?
  7. great! thanks for the answer, but I don't understand, "alternative views" is an option also available in the 4: 3 theme?
  8. I am in love with this theme, it is spectacular, but there is one thing I do not like, is it possible not far to disappear the selection arrow of the game platforms? it would be nice if the selection arrow always remained in evidence. Thank you edit I have now seen that "alternate views" is recommended but is it another theme? do i have an option within the theme? I forgot, I have the 4: 3 version, does it change anything?
  9. xyz0n

    Update risk?

    great! thank you
  10. spectacular compliments, I don't know what I would give to have a collection like yours 😋
  11. xyz0n

    Update risk?

    hello everyone I am stuck at version 10.7, if I upgrade, do I risk losing the settings for the games? 🙈
  12. solved by disabling the startup theme 😉
  13. good morning I have a strange problem, my pc run windows 10, some games that work in launchbox, don't work in bigbox, I noticed, but I'm not sure, that it's the games that I start with rh game loader. what can it depend on? thanks
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