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  1. So I just noticed that in manage emulators the box (no space before ROM was checked) I unchecked and everything seems to be working fine now. Why would that be checked all of the sudden? Or if it was already checked why the change in the operation of everything?
  2. I just updated the old version. I dont know why its not working now. One weird thing is my mame games just open the retroarch menu vs. the other cores just dont do anything.
  3. Hey guys, I just downloaded the new version of Retroarch 1.9.1. After updating I opened Bigbox/Launchbox and no games running with Retroarch are opening. I then opened retroarch and manually open different games and everything is working fine. Ive look through the forums here and have found no info on this. Any Help would be appreciated. I've since push my version in retroarch back to 1.8.9.
  4. Hey guys When Im playing mame games in launchbox and use the pause screen to load my save point it brings up this palette menu in mame and I cannot exit out of it. If I load the game through just the retroarch menu the game load fine with no palette menu on the screen. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I really appreciate the assist guys. The startup themes are AWESOME!!
  6. By turning off fade in BB now LB is showing fan art. Both are working, I guess I found it very weird that turning off fade in BB fixed LB and BB. Does this make sense to anyone?
  7. so by turning fade to 0% in BB now fan art is working in LB and BB. very weird that turning fade off in BB affected LB.
  8. Could someone please share their settings with me. I set background priority to fan art only and fade was already set to zero (all the way to the left) which i played with the slider for a bit and still no background art in the startup themes.
  9. Hey guys, I am really loving the startup themes new to launchBox, unfortunately I am not getting any fan art in the background of the loading and game over screens. Everything else loads on the screen correctly, but no fan art. I do have plenty of fan art in my images folder in LauncBox though. What am I doing wrong?
  10. so, in all of these downloads I get no fan art in the background of the picture when loading a game and closing. I do have a ton of fan art that is displayed when navigating the individual games, but not when loading. What am I doing wrong?
  11. So I found the solution. somehow allow quotations was check marked in my retroarch emulator settings. I unchecked it and everything is back to normal.
  12. OKAY!!!!!! So in the emulator setting i unchecked dont use quotations and everything is back to normal. I have no Idea how that got checked. Sorry to bother you guys.
  13. yes, that is what i did and have had no luck.
  14. yes I have tried creating new platforms for atari 2600, 5200 and 7800. No such luck. do you guys think that maybe I should try and load the backup from the files?
  15. Well...... I just updated windows, no such luck. Why on earth would this just happen? I really hope someone can help.
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